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Exante - tips please

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Pitapotamus Wed 24-Jul-19 21:47:20

I’m at my wits end trying to lose my last stone of weight. I weigh exactly what I weighed last year despite dieting (badly) and torturing myself for a whole year.

Enough is enough and I need to take action to sort this once and for all and so I’m going to try exante (again!). Every time I try I crack, the longest I’ve managed is two weeks.

I’ve tried all the other diets in the world with even less success than exante. I have a busy life with lots of stress and so I can’t manage anything complicated, anything with lots of preparation time, anything with too much choice (because I make bad choices) and so exante suits me, or should suit me.

Any hints or tips on how to stick to it from someone whose been successful? I don’t think my body goes in to ketosis all that easily and so maybe that’s why I struggle so much!

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Teacakeandalatte Wed 24-Jul-19 22:30:22

Exante recommend not to do the strict 3 packs a day if you are under bmi 30. So you need to do 800cals minimum that is either 4 packs or 3 and a 200cal meal. If you are exercising more than about 20mins light exercise you also need to replace the calories you burn. This may be why you can't stick to it if you are trying to do the 600cal plan but your bmi is too low.

Parsley1234 Wed 24-Jul-19 22:39:46

That’s really interesting! I have a stone to lose and lighter life has been the only thing that’s worked but I crack after 3/4 days maybe 800 plus calories back through exercise might work

Jellyshoeshurtmyfeet Thu 25-Jul-19 00:08:30

It didn't suit me at all but there is s very good group on facebook full of support, tips and help.

Pitapotamus Thu 25-Jul-19 10:46:38

Yes, i was thinking last night I could try the 800 cal version. It’s sill super low calorie so should technically work. I have had one shake today so far and I’m already struggling and it’s only 10.45!! Mind over matter

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Ponoka7 Thu 25-Jul-19 11:55:02

Start to eat as late as you can.

Keep as busy as possible.

I can't do it without diet drinks and i've made them into icecubes to eat slowly. I've bought a slush cup to have slushies.

I go onto the flexi plan one day a week, but still make good choices with one drink thrown in.

I've just ordered the lo-dough to do a pizza on a flexi day, or a sandwich.

I use No Carbs carbs, mainly for chick pea/veg curry.

I second the FB group.

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