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Feeling stuck

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gigi556 Wed 10-Jul-19 20:43:24

I'm feeling a bit stuck. I want to lose weight but I'm not sure how.... I've dieted before and lost weight through low carb, juice fasting and weight watchers - not all at the same time just different methods through the years. My weight has fluctuated between about 130-145lbs over the last 15 years. I feel my best below 135 and I'm 144 now so have about 10lbs to lose. I've always been really active although slowed down physically since having my son 2 years ago. I'm ramping up the exercise again and I'm weight training and running plus I walk everywhere. I feel like I eat relatively healthy but perhaps over eat and also have a deep love for ice cream. I don't do low fat or fake sugar and I'm not going to change that. I've cut back on bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and sugar but I'm just finding myself hungry. Plus, I want to cut back on meat and I've been eating more of it to compensate for the loss of the filling carbs. If you're still reading... what do I need to try? I'm not that attached to a number on the scale btw, but I am on the bigger side and don't feel great about it.

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Clara62 Thu 11-Jul-19 06:41:10

It seems that you are doing everything right, although you’re not loosing weight. Try smaller meals more often. Eat only when you’re hungry. Your last meal should be light, fish, salad maybe and not too late in the evening.
Always start a diet after your monthly cycle, when your hormones are normal you’ll have more energy. Mid cycle you naturally have sugar cravings, choose maybe dried fruit, figs, apricots, Greek yogurt.
The main culprit l find is that most people don’t eat enough good fat. Use olive oil and make your own salad dressing.
Stay away from processed foods, basically everything in a packet.
Good luck 🍀

ChocOrCheese Thu 11-Jul-19 13:34:08

I find that soaking some porridge oats (about a third of what you would use for a bowl of porridge) in milk for a few hours and then having that with plain yogurt, fruit and a few nuts gives me just enough carbs to get over that feeling of hunger that I also get if I have none.

Massive salads work well for me, too, including things like beans or beets, plus oily fish or some cheese.

You need enough protein if you are doing weights - I find cottage cheese good. Boiled eggs are quite good for keeping my hunger at bay. You may need to try out different exercising patterns - a lot of running might ramp up your appetite more than weights, for example.

I also have a system whereby if I feel hungry between meals I will have a mug of green tea. If I still feel hungry half an hour later then I will have something to eat - but quite often the hot tea gets me over the hungry patch.

gigi556 Tue 16-Jul-19 07:09:51

Sorry for the silence!
@Clara62 @ChocOrCheese Really appreciate the kind and wise words! Just finding it hard to reduce portion size from a psychological point of view... (ie have an idea of what a portion is in my head!)

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