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3moons Sun 30-Jun-19 20:30:58

If you saw this person, what size, weight and age would you assume?

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3luckystars Sun 30-Jun-19 20:39:46

10.5 stone
5 foot 3
Size 12

Chickydoo Sun 30-Jun-19 21:07:13

Not sure
11 stone size 14??
Maybe 10 1/2 and a big 12
I am not sure I am very good at this....does it matter? You look fine.

3dogs2cats Sun 30-Jun-19 21:57:45

5ft4. 10 stones, size 12 and 35

noodlenosefraggle Sun 30-Jun-19 22:00:52

I'd say 5ft 4 12 stone and size 14.

hoolahoolahoop Sun 30-Jun-19 22:12:34

Early 30s, size 12 and 10/11 stone.
Interesting post - maybe I should do this but the results might shock me!!!

hoolahoolahoop Sun 30-Jun-19 22:13:34

Ps if I looked like this I'd be over the moon:-)

3moons Mon 01-Jul-19 00:04:19

Thank you all. Its easy to get confused on how you really look to others after many yo-yo diets over the years so I was interested to understand what strangers see and think. Size 12 works mostly but depends on style, 10 st 11 and age 54, 5ft 1” .

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NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Mon 01-Jul-19 11:13:10

Size 12/14
11stones (ish)
Mid 30s

TheVeryHungryTortoise Tue 02-Jul-19 23:16:36

Size 14/16
Weight ~80kg
Age 40

Sticksand Wed 03-Jul-19 00:39:08

Really @TheVeryHungryTortoise ? Size 16?!shock

I know you've posted OP but I'd have said just over 10 stone, 5'4 & size 10/12.

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