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Why can't I stop EATING?!

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littlepeaegg Sat 13-Jul-19 17:42:51

Look, i am not severely obese, or really over weight... even though my 'BMI' states I'm overweight. I wear size 12 clothes.

I weigh 10st 5lbs. But I am so unhappy with my belly! It really is horrid. It just hangs down. I have a holiday coming up, and bikinis look AWFUL. As does any underwear really. As my belly just flops over the top of them.

But I just can't stop eating at the moment? Like I never ending pit!! And I'm eating things that should be filling me up; porridge and fruit for breakfast, eggs, sandwich, a proper dinner etc.

I just seem to binge though! And then get depressed that I have eaten it all. Even before and during eating it I know I shouldn't be as obviously calories are just adding up and up!

What can I do? Why can't I do this? I'm so unhappy with my stomach and weight. On top of this I do exercise, with walking everyday. I have two dogs, and my son keeps me on my toes!!

I just want to be able to lose weight and be happy on the beach wearing a bikini, not feeling like a fat whale sad

I could upload a pic but unsure people would want to see!!

Any tips would be great thank you smile

I've even looked at appetite suppressants, but deep down I know they don't work sad

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leafygarden Sat 13-Jul-19 20:47:13

Two words that will change your constant appetite

Low Carb

It really does work.

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