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Help me rediscover my waist!

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Aozora13 Tue 09-Jul-19 10:06:17

I had DC2 8 months ago (DC1 is 3). I had a new patient appointment a month ago and weighed in at 10st 12lb. I’m 5’8”. When the nurse came to measure my waist I grimaced but she laughed and said it’d be fine. Well she measured me 3 times just to make sure and every time I came up in the red zone! As of today I weigh 10st 8lb and my waist is 34” blush

I’ve never been blessed with an hourglass figure (long legs, stubby torso) but I’d love to get back to a “safe” girth ie under 31”. Anyone got any tips for belly busting?! I’m still breastfeeding so nothing too radical please!

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Starbonnet123 Tue 09-Jul-19 11:29:48

Hi, congrats on your baby . I have the same issues as you at the moment but without the baby , I've found that keeping off processed sugars ( cakes , biscuits snd chocolate ) is helping also breads and pasta but keeping snacking regularly on low processed foods and proteins is starting show results . Good luck but don't worry too much thanks

Aozora13 Tue 09-Jul-19 12:29:56

Thanks @Starbonnet123! I think my diet is about 80% bread, pasta and refined sugar so could defo reduce that without too much fuss!

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