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Any menopausal fatties out there?

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LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 07:12:05

I have been slim all my life and then the menopause hit me and my waistline.

I really don't know how much I weigh, I last weighed myself a while back and I was 11 stone. I need to lose around two stone to get back to being me. I will be brave and weigh myself later on.

Motivation is going to be a massive problem for me so I hope that there are other menopausal fatties out there to keep me company.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Wed 17-Jul-19 11:18:58


Thank you. It'll all be better tomorrow: it's a short, sharp type of thing blush

Let's both keep going until we get there. As you say, not gaining is a victory in itself.

Apologies for the rogue apostrophe in my previous message. It's really upsetting me grin

Riddleofthesands Wed 17-Jul-19 11:11:09

Hi NiceLegs you are not alone. I joined the BSD thread as this was a bit quiet. Still plodding along, only lost 2 or 3 lbs but frankly not gaining is a victory. I am 9 st 12 lbs and would ideally like to get under 9. Having said that reaching 9 st 7 lbs is proving incredibly difficult. Hope you feel better soon.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Wed 17-Jul-19 10:58:14

Morning all,

How's it going? The Big M has released it's regular, albeit infrequent, symptoms upon me and I'm sitting at my desk in the office with a hot water bottle on my tummy. This happens every three months or so. It's usually quite short lived but ..... it can lead to me wanting to eat crap stuff so I need to keep my eye on the ball.

In general, I'm doing OK. I'm still striving for my 'stage weight' of 8st 7lbs. I'm somewhere around 9st 4lbs at the minute (although the huge horrid tummy is making it hard to get an accurate reading). I'm determined to get there by the end of July.

How's everyone else doing? Would be great to hear from you. I don't want to be alone sad

Janey26 Thu 11-Jul-19 23:32:05

Following with interest
Thought I was just bloated turns out Im fat haha, I'm 51 joined WW 3 weeks ago and up to now lost 4lb, jeez its hard work, especially when you love a cold pint of lager (sigh) no fucking fun this getting old malarky xx

Magnificentbeast Thu 11-Jul-19 14:05:18

@MissDew I find it's fine (sort of) once I'm doing the C25K but I'm finding it so hard to get started this time.

MissDew Thu 11-Jul-19 13:15:54

and have intentions to start the C25K again

Yep, me too !

Magnificentbeast Tue 09-Jul-19 11:15:25

I'm glad I found this thread!

I am a Big M Fattie! I went through an early menopause in my mid to late 30s. I'm 45 now. The stealth weight gain has been quite alarming! I would really love to shift some of it. Not least because thinking about it is taking up far too much of my headspace and life is busy enough.

I have done a couple of days of 16:8 and found it to be effective. I read that 14:10 or even 12:12 can be better for women. I can't remember why. I do the fasting when I can fit it into my life. I do feel better for it. There's something quite satisfying about feeling hungry and ready to eat rather than grazing or just deciding I'm hungry because of the time on the clock. Sometimes I don't sit down to dinner until 9ish after sorting the kids out.

Frustratingly I'm a lot more careful with what I eat now. If I had eaten this way when I was younger I would've maintained a more comfortable weight. I have quite a small frame so carrying any extra weight really doesn't suit me. I'm only 5ft 1 and heading for 12 stone if I'm not careful shock

I know I need to get back to some proper exercising and have intentions to start the C25K again but my menopausal knees and joints keep putting me off! I have just started on HRT patches in the hope that they will help with the creaking joints.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Mon 08-Jul-19 07:06:07

Thanks @babbi My trainer is also a fan of 'the plank' for targeting the abs. He tends to shy away from any traditional 'crunching' type exercises as he doesn't believe them to be super effective. I think that different professionals have different views — as indeed you'd expect — but he's been in the business years and competes himself so ..... I do listen to him.

It's actually hard for me to assess my abs at the minute as the 5kg that I need to lose is pretty much sitting on my abs. So I probably have pretty decent muscle there but ..... it's covered in a layer of chub at the minute blush

Give me a couple of weeks —maybe three —and I'll have a better idea.

Keep us updated. This thread is really helping me with all aspects of the menopause smile

babbi Sun 07-Jul-19 21:55:30

Wow Nice legs - very well done you !
That’s amazing 😀
Good luck for the week ahead .
I’ll have a crack at those lunges then ......

Thanks very much

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Sun 07-Jul-19 19:14:42

Hi MFs,

So glad that you're still around and that the thread is going strong.

