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Anyone tried Huel?

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ADogRocketShip Sun 30-Jun-19 17:23:13

Hi there

Trying to lose a stone. Im calorie counting at the mo but with breakfast I eat at work and so find it hard to weigh out my special K/bran flakes exactly to 30g do suspect I eat far more than needed! But I do find I'm hungry in the morning so need something filling enough. I don't have time (nor do I fancy!) eggs for breakfast so they're out for work days.

Anyone tried Huel? I'm wondering whether to replace my usual breakfast with one of their shakes to see if it fills me up. I think it'll be clearer how many cals I'm eating too. However don't wanna waste the ££ if it's crap so looking for experiences!

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HalloumiLooney Sun 30-Jun-19 17:28:44

Yes, I use Huel and love it. Definitely use the flavour boosts, as not sure it’d taste great on its own. I find them really filling and am also a lot stronger since using them. Good luck with your weight loss!

TheHoundsofLove Sun 30-Jun-19 19:05:36

I've tried it! It is filling, but I didn't like the texture (sort of like thin porridge) and I thought it had a really strange artificial taste (I bought the vanilla one and some of the flavour packs). I didn't dislike it enough not to finish the packet that I bought, but have never ordered it again. I really wanted to like as I think it's a great idea - nutritious, vegan and doesn't require any thinking about.

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