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So summer has arrived once more and I am yet again a big fat wobbly sweaty mess.

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KeepFuckingOff Sat 29-Jun-19 13:02:27

15th year running for me. I dream of summers spent frolicking in a beautiful sundress on the beach or at one the big London parks, pick nicking and sunbathing, gorgeously tanned and just enjoying life.
Reality; spread eagle on my bed in front of the fan trying in vain to stop my flab sticking together and dreading the chub rub that is inevitable in this weather for a human whale.
I will never ever lose this weight ever. I don’t know why I’ve started this thread, I think I just needed to finally admit it to myself.

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Pipandmum Sat 29-Jun-19 13:09:41

I read somewhere a woman who said ‘I decided to stop wishing I was slim and made myself slim’.
I’m in the same boat - I lost almost three stone for a wedding last year and I’ve gained it all back plus some. And now it’s hot and I’m wearing sleeves to cover my arms. I dream of being in a tank top and jeans or floating skirt too. I need to get my head in the right place - but I might be waiting forever. I’ve got to just start.

KeepFuckingOff Sat 29-Jun-19 13:16:41

I’ve just given up, I can’t stick to anything healthy eating, cutting calories, exercise nothing. I’ve no energy or will power. I live of junk food and can’t say no to fried foods and McDonald’s.
I fucking hate that I’m this way, hate that I can’t just stop eating shit and do
some regular exercise! angryangryangry

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NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Sat 29-Jun-19 15:01:27

You can; one day you'll be in the right place and it'll all come together. Promise.

I remember saying to my bestie (and then housemate): "Shall we bite the bullet and go back to Weight Watchers?" And he said: "Yep, but fuck ... what are we going to do with all these bullets with teeth marks?"

But we did. I'm all done now. He's still on the journey and it's going well.

How much do you have to lose, OP?

ClownTent Sat 29-Jun-19 15:05:33

Hello Hello my people <sad>

In my teens I was active, slender, classic hour glass figure and, in hindsight, quite beautiful.

I'm 31 and have been fat since my twenties. I remember being thin and I know now that I didn't appreciate it. I hate the way I look but am stuck in a binge eating cycle.

I'm the heaviest I've ever been, I'm 16 stone and now weigh the same I did when pregnant with DS three years ago, which is heartbreaking because when I fell pregnant I was the lightest I had been in a adecade at 13 stone.

Every summer I say that I will lose weight and I never do.

Shall we start? For a bit of accountability? Shall we aim for half a stone over July? That's doable...right?

Full disclosure, I am sitting here in work having eaten two chocolate twists, two mars bars and a freddo and I don't doubt that I will go back for more sadblush

Mrsgandy Sat 29-Jun-19 15:14:07

Ladies 7 weeks ago or so it was a hot day and I pulled out a summer top to get to work . I couldn’t get it on . I was miserable and had a good look in the mirror . I made a decision then and there to go to SW . I am wearing the top now and wore mid calf leggings and a T-shirt today . I am still heavy but I feel better and in control . I lost 5.5 week 1 and have a stone gone now . If you really want to you can be 4 and more lb lighter next week and a dress size in 4 weeks which is 10 lb.
I swore I would never do it again because I’m sick of dieting but I honestly sat and cried 7 weeks ago and I feel so different now . It clicked for me after years of denial .

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Sat 29-Jun-19 15:18:43

Hi @ClownTent

Your weight is very similar to mine before my head clicked into place and I managed to lose it.

It's really doable. Please don't give up. I have pics — if it would help anyone to see an ordinary (non celebrity) before and after blush

ClownTent Sat 29-Jun-19 15:41:20

Pics would be great! At the start of the year I lost ten pounds in six weeks which I was happy with. I was exercising and eating right and then my dad died and my partner got ill blah blah and it all slipped by the wayside. I lost the motivation and now all I am is tired ha.

mildshock Sat 29-Jun-19 15:50:08

Hi OP, I feel exactly the same way.

I spent the afternoon at DS1s friend's birthday party, and I was the largest parent there by a mile. Last week the last time I dared weigh myself I was 17 stone.

I can't stand being this large anymore, I can tell I'm walking differently to how I did when I was slim. I have little to no energy. No idea how to motivate myself anymore.

WhenDoISleep Sat 29-Jun-19 15:53:42

I did so well last year and was the lightest I’d been in 7 years (although still obese at 13st). I said then There was only one way I wanted to see the scales go. It all went wrong around Christmas and I’ve put back on 1.5st. I’ve just been helping at a summer fair and I was melting in the heat - it feels horrible to be in this situation again. Starting Monday, with the aim of 7lbs a month, which gets me a stone light by the time we go on holiday at the end of August. I’m up for a thread.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Sat 29-Jun-19 16:06:47

OK. Takes deep breath. Here's my before and after blush There's 11 years between the pictures; it didn't take me that long to lose the weight though grin

I lead an 'ordinary' life, have a full-time job. I'm just a regular woman in a regular city.

You can do this and if there's anything that I can do to help then I will smile

habibihabibi Sat 29-Jun-19 16:13:20

Wow Nicelegs !
You look lile a completely different person !
What were the biggest changes you made ?

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Sat 29-Jun-19 16:34:23

Thank you @habibihabibi

I'm not quite half the person but not far off blush

The single biggest change was understanding what a portion size is — and sticking to it. My diet when I was heavier wasn't unhealthy per se — I always liked vegetables, good quality protein and all that; it's just that I ate WAY too much of it.

