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Much heavier but not much bigger...

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pandatracks Thu 30-May-19 05:52:07

I've just had my second baby and I weigh a massive 7kg than I did at the same stage with my first (4 weeks post) yet I'm only an inch or so bigger around my waist and hips etc. 7kg feels like a lot of extra weight for a half dress size? Any other explanation? At 4 weeks post it feels unlikely it's water weight??

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Blondie1984 Thu 30-May-19 05:58:45


pandatracks Thu 30-May-19 06:09:50

Don't have chest measurements to compare and they do seem bigger than I remember last time which may account for some of the extra weight. I guess there could still be water and other hormonal factors.

I definitely haven't gained any muscle! Sadly...

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