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VLCD v Low Carbing

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namechangeAL101 Mon 08-Jul-19 10:01:21

Hi all! Long time lurker but thought i'd post now as my constant googling isn't really giving me the answers I'm looking for blush.

So I am overweight. Obese in fact. I want to lose 8 stone to sit comfortably in the healthy category. Now i've lost 6.5 stone before with the Cambridge Diet but (obviously!!) but it all back on with a little on top which is nice smile

That's really the only diet I've ever done and I love the idea that you can lose a stone a month - it's incredible. BUT, it's obviously incredibly restrictive and I just can't seem to do longer than a day or two with it. And I've now wasted a ton of money on this!! SO....I'm now looking at other things, especially low carbing. I've had a few people absolutely swear by this and I love meat/fish etc. so I know I'd enjoy it so my questions (in a really round about way) are:

1) Has anyone ever lost 7+ stone on LC diets and if they have, has anyone lost circa a stone per month?

2) Has anyone gone from VLCD to this new way of eating? I now have a fear of actually eating food and still losing weight!!

I want to use up my products from the Cambridge diet but I've got a concern that once I start low carbing the weight will go back on.

As you can probably tell if you've read through all of this, my head is scrambled grin so any advice/success stories are gratefully received!

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Ninkaninus Mon 08-Jul-19 10:07:34

Hi 🙂

I’ve not lost 7 stone plums but I did lose 3 stone some years ago. It took about three months.

I’d suggest you look at the lowcarb bootcamp topic, there are lots of very experienced lowcarbers (we are in the middle of one of BIWI’s bootcamps that she runs, right now).

LCHF is brilliant - healthy, good for you, and really works. So I would definitely recommend it.

You could report this post and ask for it to be moved to that topic where you would probably get lots more knowledgeable people replying - many people don’t understand it, don’t know the science behind it, and think of it as a fad diet.

Ninkaninus Mon 08-Jul-19 10:09:07

Plums? Plus! Stupid autocorrect!!

Anyway I thought I’d add there are definitely people (at least one) on the lowcarbing bootcamp now who have lost over 50 lbs.

AnyaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 08-Jul-19 10:25:13

Hi there all,

We're going to move this thread to weight loss chat at OP's request.

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