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Any menopausal fatties out there?

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LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 07:12:05

I have been slim all my life and then the menopause hit me and my waistline.

I really don't know how much I weigh, I last weighed myself a while back and I was 11 stone. I need to lose around two stone to get back to being me. I will be brave and weigh myself later on.

Motivation is going to be a massive problem for me so I hope that there are other menopausal fatties out there to keep me company.

runningtogetskinny Sat 01-Jun-19 07:17:47

Hahaha I love the title 😂 I've always struggled but managed to be around 9 1/2 for the last 6 years, however, I'm 51 and it's becoming a real battle! Tried the low carb boot camp on here but I don't eat meat and found it very restrictive. I'm going to do mfp starting on Monday (out tonight) and see what I can lose before my holiday in 3 weeks. I reckon I'm probably nearly 10 st atm

ComeBackBarack Sat 01-Jun-19 07:22:21

Weights help apparently. I’ve got a huge menopausal spare tire. The only women I know who have managed to stay slim eat bugger all (no breakfast, salad for lunch and tea). Or exercise all the time.

runningtogetskinny Sat 01-Jun-19 07:30:05

Comeback that's basically how I've managed to stay under 10 st. No breakfast, sometimes no lunch or just soup/salad and I run 15-20 miles each week. I eat out at weekends but that's my treat

nodtik Sat 01-Jun-19 07:33:10

Me me me, always before 9at 10lbs, this morning I am 10st 10lbs, that's one whole stone confused

Need to get my arse into gear to shift it, before it gets any worse!

Have used the Lose It app before and having read this thread am starting today!

Let's do this ladies xx

Awks Sat 01-Jun-19 07:38:12

Yes me too. I was never slim but also never as fat as I am now, post menopause. It's so bloody unfair! Anyway, am going to go on the scales right now (been avoiding).

catwithflowers Sat 01-Jun-19 07:39:37

16:8 is good for this. I’ve always been slim but my body has changed shape since the menopause. My waist is definitely thicker. I’m finding no breakfast, a small lunch of soup or salad and eating more or less what I want for dinner is really helping. Also I’ve started to exercise properly (and not use the excuse that walking the dog is enough!!!! 🧘‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🐕

Bringonspring Sat 01-Jun-19 07:44:25

I am with you, I’ve always been 10 stone but it’s creepy up by 8lb and I’m struggling to shift it again-i know it doesn’t seem loads but it’s enough to make my clothes feel very snug. I use to not think about what I ate etc

princesskatethefirst Sat 01-Jun-19 07:50:58

🙋🏻‍♀️ me me me. I was always 9, 12 now I'm bloody 10, 12. It's starting to get me down. I started running again a few weeks ago but finding that tough as I'm annoyed I stopped for so long and how quick you lose your fitness. Gonna try 16:8 from Sunday but don't really know what else, I'm thinking low carb high good fat???

Awks Sat 01-Jun-19 07:51:09

13 stone 3. Three years ago I was 10 stone 3. How can I have let myself go so badly? FFS that's some mountain and I don't even eat huge amounts just more than I should, apparently. Gutted.

princesskatethefirst Sat 01-Jun-19 07:52:46

Least you know now and have made the decision to tackle it now awks. We can do this!!!! The only way is up, or down on the scales hopefully 😂

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sat 01-Jun-19 08:02:01

Yes me!

I had an early menopause at 36. I gained well over a stone and it's taken me 9 years to adjust to how little I can eat now to stay a healthy weight.

I changed to a different HRT last month and I'm constantly hungry and gaining weight again.

I've going low sugar and 16 8 to work best. I'm on holiday until tomorrow but back on it from Monday.

Awks Sat 01-Jun-19 08:10:50

Yep we can do this! I've not realised I can't eat like I was doing, but today's a watershed moment. Fished my fast diet book out and am going to do the blood sugar thing as it works for me. Bye bye bread (and pasta, and chips and malteesers 😬)

Awks Sat 01-Jun-19 08:11:41

@KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse yes I'm doing that too 🥳

nodtik Sat 01-Jun-19 08:34:46

I've just started slimfast 3-2-1 it's worked in the past!!

First shake drunk!

Wish me luck and all good luck to all f you on your quest too!!

10st 10lbs starting weight!

Let's do this xx

Eve Sat 01-Jun-19 08:41:18

Me to,

Weight has just crept on last few years and i’ve turned into an apple and a size 14. Aiming to get back to a 10/12.

Just started MFP this week and blimey 1000 calories a day is hard. I have IBS and 1 of the main triggers is a lot of fibre and dairy which means a lot of the diets are not suitable as I can’t eat things like porridge, yoghurts, fruit etc 😟

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 08:57:36

Hello everyone, I didn't think that anyone would reply.

