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Bingeing... recovering and moving forward.

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user87382294757 Sat 13-Jul-19 09:02:56

Oh yes stress definitely brings on my urges to binge- think it helps calm me down or something. Glad the post is helping you

Feelingfortyisntfun Sat 13-Jul-19 09:01:24

Sorry sent that before editing, I meant to say I went over the TDEE and the dark chocolate rice cakes were not on plan and did the whole "just eat more" trigger feeling but didn't lead to a eat whatever I can find session.

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Feelingfortyisntfun Sat 13-Jul-19 08:59:45

Again thanks so much for your support.

Having a plan really helps but like you say caution to not be too strict - yet I do need some boundaries like hourglass suggests or I'll just eats what's there at the same such a fine line because very strict creates the oh I've blown in mentality.

Hourglass Tiger I use your post to reflect on.

Thank you both. Bingeing isn't like normal "overeating" in my opinion. To have people who understand and can help is wonderful hopefully I can support others too.
Also to think this is a long term thing not a quick lifestyle change. yesterday I came in and was shattered and some chocolate rice cakes (my children's) ate the lot but then just didn't carry on. I had my evening meal as usual. I probably went over my TDEE but it didn't lead to a full blown eta whatever.

It's sad but I notice since my work has been a bit less full on my urge has been lessened. I also had my TOM after binge.

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user87382294757 Fri 12-Jul-19 07:18:50

I mean during the fasting time

user87382294757 Fri 12-Jul-19 07:18:24

I thought I noticed you on the 16:8 thread Forty, yes I am similar, it helps me a bit too. I sometimes eat an apple if struggling with hunger, helps with sweet cravings but is filling and doesn't make that sugar crash. I am also using My fitness pal and not being too ultra strict as think may lead to binges if restrict too much. So, I am adding some exercise calories to my allowance can still losing weight!- just not everything I do like walking etc, but classes such as aerobics. So I can still include a bit of dark choc or whatever. Kind thoughts it is not easy.

Feelingfortyisntfun Thu 11-Jul-19 21:59:44

Hourglass Tiger. Thanks you for such a thoughtful response. It was like a hug. I have cut out the sugary stuff which isn't too much of a problem only an issue when I was on a "grab everything sugary and eat it mode" the chocolate donuts will never be allowed back in the house. I think they put drugs in them... I don't even like them I just wanted them! Does that make sense?

I am also finding IF a little bit (skipping breakfast) helps and did tit oday not eating until lunchtime and had rye bread, eggs and avocado which tasted like heaven because I was so hungry by that point.

Really interesting your replace something with something. It was so simple this evening I thought snack.. then walk listening to music and increase my steps and thought I could happily do that when. a craving strikes. I didn't actually go for one as have little people in the house but started to think about other enjoyable things to do. Craving had gone afterwards.

User lots873 I'm sorry to hear you're having to follow a low fibre diet that must make things more challenging.

You are right about treats oddly I wuite like to feel I'm having something yummy and a lot of it. Crab sticks - yes I know, I love them so had them when I came in from work...I did have a whole pack but trust me so much better than overeating as I just had evening meal with children then. That's so it you can start eating something and then a little monkey .. ok ape brain sets in that says give me more now and lots... I can do this with bread.... oddly, even healthy bread.

I really hope you guys are continuing to cope, you have such great strategies in place that I will re-read slowly and reflect on at other times.

This certainly helped today thank you.

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user87382294757 Wed 10-Jul-19 13:50:55

I know this feeling! I wonder of you find too that you can start eating certain things and just have to finish it- one is never enough. I am like it with some things- nice chocolate biscuits, ice cream (I eat the whole tub)..I get this 'oh well' feeling like I have gone and done it now and might as well finish the lot, and my mind keeps pulling me back to it.

Mine is worse as i am on this annoying low fibre diet so limited to some of those high sugar type foods anyway, or they are allowed at least, and have put on weight.

