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Any menopausal fatties out there?

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LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 07:12:05

I have been slim all my life and then the menopause hit me and my waistline.

I really don't know how much I weigh, I last weighed myself a while back and I was 11 stone. I need to lose around two stone to get back to being me. I will be brave and weigh myself later on.

Motivation is going to be a massive problem for me so I hope that there are other menopausal fatties out there to keep me company.

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:13:52

@HoppityChicken yes to saggy jowls. In fact most of me is sagging. My feet are still good but I think I have the start of bunions coming. Oh the joy.

My son made a big thing the other day telling me how my hands look really old. That will be all the bloody cleaning.

Crazyladee Sat 01-Jun-19 09:15:51

Oh god so the rumours are true then? I'm on the waiting list for a full hysterectomy which will straight after send me into the menopause! I'm a stone heavier than I would like to me now, so it sounds like I need to get cracking and lose weight now in order to put it back on again!

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:16:48

@stephstrops get on the scales, it might not be as bad as you fear.

RaininSummer Sat 01-Jun-19 09:18:23

Yes. I am the heaviest I have ever been. Tried the low carb boot camp which is great but like the poster above, too restrictive when you are vegetarian. I am now following my version of low carbs and healthy eating which I am calling 'no carbs, no crap ' although I am eating porridge oats still. Thinking more blood sugar diet. Have a horrible stomach overhang which has developed in the past year.

Annoyingly I also have more arthritis type aches now and they are worse when I have done more walking.

It's all a bit depressing really.

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:19:04

@Crazyladee brace yourself! This menopause shit is rough. Any idea how long you will have to wait for the surgery?

AuntieMarys Sat 01-Jun-19 09:19:44

I was! Went from 11stone 8 to 13 stone 2. Horrendous. I'm six feet tall but hated the flabniness.
I have lost a stone steadily in 5 months through healthy eating ( not a specific diet) and weight.
Hard work but worth it.

mummaminnie Sat 01-Jun-19 09:20:02

Hi OP. I'm 53 and not on HRT either. The weight piled on over the last few years and I've been avoiding the scales blush I think I've plateaued but can't get it to shift at all.

I go spinning at least a couple of time ms a week and was running up until last Autumn when I had to take some time out because of injury. That injury has gone but I have another that I've had some treatment for. So frustrating as I want to get back out there. At least I can walk.

I've found that it has all gone on my stomach. Is that what everyone else has noticed?

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:22:41

@RaininSummer yes to arthritis aches. I really pay for it if I go for a long walk.

When I was young and naive all I thought would happen with the meno was my periods would stop. Wrong, extremely wrong.

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:24:29

@mummaminnie hi, yes I look more pregnant now than when I was actually pregnant. I am a barrel.

HoppityChicken Sat 01-Jun-19 09:28:13

Oddly with me backs of hands always look really young, always have done (never used handcream ever), nothing even budges under the drier when I've washed my hands. Feels like the only loyal part of my body! But the moment the weight went on my fingers turned into little fat chipolata sausages, can't get rings on unless the weight comes off.

tomtom1999xx Sat 01-Jun-19 09:33:50

My extra weight ( all 1 stone of it ) is all around my stomach too. Really hard to shift.

Crazyladee Sat 01-Jun-19 10:00:27


Im on an 8 month waiting list. One month down. 7 to go.

I'll be going onto HRT. Will that help with the weight gain?

DougalsBlueJumper Sat 01-Jun-19 11:12:39

52 here and the weight is creeping on. But it's the new shape I'm finding difficult - the very attractive rubber ring around my waist and my weirdly pudgy back. I look ok when I'm dressed, so just keep eating what I like, which is obviously not helping. But then .... menopause .... mood swings .... excuse to comfort eat (and guzzle wine).

I so want to fit into my favourite clothes again instead of buying 'temporary' clothes to last until my miraculous transformation. I realise that I need to adjust what I eat and make fewer calories the new normal. But I have resisted counting calories my whole life, even when I could have been doing with it. And now I'm old and set in my waysgrin

runningtogetskinny Sat 01-Jun-19 11:16:09

I'm pear shaped and have to gain a fair bit before it goes on my stomach, but I'm developing 'side flab' on the top of my hips and over my bra strap despite still being fairly flat on the belly! My flab is kind of floppy rather than the firmness it once had if that makes any sense?! 😂

Bringonspring Sat 01-Jun-19 12:05:28

I haven’t heard of this 18/6 (have I got that right) diet before. I am tempted by slim fast which one of you mentioned as seems easy and I will struggle to find time to prep lots and lots of veg etc

Lovely to have so many of you in the same place

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sat 01-Jun-19 12:17:55

Bringonspring the 16:8 (or 18:6 if you're hardcore) just means having a longer gap each day between meals.

I believe there's some science behing having longer fasting periods. It also cuts out a fair bit of mindless snacking and means you skip a meal.

I drink hot water in the morning and maybe a cup of tea around 11.00. I then have lunch around 12.30. I usually end up snacking on fruit or nuts around 4.00 and then have an evening meal around 6.30 then nothing until the next day.

It's surprisingly easy once you get past the first few days. Or it was until I changed to a lower dose HRT and started craving toast and jam every night and picking at biscuits at work sad.