Right, I've just got on the scales and I am 10st 11 1/4lbs. Christ, I was only 10st at 40 weeks pregnant.

I didn't go down the hrt route, I went down the chocolate route. All the weight is carried round my middle and arse and my thigh gap now rubs together.

Today is the day grin

stephstrops Sat 01-Jun-19 09:02:31

I’m one of the menopausal massive too. Always been a size 10 but 3 years into the menopause I’m struggling with a 14 (too scared to get on the scales to be honest). I’ve got the extra weight everywhere, it’s in my face down to my feel (well ankles).

Movinghouseatlast Sat 01-Jun-19 09:03:05

Are you me?

I put on 2 stone in 3 months when my peri menopause started. I was still exercising 4 times a week and eating the same as I did before.

I look awful. But I hate not eating, it is so miserable.

My stomach is huge and wobbly. I hate looking at myself.

HoppityChicken Sat 01-Jun-19 09:04:44

Mine weight has snuck on bit by bit. Used to be an easy 8 stone and could eat anything, now a precarious 9.5. All of it seems to be round the middle. Cutting out dairy and walking everywhere works with me - if I do it! Am currently at my heaviest, am trying to convince myself it's just my winter weight and now the sun's come out I'll be more inclined to walk to work and back (8miles round trip) each day.

runningtogetskinny Sat 01-Jun-19 09:06:26

Is anyone on hrt and, if so, think that makes a difference either way? I had my last period at 47 (4 years ago) and have been on femiston conti 0.5/2.5 for 18 months, wondering if that's having any effect on my weight.... (probably not)

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:06:54

@Movinghouseatlast I hate looking at myself too, especially when you catch sight of yourself in a shop window. I am too afraid to go into a shop changing room.

HoppityChicken Sat 01-Jun-19 09:08:16

And my face looks feckin' awful if I'm heavier. None of that 'you look well' stuff people sometimes say when someone's put on a bit and their faces fill out. It just gives me saggy jowls now and I look 10 years older.

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:10:44

@runningtogetskinny no I'm not on hrt, I didn't take it as I was worried about putting on weight! Got fat anyway.

tomtom1999xx Sat 01-Jun-19 09:11:21

Following for inspiration grin

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:13:52

@HoppityChicken yes to saggy jowls. In fact most of me is sagging. My feet are still good but I think I have the start of bunions coming. Oh the joy.

My son made a big thing the other day telling me how my hands look really old. That will be all the bloody cleaning.

Crazyladee Sat 01-Jun-19 09:15:51

Oh god so the rumours are true then? I'm on the waiting list for a full hysterectomy which will straight after send me into the menopause! I'm a stone heavier than I would like to me now, so it sounds like I need to get cracking and lose weight now in order to put it back on again!

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:16:48

@stephstrops get on the scales, it might not be as bad as you fear.

RaininSummer Sat 01-Jun-19 09:18:23

Yes. I am the heaviest I have ever been. Tried the low carb boot camp which is great but like the poster above, too restrictive when you are vegetarian. I am now following my version of low carbs and healthy eating which I am calling 'no carbs, no crap ' although I am eating porridge oats still. Thinking more blood sugar diet. Have a horrible stomach overhang which has developed in the past year.

Annoyingly I also have more arthritis type aches now and they are worse when I have done more walking.

It's all a bit depressing really.

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:19:04

@Crazyladee brace yourself! This menopause shit is rough. Any idea how long you will have to wait for the surgery?

AuntieMarys Sat 01-Jun-19 09:19:44

I was! Went from 11stone 8 to 13 stone 2. Horrendous. I'm six feet tall but hated the flabniness.
I have lost a stone steadily in 5 months through healthy eating ( not a specific diet) and weight.
Hard work but worth it.

mummaminnie Sat 01-Jun-19 09:20:02

Hi OP. I'm 53 and not on HRT either. The weight piled on over the last few years and I've been avoiding the scales blush I think I've plateaued but can't get it to shift at all.

I go spinning at least a couple of time ms a week and was running up until last Autumn when I had to take some time out because of injury. That injury has gone but I have another that I've had some treatment for. So frustrating as I want to get back out there. At least I can walk.

I've found that it has all gone on my stomach. Is that what everyone else has noticed?

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:22:41

@RaininSummer yes to arthritis aches. I really pay for it if I go for a long walk.

When I was young and naive all I thought would happen with the meno was my periods would stop. Wrong, extremely wrong.

LewisCarroll Sat 01-Jun-19 09:24:29

@mummaminnie hi, yes I look more pregnant now than when I was actually pregnant. I am a barrel.