@GenuineKlatchianPottery Absolutely fantastic. Please do share your tips and tricks. Nothing wrong with the occasional treat; glad that the fish and chips went down well smile

@WeWeed That's a great start. Don't worry if it's not a 7lb loss every week. Off is off and every little is a step towards your target.

@IamMummyhearmeROAR No snacking means a little extra space for a drink or two. Enjoy the holiday and yes, the swimming will certainly help.

@babbi I'm like you in that I think I still have periods; I'm pretty sure I do actually but my Mirena coil makes it that bit more difficult to tell blush I'm not in bad shape but it can always be better and my abs are the area where I'd really like to see an improvement too. My trainer is fond of walking lunges (with weights as you get more proficient). He's a national champion bodybuilder and is ripped to fucking shreds so he does know what he's on with. And he's well into his 40s too so he really has to put the work in just like us.

I did a gym sesh today and braved the Boditrax machine (which measures everything). My weight is down slightly — need to work a bit more on that as I have around 5kg to lose to get me to 'stage weight' (I want to do a bodybuilding competition next year too).

My body fat is down and is under 20% which I'm pleased with. That'll need to come down a lot more if I'm to compete but it's good for now.

Also Boditrax put my 'metabolic age' at 37. As I'm 52 I'm delighted. Personally, I think that Bodtrax is just a bit of a smoothie but I'm assured that's not the case grin

So, I'm all set for the week ahead and my frame of mind is great.

Wishing all of you a fabulous week and let's catch up soon smile

babbi Sun 07-Jul-19 17:23:01

I only weigh 7st 5 and am a size 6 but my god it is so hard to get myself toned ..
I’m tiny but my shape is not great 😬

Hoping someone can suggest suitable work out options for someone like me - early 50s and still having a period every month ...?!?

Particularly abs and tummy work out - anyone ?

IamMummyhearmeROAR Sat 06-Jul-19 17:28:00

I’m on holiday so no idea what my weight is doing. I’d lost 8lbs before I came away which put me back in the healthy range but with still at least 10lbs to go. I don’t snack at all on holiday but I drink alcohol every day and am too fond of Croatian bread at meal times so it won’t be good. I swim every day so that’s ok thengrin.

WeeWeed Sat 06-Jul-19 12:37:03

I'm back! The weight loss stalled again and I gave up for a while.

Started 5:2 on Monday and couldn't wait any longer to weigh myself as I could feel a huge difference around my middle, which seldom is first to go. 7lbs down. I don't know what the average loss is with this diet, I'm assuming I shouldn't expect that every week.

GenuineKlatchianPottery Sat 06-Jul-19 11:39:42

I’ve not updated for a while. My weight has been up and down the last few weeks, lose 2lb then gain 1 backhmm
But, I’ve weighed myself this morning and I’m now 13 stone, so that’s a whole stone down since I joined last month.
3 more to go, I’m really hoping to see the year out back at a healthy weight.
We cheated last night and had fish and chips for the first time in 18 months. Couldn’t finish my portion, but damn it was bloody delicious blush

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Mon 01-Jul-19 09:48:23

Good morning MFs and a very happy Monday to you all,

It's been a few days, hasn't it? I think that Saturday's sizzler got to me a little and I didn't get round to checking in.

Well, coupled with the glorious weather, I managed to have a very good weekend. What I did forget to do though was to weigh in on Wednesday. As we're into a new week, I'll just do it this Wednesday now.

The warm weather has given me the chance to cut down slightly on the food and increase the water intake, which is all good. Progress is steady but things are definitely moving in the right direction.

On the M front, I think that I have my period. Hard to tell as I use a Mirena coil but I have very mild stomach cramps and there are other signs blush. Not sure where that leaves me on the menopausal scale but I'm definitely on the scale somewhere: this isn't a monthly cycle anymore.

Anyway, how's everyone else doing? Please share your updates, questions, news and everything.

Have a great day smile

FatandSassy Wed 26-Jun-19 13:21:55

@NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace it's just the 5:2 one. There's a thread on mumsnet about it - we started on Monday and it was ok, today is our second fast and then we're going to do another on Friday so essentially 4:3.

A fast day is where you eat around 600 calories (and drink loads of water if you're me!) for the entire day, and a normal day is just your normal eating. It's supposed to have lots of health benefits, not least is the weight loss. I'm so slow at losing weight anyway that I thought it might be a healthy kickstart to the system. I'd link the thread but I don't know how blush

Pywife2 Wed 26-Jun-19 12:11:16

Hi all I had a weigh in this morning and I am still going down, very slowly (like a balloon), but I've noticed a definite pattern. Weight loss in the week, weight gain at the weekend! As long as it carries on in the right direction, I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Wed 26-Jun-19 10:19:52

Hey @FatandSassy Can you tell us something about your fasting plan? It would be really good to know how you approach it and how easy you find it.