I'm on holiday this week and I've stuck to the no breakfasts but I'm enjoying a few ice creams and pancakes.

Riddleofthesands Sat 01-Jun-19 13:15:55

Yes! All the weight on my tummy too, with a little left over for jowls. Age 52 not on hrt. 8 1/2 stone all my life and now 10 stone. On another thread on losing a stone. Trying low carbs. The truth is the only way I lose weight is if I eat a LOT less than I used to or possibly take up weight lifting and running. Also trying to cope with madly heavy periods the last 2 months, can’t leave the house without an accident. Just read that ibuprofen can reduce the flow and have taken a 400 mg tablet. Fingers crossed. I feel very uncomfortable with all this blubber so will keep trying.

princesskatethefirst Sat 01-Jun-19 13:45:09

I'm on oestrogen only gel and it's slowing the gain I think. Giving me more energy to actually get out running which is a start I guess. I had early meno too at 32, I'm 7 years in and cant keep gaining like this, it's so bloody depressing. But let's do this smile

Bringonspring Sat 01-Jun-19 20:06:38

Ahhh thank you for explaining 16:8! Very kind

Bluesheep8 Sun 02-Jun-19 09:29:00

The menopausal massive - brilliant! I'm 45 and guessing I'm premenopausal as I've gained a stone from nowhere in less than a year. Just re joined WW and struggling to reduce the wine (suddenly can't get away with it anymore)

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 02-Jun-19 10:04:42

Bluesheep yes I had to give up alcohol when I hit menopause. Two days of vomiting and diarrhoea are not worth it.

I can manage up to 1.5 pints of cider occasionally if I'm not doing much the next day but that's my limit. sad

Bringonspring I forgot to include that it's called 16:8 because you fast for 16 hrs Nd eat in an 8 hr window. Fairly important bit of the explanation! I'm sure you worked it out grin

GenuineKlatchianPottery Sun 02-Jun-19 10:23:34

Oh God me too!
I’m 52 and up to last year the heaviest I’ve ever been is 9 stone. I’m now 14 stone and have been trying all year and it just won’t shift.
I started going through the menopause at 45 and haven’t had a period for almost 4 years now. But I’m still getting the hot flushes, sleepless nights, brain farts and my pubic hair seems to have relocated to my chin! I don’t look in the mirror any more as I don’t see me there, and if I catch sight of myself in a shop window I’m upset for the rest of the day.
Me and DD are thinking about going to aqua aerobics as my knees, ankles, shoulders and hands are fucked as well.

BiBabbles Sun 02-Jun-19 11:26:32

Me still, a bit.

In the early part of being menopausal, I remember in the first six months after the hot flushes and other obvious symptoms started (there were several months before that with headaches and things which may be related as well), I put on 6kg in 6 months. That really stuck with me because I entirely did not notice it due to a combination of already wearing very forgiving skirts and shirts and some parts of me were still bony so I kinda missed what was happening elsewhere until it was really obvious. I was looking kinda pregnant in the mirror.

I think I put on over 2 stone over a few years before I think my appetite and body started to readjust to my new calorie needs, and in the last two years, I've lost most of that (down from over 11 stone/70kg to a bit over 9 stone/a bit under 60kg now) though my weight fluctuates a lot more now than it used to. I think I can hold more water weight and similar than I did before. Week-to-week, I can vary by 2-4kg, I've been told that that is pretty normal and that there may be benefits to being ~ten pounds to a stone more than pre-menopause due to hormone impact, fat does produce some levels of various hormones including leptin and estrogen, as long as one is still has a healthy body composition/muscle-to-fat ratio and weight.

Due to the fluctuations and recommendations I was given, I now focus more on measurements and photos to see body composition though I do still weigh from time to time. It's easier to see muscle or fat gains or loss that way. I'm still working on tweaking my eating habits (I type while snacking on salted caramel seeds) and adding more resistance training (weights and resistance bands) to better prevent osteoporosis, sarcopenia & other muscle issues, and cardiovascular disease and things like walking, yoga, and swimming to my life.

I certainly need more care than I did when I was younger and breaking a lifetime of habits has been difficult & days it sucks, but it's getting to be worth it. It's nice reading others going through the same though sad that it's being so rough for so many of us.

HoppityChicken Sun 02-Jun-19 12:35:10

Food wise I find the summer easier, I can switch on to healthier food really easily once it gets warmer and my appetite tends to fall away a bit. More inclined to exercise too. But the winter is where I fall down - all I want to do is eat huge amounts of stodge while lying on the sofa. I was always a bit prone to this but running around doing stuff tended to keep the weight down. Not any more! My bum is starting to go square.

BeanoBrown Sun 02-Jun-19 12:57:12

I'll admit I'm one, I've put at least 1& 1/2 stone on in past two years, all on my middle and so slowly I didn't realise it was there, I must have started wearing elasticated waisted pants co-incidentally at the same time. I don't have any motivation to lose it either and that is making me grumpy along with being stuck in a rut and realising I'm getting older and creakier! Why does hoovering hurt my hips now?

One thing I am looking forward to is no erratic periods and the end of the flooding.

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