HoppityChicken Sat 01-Jun-19 09:28:13

Oddly with me backs of hands always look really young, always have done (never used handcream ever), nothing even budges under the drier when I've washed my hands. Feels like the only loyal part of my body! But the moment the weight went on my fingers turned into little fat chipolata sausages, can't get rings on unless the weight comes off.

tomtom1999xx Sat 01-Jun-19 09:33:50

My extra weight ( all 1 stone of it ) is all around my stomach too. Really hard to shift.

Crazyladee Sat 01-Jun-19 10:00:27


Im on an 8 month waiting list. One month down. 7 to go.

I'll be going onto HRT. Will that help with the weight gain?

DougalsBlueJumper Sat 01-Jun-19 11:12:39

52 here and the weight is creeping on. But it's the new shape I'm finding difficult - the very attractive rubber ring around my waist and my weirdly pudgy back. I look ok when I'm dressed, so just keep eating what I like, which is obviously not helping. But then .... menopause .... mood swings .... excuse to comfort eat (and guzzle wine).

I so want to fit into my favourite clothes again instead of buying 'temporary' clothes to last until my miraculous transformation. I realise that I need to adjust what I eat and make fewer calories the new normal. But I have resisted counting calories my whole life, even when I could have been doing with it. And now I'm old and set in my waysgrin

runningtogetskinny Sat 01-Jun-19 11:16:09

I'm pear shaped and have to gain a fair bit before it goes on my stomach, but I'm developing 'side flab' on the top of my hips and over my bra strap despite still being fairly flat on the belly! My flab is kind of floppy rather than the firmness it once had if that makes any sense?! 😂

Bringonspring Sat 01-Jun-19 12:05:28

I haven’t heard of this 18/6 (have I got that right) diet before. I am tempted by slim fast which one of you mentioned as seems easy and I will struggle to find time to prep lots and lots of veg etc

Lovely to have so many of you in the same place

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sat 01-Jun-19 12:17:55

Bringonspring the 16:8 (or 18:6 if you're hardcore) just means having a longer gap each day between meals.

I believe there's some science behing having longer fasting periods. It also cuts out a fair bit of mindless snacking and means you skip a meal.

I drink hot water in the morning and maybe a cup of tea around 11.00. I then have lunch around 12.30. I usually end up snacking on fruit or nuts around 4.00 and then have an evening meal around 6.30 then nothing until the next day.

It's surprisingly easy once you get past the first few days. Or it was until I changed to a lower dose HRT and started craving toast and jam every night and picking at biscuits at work sad.

I'm on holiday this week and I've stuck to the no breakfasts but I'm enjoying a few ice creams and pancakes.

Riddleofthesands Sat 01-Jun-19 13:15:55

Yes! All the weight on my tummy too, with a little left over for jowls. Age 52 not on hrt. 8 1/2 stone all my life and now 10 stone. On another thread on losing a stone. Trying low carbs. The truth is the only way I lose weight is if I eat a LOT less than I used to or possibly take up weight lifting and running. Also trying to cope with madly heavy periods the last 2 months, can’t leave the house without an accident. Just read that ibuprofen can reduce the flow and have taken a 400 mg tablet. Fingers crossed. I feel very uncomfortable with all this blubber so will keep trying.

princesskatethefirst Sat 01-Jun-19 13:45:09

I'm on oestrogen only gel and it's slowing the gain I think. Giving me more energy to actually get out running which is a start I guess. I had early meno too at 32, I'm 7 years in and cant keep gaining like this, it's so bloody depressing. But let's do this smile

Bringonspring Sat 01-Jun-19 20:06:38

Ahhh thank you for explaining 16:8! Very kind

Bluesheep8 Sun 02-Jun-19 09:29:00

The menopausal massive - brilliant! I'm 45 and guessing I'm premenopausal as I've gained a stone from nowhere in less than a year. Just re joined WW and struggling to reduce the wine (suddenly can't get away with it anymore)

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 02-Jun-19 10:04:42

Bluesheep yes I had to give up alcohol when I hit menopause. Two days of vomiting and diarrhoea are not worth it.

I can manage up to 1.5 pints of cider occasionally if I'm not doing much the next day but that's my limit. sad

Bringonspring I forgot to include that it's called 16:8 because you fast for 16 hrs Nd eat in an 8 hr window. Fairly important bit of the explanation! I'm sure you worked it out grin

GenuineKlatchianPottery Sun 02-Jun-19 10:23:34

Oh God me too!
I’m 52 and up to last year the heaviest I’ve ever been is 9 stone. I’m now 14 stone and have been trying all year and it just won’t shift.
I started going through the menopause at 45 and haven’t had a period for almost 4 years now. But I’m still getting the hot flushes, sleepless nights, brain farts and my pubic hair seems to have relocated to my chin! I don’t look in the mirror any more as I don’t see me there, and if I catch sight of myself in a shop window I’m upset for the rest of the day.
Me and DD are thinking about going to aqua aerobics as my knees, ankles, shoulders and hands are fucked as well.

