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No Weighing Weight Loss Thread

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PeriComoToes Fri 28-Jun-19 08:36:35

As from today I'm going to start taking better care of my health. I'm officially obese at just over 14 stone with a waist measurement of 40 inches shock. I do very little exercise. I drink too much alcohol and eat too much processed crap. I feel so unhealthy.

I need to get fitter and lose the excess fat I'm carrying around. I need a lifestyle change rather than a diet. I'm not going to use the scales as an indication of how I'm doing. Instead I'm going to concentrate on how I feel and work on reducing my waist measurement to 30 inches.

I'll be setting mini goals based on exercise and healthy eating and using this thread as accountability and hopefully support.

Please join me if you also find a weekly weigh in demoralising and would like to make changes to your health.

My mini goals for the weekend are to stay off the booze; to steer clear of biscuits/cake, replacing them with fresh fruit and to walk for at least 20 mins a day.

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DottieLottie1 Sat 29-Jun-19 16:13:41

Good luck and I hope it works for you but the moment I stopped checking my weight I gained some and more. hmm

PeriComoToes Sun 30-Jun-19 10:23:56

Thanks Dottie though clearly I'm on my own!

Maybe I will try and find a thread to join and just weigh sporadically and see how it goes. Not sure where I fit in, am peri menopausal, avoiding sugar but not fruit, watching my carbs but not avoiding them completely, watching my calories over the week rather than strictly by the day, laying off alcohol, have more than 3 stone to lose and generally want to be fitter.

On the plus side I have downloaded a walking app and achieved my 20 mins a day goal and haven't eaten any crap or drunk any alcohol so that's a good start, particularly as it's a weekend.

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FannyFeatures Sun 30-Jun-19 20:51:03

I'll join you smile

I do need the scales to keep me in check, more out of habit than anything else, but I want to focus more on non scale aspects by teaching myself to moderate food and get healthier in general.

I lost almost 7st, mostly with Slimming World, and got to "target" last year then fell off plan and now I'm 1st 9lbs heavier again because I haven't actually learnt anything except how to stick to a specific plan which I don't want to be reliant on for the rest of my life!

My goals for July are:
Build 2x 30 minute exercise sessions into my week.
Aim for 1/2 plate veg at dinner.
Snack on fruit with 1 treat in the evening if I feel like it.

FlatheadScrewdriver Sun 30-Jun-19 21:40:57

I'll join you! I lost a lot, then got stuck. Am trying to learn a long-term way of moderating food and managing stress. For a few months at least, I want to try no scales as they feel like a punishment if the number doesn't move. I know all my waist etc measurements. I would like to reduce my waist by 2 inches to start with - that would mean I'd pass the "string test" without cutting myself in half! My legs are in reasonable shape from taking up running a year ago, but my stomach is where I hold all my weight, which is obviously risky.

Goals for July: 1 inch off waist; start learning yoga once a week; try to add crunches after jogging.

PeriComoToes Mon 01-Jul-19 17:51:57

Hello fanny and flathead nice to know I am not completely on my own.

My thread title is a bit off putting but wasn't sure how to phrase it. I will probably weigh myself ever 4-6 weeks but mostly I want to focus more on non scale victories and how I feel in myself.

July Goals for me:
Walking (for fitness) 3 X week increasing by a minute per session.
I started on 20mins last week so should be up to 32 mins by the end of the month.

Dig my hand held weights out and use them 2 x week

Log my calories, watch my carb intake and keep sugar and alcohol to a minimum.

So far so good. I'm on day 4 and feeling positive.

I bought a new pair of trainers today as mine were old and pretty fucked. Looking forward to trying them out tomorrow!

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PeriComoToes Tue 02-Jul-19 19:16:05

I'm having second thoughts about the no weighing Lol. Not sure I can not not do it!

I still want to focus on nsv but I'm thinking I need something more tangible. I weighed myself on Monday for reference and then hopped on the scales this morning to check I was on the right track.

Old habits die hard. I think I need to leave my own thread 😂

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