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Staying in other people's houses

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chocolateavocado99 Wed 22-May-19 04:54:06

Just wondered what people do to stay on plan while visiting others. I have been eating LC since January and have lost 9 kg. I want to keep going for another 7 kg.

I live overseas and will spend (a month!) at PILs in the summer. Fil does most of the cooking although we are always trying to cook and we shop several times a week. I can always add raw veg to meals without complaints as 1) he only eats cooked veg and 2)the dc will eat them.

I am excited to go back to the UK and have access to all the low carb food I can't get here (cheese, steak and avocados - not processed food) and I really am committed. I really don't want to eat breaded meat and lasagne.

So how far do I push it without being rude? They are lovely and amazing gps, but he and I don't always see eye to eye. He will also comment on everything I eat and if I do have a glass of wine or a single chip, it will lead to a discussion about my weight.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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MintyT Wed 22-May-19 07:43:40

Just tell them in advance and go food shopping together. As a host they may want to feed you, as family they may leave you too it, just adapt what they have to suit you, have a little stash in your room if your hungry later.
I have a different issue with my mum, and I was advised to say (nicely) I know your opinion, you don't need to keep telling me

chocolateavocado99 Wed 22-May-19 11:27:51

I like that, not sure if I can say it without sounding rude . Will practice on dh. wink thanks

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