It probably helps that I don't drink (more space for food) and I don't have a massive sweet tooth. However, I used to love a 'beige buffet' — you know: sausage rolls, canapes, crisps, little sandwiches — and I could do some real damage there. I wouldn't be tempted these days as my tastes changed as I was on the journey — which I'm still on by the way. I know that if I take my eye off the ball I could go back whence I came. However, it is very much easier to maintain your weight once you're happy with it than it is to lose it.

It can be done. I'm not gonna say it's easy but it's not that difficult either. Honestly smile

The first step is to .... start. Today. For, as we all know, tomorrow kinda never comes shock

I'm here if anyone needs anything. I'm not a dietitian or nutritionist or anything — and I don't profess to be — but any moral support will be gladly forthcoming.

Good luck everyone.

ToEarlyForDecorations Sat 29-Jun-19 17:32:58

I weighed myself at the end of June. 19st 11 and one quarter pounds. Which on a 5 foot 3 inch frame is not a good look.

I tell the tale of other 'gainers' I've lost loads. Gained loads. Lost it again. I'm now super morbidly obese. Do I win a prize ?

I've gone back to Be Military Fit (circuit training) and I'm using My Fitness Pal to track my calories. Which should be 2,200 for weight loss. I'm doing ok.

ClownTent Sat 29-Jun-19 20:42:24

I think I’ll join you and get back on MFP.

I need to go back to walking as sometimes I only manage 2/3k steps and I live at the bottom of Mt Snowdon so have it all right on my doorstep blushblush

KeepFuckingOff Sat 29-Jun-19 22:53:49

I think I’m around the same weight ToEarly. NiceLegs that’s inspiring! I signed up for weight watchers the other day on a whim but your story has spurred me on to give it a go.
I tried slimming world a couple of years ago but it was dodgy as fuck I’m sure they do something to their scales, when I weighed in at SW I’d always have seemingly huge losses I’d get weighed at my GP the same week and there would be 5+lbs difference in the wrong direction, stopped going soon after that happened a few times.

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KeepFuckingOff Sat 29-Jun-19 23:02:47

Thank you all for your personal stories, it’s helpful to know I’m not the only one but also sorry you’re all going through it or have gone through it in the past. Sending fat free gin to you all gin

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Orangesox Sun 30-Jun-19 10:19:51

I’d love to join you all.

I’m almost at the highest weight I’ve ever been. I’m so ashamed I can’t even type it out but we’re talking BMI 45+ blush

I lost quite a bit of weight last year, and then managed to herniate a disc in my back sneezing, followed by being diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis and fibromyalgia. I sunk into depression (which I’ve now recognised and have sought treatment for) and ultimately piled all the weight back on, and then some. I know I need to lose weight for the surgery I’m likely to need for my back, and yet I can’t seem to stop myself eating ridiculous pastries and cheese puffs from bloody Lidl! Every half a stone lost increases my chance of good post surgical outcomes and reduces the risk of i trailers five complications - what’s worse is I don’t need to be told this stuff... I’m a nurse and I’ve still let myself get into this state!

I’ll be using MFP to calorie count, and trying to walk as much as I can with my health problems. I’ve tried every “diet” under the sun and it seems to cause me to enter a ridiculous obsessive binge starve cycle that is clearly unhealthy and stupid. Wish me luck!

KeepFuckingOff Sun 30-Jun-19 10:24:34

So I did my weight watchers this morning, I’ve got 36 points a day.
I had one slice of toast with a scrape of clover and 2 plain scrambled eggs 3 points used for the bread and spread.
Going to the cinema with DGM later, will pack some fruit and water and some jelly babies for her as their her favourite 🥰 luckily I don’t have a sweet tooth so I should be able to resist.
Wishing you all a lovely Sunday.

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KeepFuckingOff Sun 30-Jun-19 10:28:38


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cranstonmanor Sun 30-Jun-19 11:54:44


Wooooow, what a difference. You look incredible. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

Putting the sweets away feeling inspired

KeepFuckingOff Mon 01-Jul-19 20:08:36

Fallen off the wagon already. Fuck this. Fuck being a weak willed fucking bastarding
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck angryangryangryangry

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mooncuplanding Mon 01-Jul-19 20:24:03


It’s what you are eating

Try keto or at the very least intermittent fasting (but that will be really hard if you don’t cut your carbs)

You need to reprogramme your mind and body, and forget a lot of diet advice based purely around calories

intro explanation here

ThierryEnnui Mon 01-Jul-19 22:09:05

Yes, I totally agree with mooncup.

It’s what you’re eating - and your insulin - that is sabotaging you and your motivation.

I highly, highly encourage anyone who is obese or morbidly obese to look into a ketogenic diet complemented by intermittent fasting. Full disclosure: I’m obese, just over 15st, but that’s down a stone and a half since June 5th. My willpower has not faltered once. My body isn’t craving anything. I eat one meal a day to my calorie allowance and fast the remaining hours, drinking lots of water and herbal teas. I have never felt better, slept better or had more energy. 4 weeks in it’s too early to say this has changed my life, but I’m pretty sure it has.

Good resources:
The Complete Guide to Fasting (book) by Jason Fung
The r/keto subreddit on reddit

KeepFuckingOff Tue 02-Jul-19 22:55:40

Keto means no carbs doesn’t it? I’m a potato monster I won’t cope at all on that.

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