First week no weight loss! Is this the way it is now.

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Humphriescushion Tue 11-Jun-19 08:17:45

Posting to keep on the straight and narrow after having no weight loss in the first week! Put some weight on over the last few months due to comfort eating and now feel fat and unhealthy. Have a large tyre around my belly and hope it is possible to lose it - very menopausal and that age were it seems to all go apple shaped.

Been on slimming world and was doing great, but nothing on the scales. Going to assume it will all happen next week and not get disheartened. Would love to lose 2 kigs buy the end of the month when i go on holiday - well hoping I am going on hoilday but i lost my passport and only have till beginning of july to get it back - what a flipping cock up.
Dont really have any expectations from people from this thread but needed to moan to keep my going. Will use it to keep me strong and update.

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Cuttingthegrass Tue 11-Jun-19 08:23:42

Keep a food diary. You may be eating hidden fats. Meal plan and prioritise SP foods. You can do it

WizzyBee Tue 11-Jun-19 08:27:50

Weight loss is never a straight line! I can put on or lose up to 2kg from one day to the next depending on what I've eaten, how hydrated I am and how much exercise done the day before plus all the fluctuations that hormones bring.

You have to look at the trend over a longer time to get a more realistic picture of what's happening.

I'm not sure how slimming world works exactly but it seems a bit vague and easy to cheat? I use Nutracheck which is just a 'weigh and measure ALL your food and log accurate calories' app, but the forums and blogs are really supportive and helpful.

Humphriescushion Tue 11-Jun-19 11:19:44

Thanks for the replies. Yes wizzy i am clinging to fact that it is never a straight line and hoping to see better results next week. No cheating this week may even have under ate so will make sure i eat enough this week. Played a lot of sport this week as well so telling myself i have built some muscles ( clutching any available straw)

Yes cutting think i should up the speed or whatever they are called this week.

Got over the shock a bit now. Felt i had not lost so will carry on, is a marathon not a sprint.

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