@Riddleofthesands Great to be back on track. It'll come off this time for sure.

Riddleofthesands Wed 26-Jun-19 08:35:32

Morning, I weighed and I am the same weight as when I joined the thread on 1st June. I did lose 4 lbs or so but put it back on again. Healthy BMI but small boned and definitely need to lose a stone, all clothes too tight. Trying again as of today.

FatandSassy Wed 26-Jun-19 08:25:36

Morning legs.
We've just started fasting so hoping that will lose some inches. Good luck!

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Tue 25-Jun-19 12:59:42

Hi MFs,

Just checking into see how we're all doing and whether our menopausal waistlines are shrinking just a little bit?

It's been a few days since I checked in as I've been preparing the staffing plan for the team at work. One of our finance assistants has moved on and our finance officer wants to reduce her hours so ..... I need some more staff shock

The weekend was pretty good. No crap consumed: plenty of lean protein, fruit and veg. I also did a full weight training sesh on Sunday.

I'm seeing my trainer tonight who will push me hard, which is what I pay him for blush I've hot lentil dhal and salad for lunch, followed by Greek youghurt. And a banana pre-training (sits nicely on my stomach).

I may not make Weight Watchers on Wednesday due to work but will weigh at home if I can't get to class. I'm pushing really hard for those final few pounds to come off so that I can open, try on and enjoy my Christmas presents. I will not open them until I hit target.

Good luck to all on the journey. Let us know how it's going.

Speak soon.

SheeshazAZ09 Fri 21-Jun-19 21:55:02

I could have written OP's post myself. I've been slim all my life and could eat what I liked until I hit 50 and menopause -- and turned into a fattie. I am now cutting out breakfast, all desserts except a bit of fruit, and chocolate. Cutting down on dairy seems to help too but I'm veggie so have to get some protein and good whole fats another way--dhal and coconut oil might be the answer. What is most difficult is the constant feeling of hunger. But it doesn't seem to make me any slimmer! Not sure how this happened as my mother did not have this problem at menopause but ate far more fattening stuff than I do.

Milliy Fri 21-Jun-19 18:16:53

I had a ok menopause really. No HRT. Took St. John's Wort tincture. Cut out dairy (oestrogenic ) and cleaned up my diet a little by eating more fruit and veg and less processed food. This reduced my hot flushes to almost nothing. I didn't gain weight because of the menopause but rather the biscuits I had taken to munching. So cleaning up diet helped me to lose some . I still avoid dairy but don't diet as they only make me binge. Ive recently started walking a mile a day and lifting light weights and this has resulted in a half stone weight loss. It also has got rid of all aches joints and stiffness which I thought was me getting old. I can move again and have much more energy and sleep well now. I tend to eat intuitively and follow my hunger signals as that works for me.

FatandSassy Fri 21-Jun-19 13:45:24

Thanks @teta . May be doing all the right things but the scales don't show anything different at the moment. We're going to start 5:2 next week as well to hopefully kickstart my sloooooow metabolism.
I'm really struggling coming to terms with not having any more babies. I'm only 37 and I totally wanted another one - my bf doesn't (!) and I've had 6 so it's not like I'm not fulfilled.. I just have that feeling, my biological clock has totally stopped ticking but... confused some days it's a lot to take in and then I want to eat and not stop. But I can't as my bf has health problems related to his weight so I'm totally being good but still... it's so hard. I hate being fat but I do rather like not having to dress up for people anymore grin

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Fri 21-Jun-19 10:43:01

You know what? Having had a think about it, I'm not 100% sure that I'm eligible for this thread. I have a Mirena coil, hence no periods. So ..... I don't really know whether I genuinely am in the M phase blush I'm definitely having some mild symptoms and I am 52 so I think I'm OK. Anyway, I'm loving the thread and all you MFs so I'm staying grin

So..... two Indian meals this week. I stuck to the plan though and had a small portion of chicken/lamb tikka, a vegetable side dish (with no paneer: I bloody love paneer blush) and a roti bread instead of naan. The eating out will have taken its toll but I'm all back on track for a quiet weekend and any extra 'dinner weight' should fall off fairly quickly.

What are your challenges this weekend and is there any support that the group can offer to keep you focused?

Have a grand weekend everyone. I'll be sure to check in with a progress report and probably a request for a bit of support over the weekend.

Speak soon smile

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