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Weight getting me down!

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YummymummyH4 Thu 30-May-19 21:47:14

I changed jobs over 2 years ago. As I'm not as active I've put on 2 stone! It's getting me down & no energy!
Thinking of joining S.W or W.W, which would you recommend?

Thanks in advance ☺️

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FiveShelties Fri 31-May-19 07:23:33

I use WW on line and really rate the app and how easy it is. I am maintaining weight and still logging my food. Nothing is banned and there are many recipes and weekly plans. I still drink wine (probably too much) and eat out and have found WW fit in well with that. The only exercise I do is to walk the dog, which I have always done.

The above link gives you (and me) a free month if you decide to give it a go.

I have not done SW but I know a lot of people really rate it - to be honest I think if you head is in the right place then you will be successful. Good Luck whatever you decide.

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