Help - an inch off my waist quick

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ifonly4 Mon 24-Jun-19 17:00:18

Over the last few months I've put on 6lbs. I now it's not alot but I'm only a small frame. I've been aware of this cut back a bit on biscuits, cut out cream cakes and made a few lower calorie choices. Weight gain has stablized.

I have an event next Friday. I bought my dress back in January, plenty of room. Just tried it on, it looks fine but tigher around the waist. Any ideas for quick weight loss around my waist without starving please.

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Tentomidnight Mon 24-Jun-19 17:02:32

I expect most people would suggest cutting out carbs, so that’s worth a go.
I’d eat fruit and yogurt for breakfasts and drink lots of water, too.

WhiteLightTrainWreck Mon 24-Jun-19 17:03:14

Would you be able to wear tummy control underwear or a waist trainer under it?
Amazon prime for the waist trainer and M&S for control undies.

Have a brilliant time!

ifonly4 Mon 24-Jun-19 21:45:08

Thanks for you suggestions. So I've had a tomato omelette and salad tonight, and can easily have a yogurt and fruit tomorrow morning. I'll try and eat a lot more salads and fruit, alongside something like tuna, egg, cheese. Drink a fair amount of water anyway, but will increase.

Any other ideas gratefully received!

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Madmog Tue 25-Jun-19 15:23:04

I'd try and reduce salt in my diet to reduce water retention, also some stomach exercises and anything you can do to eat less calories, exercise more.

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