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Tips for overhanging tummy

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kitandkaboodle28 Sun 21-Jul-19 20:46:20

I had a c section a few years back and have put on some weight since then too. I'm now about a size 14 but have a lot of flab in my tummy area which overhangs horribly over my section scar.

Does anyone have any advice in terms of diet/exercise tips to help shift this? Obviously I could do with losing weight through diet but I think I'll probably need to tone up a bit too to fully get rid of this round flabby belly! It's really knocking my confidence

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Loz90333 Sun 21-Jul-19 20:48:52

Hi OP, I have this too! I'm on the Exante diet (total solution - 3 shakes a day) and noticing my belly rapidly shrinking!

Waiting1987 Sun 21-Jul-19 20:53:08

Losing weight and exercise will help, but the overhang won’t necessarily disappear. I’ve had two and even after losing weight/toning up I still have a noticeable (not in clothes) c-section shelf.

The Jillian Micheals 30 day shred helped me lose weight initially.

kitandkaboodle28 Sun 21-Jul-19 21:08:10

C section shelf is a perfect way to describe it 🙈

I know I might never get rid of that but it would certainly feel a lot better if there wasn't so much excess fat in the area. It's my own fault, I've been eating too much fatty food and drinking too much wine. Just need a starting point to change things around.

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ProfOf Sun 21-Jul-19 22:59:59

I lost 60lbs but still had a very noticeable overhang. Yoga and lots of bridges have made a huge difference and I think another couple of months of this regime will make the problem almost imperceptible. For info, I’ve had 6 babies (final one by caesarean), overweight for 15 years, in mid 50s, and a hysterectomy 6 months ago so also post menopausal. I’m not saying everyone can get rid of an overhang but almost everyone can improve it to some extent.

Ohyesiam Sun 21-Jul-19 23:04:09

Blood sugar diet ( brilliant supportive thread on here) and an exercise called TRX. My torso is halved in size and my overhang is 70% improved in 4 months. I’m mod 50 s , lost 2.5 stone.

ProfOf Mon 22-Jul-19 01:23:16

PP, yes great improvements via diet and exercise are possible. I think the combo of both is the critical factor. OP, you need both weight and toning. Weight is most critical.

kitandkaboodle28 Mon 22-Jul-19 08:28:27

Thanks for the replies. I'm going to do some shopping today for healthier meals. Don't suppose anyone has any tips for easy to make lunches for work? Salads, wraps those type of things?

Evening meals I can usually manage easily but I always end up with an unhealthy sandwich or bowl of chips when I'm at work!

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hannah1992 Mon 22-Jul-19 08:49:26

Hi. I've had two natural births but after my second my muscles at the bottom of my tummy separated. I also have alot of stretch Mark's which makes my tummy look wrinkly.

I have accepted that no matter how much weight I lose of my tummy the stretch marks will always be there and I will never tone up that stretched skin no matter what I do. However, after doing crunches and sit ups, leg raises and planks the muscle separation has Improved alot. So I dont look like I've got 3 bellies anymore. (1 at the top 2 at the bottom 😂)

Easy lunches, chicken salad, (wraps are quite high in calories), you could have jacket potatoes with some home made bolognese on and have a lighter dinner. Tuna salad.

Snacks, fruit, veg sticks etc.

I have also found increasing how much I drink water and decreasing the coffee and tea has helped with my appetite. I dont seem to feel as hungry anymore.

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