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Which is better?

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Bababoo8 Sun 07-Jul-19 22:57:35

Calorie control or Slimming World?
Please help

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PurpleDaisies Sun 07-Jul-19 22:59:38

There’s no answer to that. It depends on the individual.

How much you have to lise?

Bababoo8 Mon 08-Jul-19 07:02:18

About 2 stone

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KnittingForMittens Mon 08-Jul-19 07:13:21

Slimming World worked for me but there are plenty of downsides.

~ restricted
~ expensive
~ you become obsessed

Calorie counting of 5:2/16:8 is better.

KnittingForMittens Mon 08-Jul-19 07:14:19

Oh and it is not sustainable in the long term. You watch SW YouTubers who lost all the weight and have now ended up putting it all back on again

tabulahrasa Mon 08-Jul-19 07:14:58

Depends which’ll suit you better...

If you calorie count you can eat whatever you want within your calories, but you have to weigh, measure and track absolutely everything and you’ll get to a point in the day where you’re out of calories.

With slimming world you’re much more limited on having high fat and high sugar foods, but you can eat to suit your appetite a lot more and you’re not having to do things like weigh out your meals.

Personally calorie counting is not great for me, I get obsessive about food becaysrvyoure having to think about what you’re having all the time and I don’t make the best choices, I’ll skip meals for a chocolate bar of the same calories, lol.

Bababoo8 Mon 08-Jul-19 08:55:59

That’s me all over, I’d eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner and in between as a snack!!

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Bababoo8 Mon 08-Jul-19 08:57:56

Thank you knittingformittens x

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DottieLottie1 Mon 08-Jul-19 09:08:47

I started calorie counting 8 weeks ago and have lost 19lbs so far. I haven't found it particularly difficult but I am in the right mindset.

My mum had success with SW but gained some back after finishing. It's expensive too.

Depends on your will power.

tabulahrasa Mon 08-Jul-19 09:55:16

Yeah, I’d eat chocolate for everything, but I know it’s not the best thing to do, lol.

That’s why I prefer slimming world I can have chocolate, but I can’t have it instead of real food...

Re regaining weight - the stats are about the same for any healthy way of losing weight (worse for more extreme things) because too many people diet then stop... which is why what suits you is important, it needs to be something you’re ok doing longterm, not just while you’re losing weight.

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