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Holiday weight gain and belly fat!

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Firstmum03 Mon 10-Jun-19 14:49:37

So all my weight goes straight to my belly... I put on about a stone from Christmas and New Years and it’s never really shifted. Then with Easter just gone I have been dreading the scales - my clothes are way too tight so new it would be bad. Yup piled on another stone and a half.... I knew it was bad when I I couldn’t see the number on the scale because my gut was in the way!

With summer holidays around the corner and my belly fat just growing.... anyone know what to do?

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AnyaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Jun-19 15:29:13

Hi there OP,

We hope you don't mind, we've moved your thread over to weight loss chat now.

DottieLottie1 Tue 11-Jun-19 08:47:01

Hi @Firstmum03, there are lots of different types of dieting or healthy eating you can try. But, it's a case of eat less (in calorific value) and move more.

I've reduced my calorie intake to 1200 which I'm not finding particularly difficult (bar 2 days at the beginning). I've lost 11lb in 4 weeks with another 35lb to go (would give me a BMI of around 22). I use MFP to record my consumption and track weight loss.

Listen to the advice on here and check-in regularly as it keeps you motivated. Choose what's right for you and good luck. smile

SolitudeAtAltitude Tue 11-Jun-19 08:48:48

eat less, move more. Choose what suits your lifestyle

For me moving more is easier to do than eating less grin

QRCode Tue 11-Jun-19 09:53:35

Intermittent fasting is a great way to reduce belly fat, check out Michael Mosley's books eg Fast 800, New 5:2.

Siameasy Tue 11-Jun-19 11:05:55

Low carb bootcamp may be for you? Have a look at the threads. I put on weight on my stomach, face and torso. No where else. This way of eating eliminates all the bloating foods (starchy carbs, booze)

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