BiBabbles Sun 02-Jun-19 11:26:32

Me still, a bit.

In the early part of being menopausal, I remember in the first six months after the hot flushes and other obvious symptoms started (there were several months before that with headaches and things which may be related as well), I put on 6kg in 6 months. That really stuck with me because I entirely did not notice it due to a combination of already wearing very forgiving skirts and shirts and some parts of me were still bony so I kinda missed what was happening elsewhere until it was really obvious. I was looking kinda pregnant in the mirror.

I think I put on over 2 stone over a few years before I think my appetite and body started to readjust to my new calorie needs, and in the last two years, I've lost most of that (down from over 11 stone/70kg to a bit over 9 stone/a bit under 60kg now) though my weight fluctuates a lot more now than it used to. I think I can hold more water weight and similar than I did before. Week-to-week, I can vary by 2-4kg, I've been told that that is pretty normal and that there may be benefits to being ~ten pounds to a stone more than pre-menopause due to hormone impact, fat does produce some levels of various hormones including leptin and estrogen, as long as one is still has a healthy body composition/muscle-to-fat ratio and weight.

Due to the fluctuations and recommendations I was given, I now focus more on measurements and photos to see body composition though I do still weigh from time to time. It's easier to see muscle or fat gains or loss that way. I'm still working on tweaking my eating habits (I type while snacking on salted caramel seeds) and adding more resistance training (weights and resistance bands) to better prevent osteoporosis, sarcopenia & other muscle issues, and cardiovascular disease and things like walking, yoga, and swimming to my life.

I certainly need more care than I did when I was younger and breaking a lifetime of habits has been difficult & days it sucks, but it's getting to be worth it. It's nice reading others going through the same though sad that it's being so rough for so many of us.

HoppityChicken Sun 02-Jun-19 12:35:10

Food wise I find the summer easier, I can switch on to healthier food really easily once it gets warmer and my appetite tends to fall away a bit. More inclined to exercise too. But the winter is where I fall down - all I want to do is eat huge amounts of stodge while lying on the sofa. I was always a bit prone to this but running around doing stuff tended to keep the weight down. Not any more! My bum is starting to go square.

BeanoBrown Sun 02-Jun-19 12:57:12

I'll admit I'm one, I've put at least 1& 1/2 stone on in past two years, all on my middle and so slowly I didn't realise it was there, I must have started wearing elasticated waisted pants co-incidentally at the same time. I don't have any motivation to lose it either and that is making me grumpy along with being stuck in a rut and realising I'm getting older and creakier! Why does hoovering hurt my hips now?

One thing I am looking forward to is no erratic periods and the end of the flooding.

Riddleofthesands Sun 02-Jun-19 13:23:00

BeanoBrown same here with periods and flooding, I have had to cancel things as I couldn’t leave the house for more than an hour. I read yesterday on NHS website and MN that ibuprofen (400mg tablet) taken the day before your period ideally or during reduces the flow. Tried it yesterday and it bloomin worked, had never heard of this before but it appears to be common knowledge. It might be worth you trying.

Today’s challenge is to avoid the potatoes with Sunday lunch. I can gain a couple of lbs easily on a Sunday if I let it slide. I will pile my plate with Swiss chard and broccoli.

FrenchyQ Sun 02-Jun-19 13:30:08

I've always been slim...up until a year ago when the perimenopause symptoms kicked in. I've put on about 2st in a year and its all around my middle.
I don't even eat that much!

BeanoBrown Sun 02-Jun-19 13:41:53

Thanks for the tip Riddle I will try ibuprofen, I don't know when the period is coming so won't be able to do the day before but I could do it as soon as I start. Like you recently I've had to change plans as I couldn't leave the house and I have been thinking I should be finding a way to deal with it rather than just accepting its one of those things we have to put up with.

CaptainPovey Sun 02-Jun-19 17:07:41

I had the 'band' of fat and did not really know where it had come from. I think I noticed it about 6 years ago - always had a little belly and then looked down at my body one day and thought 'where has my belly gone?'
I was peri then and had been for a while I suspect. I was 11st 2 around that time.

Don't know what happened - I think I had a stressful period at home and at work, so dropped a stone without realising it. I am now 9st 13 - have not even tried, but I think another stressful time at work happened (it nearly broke me)

I have not had a period for more than two years, still get the night sweats and fizzy legs; also no HRT here.

I just think about what I am eating, as I don't want to go back to before

But my bloody bones ache; knees, hips and I actually feel worn out

Bringonspring Sun 02-Jun-19 19:54:34

Glad to hear I’m not alone, but sorry because it dies suck. I’m going to start tomorrow with the 16:8 my friend was raving about it today.

Just need to change a few long established habits.

