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Faith468 Thu 30-May-19 08:30:22

Hi so I started low Carb about 3 weeks ago and have managed to lose 12lbs,much more than I expected and it seems to be working for me in that I'm not finding it too difficult, the problem is I don't actually notice much difference and think I'm actually just losing muscle rather than fat as I just feel all flabby.
I was 16st 4 now 15st 6,i eat around 1500 cals a day and I weigh all food and track on mfp, its working out roughly 10% carbs, 65% fat and 25% protein. I walk 10000 steps a day.
What exercise is good for building miscle/toning up, would pilates help? Or does anyone have any other workouts that would help or any other tips on how to lose the flab and see an actual difference in inches? I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks and so far am on track for my first mini goal weight but it won't make much difference if I am all flabby lol.

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