Some things I am trying to do which seem to help-

Can you find 'treats' that don't cause the problem as much, that you are Ok with just having a bit of. I found these little coconut choc pots which are small and about 90 cals, but not low fat and do find one enough, usually!

If you can also find foods you can eat lots of, say I like soup- and that is OK, that can also help a bit. So you aren't restricting too much.

there are also some good books around on binge eating. Looking at the emotions and thoughts involved also can help. Good luck

HourglassTigger Wed 10-Jul-19 12:15:25

I am so sorry no one initially responded at the time you bravely posted needing reassurance. Especially because most on this board have known exactly how you were feeling - repeatedly. Often I identify with a post but stupidly feel ill qualified to respond because clearly I am not walking the walk of someone who has the answers.

But, 3 particular things I have found helpful when I am in despair at myself and set on finding that elusive 'magic switch' to respecting myself:

1. Separate 'nutrition' from 'diet' in your head. Foods that you typically binge on are to you, effectively poison. The stuff we 'stuff' ourselves with may be freely sold as foodstuffs - but we misuse them in bulk to self-medicate. When you feel ready to make a change be go out and stock up on an abundance of the healthy foods which you really enjoy. Plan to nourish yourself to health and a happy place rather than starving yourself to it. (This is way easier when I can clear the house of my trigger foods, but realistically for those with families this is some challenge.)

2. Do yourself a massive favour by de-toxing from your poisons initially just for a 48 hour ( if you can 72 hour) period. This is so much less daunting than setting yourself a six week or however long restrictive regime. ' I can do this for 48 hours' Its doable. Beauty of this is after the 48/72 hours your body has already started to detox the sugar/shite carbs ( or whatever your go-to binge foods are) you feel elatedly free of their draw, your body is already saying thank you for the rest, and this boosts you so that you may very well feel better equipped to keep going from that point. To get you through this initial detox dont fixate on calories, allow yourself plenty of healthy protein and fat, veg, legumes, pulses - in order that you are not experiencing genuine hunger pangs which could be confusing at this stage and risk derailing you. Avoid fruit or artificial sweeteners particularly if you are triggered by sweet stuffs). And drink plenty of water. Go to bed as early as you can if evenings are a danger time, in fact any change to your habitual patterns (such as always watching tv with snacks) which might support you to accomplish this initial step.

3. I am a great believer that you cant replace something with nothing. If bingeing has been such an all consuming part of our daily existence for so long we need to equip ourselves with something substantial, and as readily accessible as our drugstash, to fill the space. so identifyb whatever works for you: a new App, knitting, a step challenge - anything that you can divert your attention to at the very moment you feel the familiar compulsions grumbling - especially if this alternative provides a feelgood factor that will give you a bonus boost.

Ooh I just thought of another:
You can use a day just like the day you posted to your advantage. Typically once we've started the binge cycle we tell ourselves that today is a write-off and so keep on poisoning ourselves all day long, saying 'fresh start tomorrow' ...
But it can be incredibly empowering to truly break the cycle mid-binge. If you are fortunate enough to be struck by a 'lightbulb' moment mid-binge there is no better time to draw a line. Literally trash the trashfood (mix it with compost if you fear being later hi-jacked by compulsion). Down a pint of water to wash away the residual salt and sugar, flavourings on your palette. Clean your teeth.
then turn your attention to your day (or the above 3 aids).
The intermittent fasting philosophy is relevant here. I have found it incredibly helpful - it really hammers it home that you can start being kind to yourself at anytime of the day.

Thank you for your OP. I happened on it at a moment that has helped me to refocus back on track. I wish the same for you.

Feelingfortyisntfun Mon 08-Jul-19 09:28:45


I have posted before about finding hard to stop with food. The last few days I had been doing quite ell being sensible, I have been around others and had a few "ooo you're so good comments".

Today it's not even 9.20 and I got through a loaf of bread and 3 donuts. I'm working from home and it's a well from TOM. I've had 3000 kcal in pretty much one hit and don't feel full/sick! Now thinking what on earth is wrong with me?

How do you all move forward after a little session and insights as to why I might do this son a day working from home...

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