LewisCarroll Mon 03-Jun-19 14:05:16

@Bringonspring I have decided to try 16:8. Started this morning.

I spent the weekend eating everything in sight but today I have got my head into gear. My starting weight is 10st 12 3/4lbs.

JoinTheDots Mon 03-Jun-19 14:14:13

I have been calorie counting for about 3 months because this is me too.

Sadly, I only seem to need to eat about 1400 calories to maintain, and so have to eat less than that to lose. It is nothing! I am not sure I can / want to live like this for the rest of my days. So depressing. I am upping my exercise to see if that gives me some wiggle room on the calories, but I already run 5k Mon - Fri and I am quite active between. I might try weights.

It never used to be this hard to keep the lbs off.

One thing that does seem to help me is having my main meal at lunchtime and skipping dinner / eating something very small. It does not fit in with the rest of the family lifestyle though so might be a nonstarter in the long run.

DougalsBlueJumper Mon 03-Jun-19 14:41:24

Same here with the square arse hoppity! My bum was always a bit on the flat side, but now it also seems to blend up into my life preserver waist. The first time I spotted it in a changing room, I was traumatised. I'm kind of used to it now, but I still hate it (obviously to the point of paralysis, since I can't bloody be bothered doing anything about it)

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Mon 03-Jun-19 14:47:24

I was slim until my mid 30s, very overweight until my mid 40s and then I shifted six stones and now, at 52, am lighter than I've been since I was a teenager.

However ..... due to the big M, it is very hard work at present to keep my weight in check. A minor transgression and my system is very unforgiving: all goes on around my middle. I have to keep an eye on absolutely everything that goes in my mouth.

I'm determined to do it which is why I'm joining the thread.

Good luck to everyone else who's finding it tough. Hugs.

LewisCarroll Mon 03-Jun-19 14:51:28


The Big M, I like that.

poopypants Mon 03-Jun-19 15:25:33

16:8 and don't eat dinner. The weight has slowly started to shift but I have a long way to go. I was possibly too teeny at my lightest. 50kg at 5'3" left me ribby and with a seemingly big my dream goal is possibly more like 57-60kg as I think my face will look dreadful if I was very slim again. But that still means a good 15kg to lose. A combo of thyroid and me upside has left me dumpy and matronly.

poopypants Mon 03-Jun-19 15:26:25

Nicelegs how did you shift 6stone if I may ask?

WeeWeed Mon 03-Jun-19 15:55:16

Yes! 54 - 14st 4 not on HRT

I don't know if it's purely the menopause that is piling the weight on, I think the copious amount of cake I shove in my gob might have something to do with it. I seemed to develop a sweet tooth around 42 when I entered the Peri stage.

I shifted 5 stone at 49 and it is creeping back. Started a diet back in Feb this year, I was very strict and stuck to it, just like I did when I shifted the 5st. I did not lose a single pound in three weeks. Went back to eating rubbish and haven't gained a single pound either - I was beginning to think my scales were broken (I have been really active so that might be a factor) Although the scales are not moving the spare tyre is getting bigger by the day.

Ready to try again.

DramaAlpaca Mon 03-Jun-19 16:04:42

I'm going to join you as well. I'm postmenopausal now & positively plump, which I never was before. I just wish I didn't love food & wine so much. Sigh.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Mon 03-Jun-19 16:47:53

Hi poopy, I did it through Weight Watchers: I know it's not popular with some people but .... worked for me. I'm still a member and I still weigh in every week. My starting weight was just under 15 stones and my current weight is just under 9 stones — before and after pics attached. I was 39 in the before pic and 50 in the after blush

poopypants Mon 03-Jun-19 18:54:58

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace COR!!!! you look amazing! Well done! Whatever works as long as it is n't desperately unhealthy and WW is pretty balanced I think. Good on you for sticking at it. Did you have periods where the weight just plateaued?

HoppityChicken Mon 03-Jun-19 19:34:07

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace - wow, get you! Nothing wrong with Weight Watchers, far better than some batshit celeb diet regime.

I just walked 4 miles home from work and then ate a salad. Here we go.....

TescosFinest Mon 03-Jun-19 20:04:11

Although I am not menopausal yet (late thirties), I have experienced persistent stealthy weight gain once I hit 35. And it is very difficult to shift. I now low carb and do weights which is the only thing that has had any effect. From what I understand, people steadily begin to lose muscle after the age of thirty. This process accelerates with age. So even if the scales don’t change, the muscle is slowly being replaced with fat tissue over the years. Thus, exercise after 30 should concentrate on building or at least maintaining muscle mass. This will help with keeping metabolic rate decent, staving off osteoporosis etc. Good luck everyone!

StellaRockafella Mon 03-Jun-19 20:09:01

44, perimenopausal and struggling like so many of you.

