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HIIT at home

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Shoeshelpplease Thu 27-Jun-19 10:20:33

Hi I am hoping to do some form of HIIT with my son over the summer holidays.

Any ideas on podcasts, apps, YouTube videos etc as a place to start.

Hoping to start fairly basic and work up.


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Booksandwine80 Thu 27-Jun-19 14:28:12

Joe wickes the body coach, lots of different variations with some low impact ones for beginners as well.

ryanreynolds Thu 27-Jun-19 14:30:41

I'm a massive fan of a Fitness Blender - either internet or YouTube. Lots of choice and is all free (unless you want to pay for one of their programmes which are pretty good value for money).

RoseAndRose Fri 28-Jun-19 08:39:26

You might get more responses in the 'Exercise' topic (or at least have a browse in there, as athere are a few recent threads asking for recommendations)

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