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Best diet for a mostly vegetarian

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Thisismynewname123 Sat 22-Jun-19 07:47:25

I really need to lose a stone and a half. Last time I tried cutting down carbs, but I found it so difficult as we rarely eat meat (maybe once every couple of weeks, mainly because DH and DD1 are both veggie). We eat fish a couple of times a week but the rest of the time vegetarian. I also work full time so don't have hours to prepare meals. With that in mind, which diet works best? I have done Weight Watchers in the past and I have lost weight but at the moment, I need something new to motivate me to get started. What diets are veggies (or mostly veggies) successfully doing?

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Firebreathingwoman Sat 22-Jun-19 08:02:17

I've found the 5:2 diet works for me as a pescatarian. Low carb is difficult if you eat little or no meat imo. Good luck!

PinkyLovePerky Sat 22-Jun-19 08:04:31

I’m confused, you say dh and dd are vegetarian but eat meat and fish confused

Thisismynewname123 Sat 22-Jun-19 08:33:40

PinkyLovePerky - I said vegetarian for ease, rather than going into details! DD is vegetarian. DH is pescetarian

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BuffaloCauliflower Sat 22-Jun-19 08:37:38

I’m pescatarian and a complete convert to the Blood Sugar Diet/Fast 800. Once you get your head round eating fat few calories it’s really very easy, I haven’t been hungry, weight comes of easily (lost 10lb in 3 weeks earlier this year, now going for the next chunk of 10lbs) I do count carbs as well but you technically don’t need to. Works much better for me than the SW types, all those carbs just make me hungry and tired.

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 22-Jun-19 08:38:05

Far fewer calories* that should be

SallyWD Sat 22-Jun-19 08:58:13

16/8. You don't have to reduce any food group but just eat in an 8 hour period. I find it easy, I'm never hungry and eat what I want.

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 22-Jun-19 10:38:40

Fast 800 includes intermittent fasting, I generally fall into a 16:8 pattern quite naturally

Ricekrispie22 Sat 22-Jun-19 10:58:11

I had success with SW. No foods are banned, so meals offer balance and variety, and are family-friendly. There's a great veggie slimming world cook book but I find most things can be adapted to suit. Yes you are limited on things like cheese and hummus but have free rein on lots of other stuff. I've fallen back in love again with beans, pulses, eggs and tofu (all ‘free’ foods). Most Quorn products are also free as is pasta, rice, baked beans and potatoes.
I’ve gained an appreciation of which foods are higher in energy and should therefore be limited which is helpful for long-term healthy eating.

Siameasy Sat 22-Jun-19 12:41:54

I think fasting. If you’re eating fewer meals then less thought is required. You still eat eggs and cheese and enough flesh to do low carb. Usually I eat two meals a day as a low carb 16:8 person and the focus is on fat. For a veggie that could be coconut, olives, adding butter to veg, full fat Greek yoghurt (mmmm) as well as the versatile egg.

ItWentInMyEye Wed 26-Jun-19 11:08:21

I started doing low fat on Saturday and have lost 2lbs. I stick to under 1500 cals and go to the gym between 3-5 times a week.

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