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Balance the plane!?!

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Sodepressedbythis Tue 28-May-19 20:36:17

So I was boarding a flight on a small plane(two rows of two seats) and was told by the crew that I would not have another passenger sitting next to me because they would need to ‘balance the plane’

It was so awful and embarrassing to be told this. I know I need to lose weight and you would think this would have motivated me but I now just stay in the house and eat more,

Has anyone else had something this happen to them?

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tribpot Tue 28-May-19 20:42:23

This is quite normal on small aircraft. They didn't mean this in reference to your weight specifically, but rather how best to distribute the passengers in general - here is an article where a pilot explains more.

I can understand how it must have felt mortifying at the time but I imagine if the crew gave it any thought at all, they might have felt it was more embarrassing to say 'it isn't about your weight, you know' - implying that they thought you thought it might be!

Luchy Tue 28-May-19 21:01:10

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