Gained almost three stone in two years, and can't remember the last time I had a waist - three years ago it was 25 inches. I've always weighed around 8 stone and now, well over 10. For the first time in my life I can't bear to look at myself when I'm naked and have totally lost interest in my appearance and clothes.

Took HRT for a bit but it made me gain more weight, so stopped. Started exercising like crazy but it didn't help. If anything, it made my body more stressed. Calorie-counting didn't help either. I like 16:8 and often stick to that window of eating. When I do, I do find it easier to stick to meals and no snacking.

I've got to the point where I can't bear the thought of steadily increasing in size year on year, because despite my best efforts to diet and exercise, I'm not winning the war. Have recently decided to invest some money in myself and found a trainer who specialises in weight training to reduce body fat. Very little cardio involved at all. Will also be seeing a nutritionist too.

I'm feeling more hopeful than I've done for a while and am excited to see what the Autumn brings.

notfromworcester Mon 03-Jun-19 20:27:45

I'm relieved to find this thread. I'm 12st 10 - nearly 3 stone heavier than at 12 weeks pregnant with ds1.

I've lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks on the 16:8 and am finding it surprisingly easy.

I'm doing light weights and the odd bit of running but really miss my toned curves sad

Bringonspring Mon 03-Jun-19 20:31:46

Wow to the before and after shots-good for you!

Ok first day done and broadly ok! I am going to weigh myself but I’ve also got a pair of shorts I’m eyeing up for the summer which will be a good bench mark for me!

LewisCarroll Mon 03-Jun-19 20:38:06


Wow! Amazing smile

LewisCarroll Mon 03-Jun-19 20:44:05

Evening all

Well I have managed to get through the day without over indulging and I've not eaten any chocolate. This is a massive achievement for me grin

My head hurts and I'm tired so it's going to be an early night for me.

Everyone ok?

HoppityChicken Mon 03-Jun-19 20:49:12

I'm not weighing myself for the next 6 weeks. Threw away the scales years ago and only weigh myself if at my mum's or at the doctors. Next scales sighting will be middle of July. I'll just be braving the mirror before then.

wohmum Mon 03-Jun-19 21:18:43

I need to join in! 54 here, 5 ft 3 and must be around 12 stone! Weight has gradually crept in over the last year, tho i’ve always been a bit overweight. Lost 3 stone a few years ago on low carb/ intermittent fasting but somehow just went back to old bad habits. Will weigh tomorrow - eek !

RoseJam Mon 03-Jun-19 21:33:27

Hurrah - I've found my people!

49 and peri-menopausal. I was one of those lucky ones who could generally eat what I like - however, now I've put on a stone in the last 18 months.......

My problem:

- I have no willpower
- I adore sugary stuff
- I find myself getting proper hangry when I'm even a little bit hungry
- I hate the feeling of starving myself. I then obsess about food
- I actually don't like exercise
- I dream of getting back into my dresses and jeans
- Each time I lose a pound or two, I treat myself, and promptly put it on again
- I love going out and eating good food and having a glass of vino at least 2-3 times a week

I fear I am a lost cause

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Mon 03-Jun-19 21:34:03

Thank you for the kind comments. I'm menopausal, you know — and they've really put a smile on my face grin

@poopypants Yes, the weight loss did plateau but that was kind of the plan. I started at WW when I was around 44 and lost around three stones in the first year: steady weight loss of around a pound a week. I then spent the best part of four years losing another stone and a half. I went to WW every week and lost a pound, gained a pound but slowly, slowly it came off. During this time I'd engaged the help of my absolutely amazing trainer and braved the gym to do some lifting (which I'd heard was good for the bone density prior to the Big M). At 49, I was a nice size 12 and around 10 1/2 stones but I have a naturally androgynous type skeleton and I wanted to make the best of what I had. So I set myself a target to hit 9 stones before I was 50 in March 2017 and made it in the nick of time blush

That's about where I am now but ..... I'm looking to do a bodybuilding competition in the future so I'll have to shred another half stone during the run up to the competition but ..... that's a future goal.

I honestly do feel so much better than I did at 39 and I'm sure it's helping with the symptoms of the menopause, which are fortunately very mild in my case.

Wishing you all well. It can be really shit for us women at this time of life so we need to stick together, chat and offer encouragement and help.

PS You can see from the pics where I get my user name from grin

runningtogetskinny Mon 03-Jun-19 22:28:24

Well done @NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace ! Weighed 10st 1 pound today, ate no crap and ran 7 miles off road tonight. I have to wear a 24 hour blood pressure monitor tomorrow, getting it fitted at 11.30 so no doubt that'll add to my menopausal joy! Rejoined the gym so going at 6.30 before work

Bringonspring Mon 03-Jun-19 23:10:45

Well done all! I just sorted my wardrobe also so have in mind some outfits I’d like to fit into again!

