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Cold water tea bags

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AllGoodDogs Wed 05-Jun-19 13:57:17

Are any actually nice? I like hi juice but not the NAS as don't like the artificial sweetener taste. The cold infusion tea bags are expensive so don't want to waste money if they taste rank. Have tried fresh fruit in an infuser bottle but it wasn't a strong or sweet enough taste.

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Crazzzycat Wed 05-Jun-19 14:44:46

I bought some last week and yes, I think they’re nice, especially with some sparkling water.

It may be worth picking some up when there’s a deal on? I got mine from the Co-op last week where they were on offer. I just didn’t want to pay full price for something I was a little bit sceptical about 🙈

AllGoodDogs Wed 05-Jun-19 15:37:00

What ones did you get Crazzy?

I think the Tetley ones are £2 for 12 in CoOp today, that's what made me think of it.

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Crazzzycat Wed 05-Jun-19 16:06:38

I got a few of the Twinings ones.

Strawberry, mint and watermelon which is really lovely and summery.
And I also got some orange, mango and passion fruit for the kids as they love anything mango flavoured.

The mango one is nice, but I definitely prefer the first one. I think light, summery flavours are probably easier to pull off in a teabag 🤔

Teddybear45 Wed 05-Jun-19 16:08:03

You can get easy dissolving loose tea - that’s better if you like things like peach tea etc because there’s no risk of making something too strong.

ChocOrCheese Wed 05-Jun-19 17:22:19

I drink Twinings green tea with ginger. I make it hot but invariably end up forgetting to drink half the mug until it has gone cold, and it is perfectly nice cold.

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