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Mon 03-Jun-19 23:27:10

Evening all.

@nicelegs great photos. And I love the white dress. You look lovely.

Bringonspring that's a good idea. I have a bag of clothes for my future slim self to wear. I suspect that might never happen but I can dream grin

I weighed myself this morning and I was 11 4. That's post-holiday weight so I'm hoping a couple will come off very quickly. 11 2 is the top of my normal BMI range so first target is to get back under that.

I've had a successful day apart from a minor chocolate binge after a run.

Good luck everyone

LewisCarroll Tue 04-Jun-19 08:03:36


Day two for me today. Fingers crossed for a successful day on the diet front.

I've got a huge headache from lack of sugar and Diet Coke. Yesterday was my first day Diet Coke free in years. I usually have two cans a day. I'm attempting to drink more water but it just doesn't hit the spot.

Bringonspring Tue 04-Jun-19 08:23:55

I should give up Pepsi max. I use to just have one a day but have gone up to two! I will try and just have one!

Day 2 for me, I actually experience the pangs of hunger when I woke up this morning. It occurred to me that it has been a very long tine since I felt this because of constant snacking. I never eat when hungry-quite shocking when I think of it really.

LewisCarroll Tue 04-Jun-19 08:56:49

@Bringonspring I woke up hungry too, it's not a feeling that I am familiar with. I usually graze all day so I never feel hungry.

fessmess Tue 04-Jun-19 09:09:21

Me too. I have a weird pudgy back and a more rounded stomach. When I think about how much I used to eat compared to now I could cry. Tbh I don't get as hungry but I still eat out of habit. Yoga and Pilates help me.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Tue 04-Jun-19 09:50:59

@KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Thank you so much. I'm gonna fess up about the dress. I bought it for £3 from my favorite local charity shop (supports a local hospice). It still had the tags on so someone had clearly bought it and had a change of heart. I think a lot of people do that ..... which is how I acquire most of my stuff blush

I'm going to try and keep this thread going. It exactly suits my circumstances and I think it will be really helpful to me. Hope I can offer some tips and tricks to you guys too smile

So, onto the day. I was unwell last week; mystery virus sort of thing. I do feel better this week but my body is exhausted; I feel completely drained sad I'm at the gym tonight with my trainer; hopefully he'll bear that in mind and ease me back in gently.

Didn't fancy any breakfast so just had an apple this morning. Stopped by Aldi and picked up some more apples and nectarines for the office. I've brought a homemade chilli and veg for lunch and I'll have a banana half an hour before training.

Have a good day everyone. Let's keep this going, share tips and tricks and help each other out. I'm just realising how much the menopause can affect women. My symptoms are mercifully mild but still enough to throw me out of kilter now and again.

Speak soon.

Humphriescushion Tue 04-Jun-19 09:59:31

Been lurking on this thread and finally come out of denial and got on the scales! Weight has been creeping up and i could not fit a pair of trousers on yesterday - could not get past my thighs!
So back on slimming world and upping my excercise. I am also aiming to eat more friut and veg since i rarely eat much.

I have also realised I am turning into a horrible person, think i spend too much time on my own and have too much time to dwell on perceived slights. So I am trying not to worry and turn spiteful thoughts off and give myself a talking too. Take friends at face value and not worry that they prefer other people etc etc.

trying to mosturise my flaky body so at least the fat looks better.

Good luck everyone, this thread has been a kick in right direction and is good to see i am not alone.

LewisCarroll Tue 04-Jun-19 10:20:17

Thing is I hate any form of exercise.

I do have a mini trampoline in the loft but I fear my menopausal fanjo might piss itself grin

AuntieMarys Tue 04-Jun-19 10:26:02


Manumanadoodoodadoo Tue 04-Jun-19 10:38:51

Hi lewis yr post could've been mine! I'm 11 3 and could do with losing 2 st. Also not on hrt because of the risks. Im an emotional eater so eat when I'm fed up and seem to be hungry at bedtime when its the worse time to eat for weight gain! Walking is meant to be great for weight loss and now it's better weather should be easier. Can't believe I'm this big! I feel so frumpy but we gotta do this lewis before we become humungous and can't move so well from the extra weight on our joints. I'm going to exercise at home today. It's not one day it's day one!

GenuineKlatchianPottery Tue 04-Jun-19 10:52:22

I’m doing 18/6 after seeing it mentioned a few times on here. I’ve been unconsciously doing it for most of my life anyway grin. Except the last year, where I’ve basically eaten anything that wasn’t nailed down (and even then I’d probably gnaw around the nailblush). In the last year I’ve given up smoking and cut down my coffee to 2 cups a day, I’ve also changed from the full fat coke to Coke Zero.
Weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost 4lbsmile. I’m starving though, going to have some granola and yogurt in an hour.
Tea is vegetable burger and celeriac wedges with spinach salad.

Riddleofthesands Tue 04-Jun-19 11:35:04

I’ve lost 4 lbs too smile, no breakfast, lunch is 2 scrambled eggs and one piece of seeded bread, dinner is a huge pile of green veg and a fillet of fish or chicken breast. My appetite has adjusted to this. No sweet tooth but I cannot have crisps in the house or I eat them all. Still having two glasses of wine with dinner. Wasted calories I know.

LewisCarroll Tue 04-Jun-19 12:41:20


Well done both of you. 4lbs each is so good. Really pleased for you.

My first weigh day will be on Monday.

ToEarlyForDecorations Tue 04-Jun-19 12:49:23

Kindred spirits all.

I'm perimenopausal. Just waiting for the first year without a period to complete.
I'm very heavy. I'm so big I'm just about stop-and-stare fat. (Super morbidly obese - blood pressure meds - you know the drill.)
However, as it's my birthday tomorrow I've got a few days grace before I properly pick up the cudgels of my diet.

However, I AM interested in losing weight. So, as I said at the beginning of my post - kindred spirits all.
(I used to run 10kms before work - what happened ? Um, life I guess)

Bringonspring Tue 04-Jun-19 14:49:48

Welcome to the newbies. Day 2 is going well. There are cupcakes in the office and I have ignored them!

Toearly-happy birthday! We’ll expect an update of your diet on the 6th then smile

Iambuffy Tue 04-Jun-19 16:06:19

Oh God, yeah. 46 nearly 47. Been in peri for 6 years. Utterly, utterly grim.

I'm simply not prepared to starve myself though. No food at all til dinner and running a billion miles a week? Fuck that.

I need to lose 2 stone. In fact 1 would be good.

Struggling atm with hip bursitis (from dancing for 6 hours in 4 inch wedge heels....I know....I know....)
so gym has stopped but started some gentle yoga again.

I just to feel better, you know? I'm totally find with never being a size 8 again!

poopypants Tue 04-Jun-19 17:44:17

Manumanadoodoodadoo HRT may not be for everyone but please, don't resist based on 'risk factors' that may well be outdated. The big panic a few years ago was based on flawed data. The recent, proper, comprehensive research has shown a very, VERY small increase in some risks and a DECREASE in other risks.

If you start HRT before you're 60 it does not increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.
HRT does not affect your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.
HRT TABLETS (but not patches or gels) slightly raise the risk of stroke. However, it is important to remember that the risk of stroke in women under 60 is very low.
HRT REDUCES the risks of Osteoporosis.

Overall, 22/1000 women will get breast cancer. HRT increases this to a possible 27/1000. You need to see this against other risks that women happily fly in the face of - a glass of wine a day will result in the same increase as HRT. Being overweight will increase the chances 4x more than HRT. Even on HRT, you are 979/1000 NOT to get breast cancer. The increase risk is tiny and it is ridiculous to suffer in life based on that tiny increase yet happy bounce along carrying extra kgs and drink alcohol!

Additionally, whilst Oestrogen only HRT does increase your risk of womb cancer, the combined Oestrogen and preogesterone (and I believe progesterone is ALWAYS prescribed now) does not increase the risk.

Don't take HRT of you don't want to but please, don't suffer needlessly based on discredited data.

Riddleofthesands Tue 04-Jun-19 18:59:37

Thank you poopypants I found your post very helpful. I am not on HRT, but if my symptoms get much worse I would seriously consider it. I tend to avoid the GP and ride things out but you are quite right there is a point when it becomes a case of suffering needlessly.

ShitStrategy Tue 04-Jun-19 19:11:27

I'm pre-menopausal, does that count? Really really need to lose weight but a) I get such limited losses even why I really go for it diet wise, and b) I can't stop bloody eating great bingeworthy amounts of food lately.

I need to lose weight for my liver and my spine. sad

notfromworcester Tue 04-Jun-19 22:35:35

@ShitStrategy me too. It's so much effort to shift even half a stone I inevitably lose the will to carry on.

I'm really determined this time as Ive no desire to replace my whole wardrobe and everything's tight.

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Tue 04-Jun-19 22:47:33

Totally agree with poopypants about HRT. There's a sentence I never thought I'd type grin

It's particularly true if you have an early menopause where the added risks of osteoporosis outweigh the risks of taking it. Speaking of which I'm going for a bone scan tomorrow. Not sure I want to know really. sad

I was 11 1.8 this morning but I think I overdid the fasting yesterday because I've barely stopped eating today. It's nice to get back under the magic 11 2 though.

I'm aiming to get back in the 10s by the weekend.

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