Can anyone offer guidance on my exercise routine

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flamed12 Sun 19-May-19 20:42:02

I’m new to exercise in the gym although fairly active.

My routine is -
10 mins running 9km per hour
10mins on the elliptical on 11 level
5 mins rowing machine on level 10
Weight lifting 30kg on a machine that I use my inner thighs for 50 reps
Weight lifting 25kg on a machine that I use my outer thighs for 50 reps
20 reps lifting 10kg on arms
Then another 10 mins on the running machine at 9km per hour

Any guidance I’m a total newbie and don’t know what I should really be doing.

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LiliesAndChocolate Mon 20-May-19 08:28:06

of all the machines and equipment you have at the gym the abductor and adductor machines are those which will give you the least benefit.

Ask one of the staff in the gym to show you a couple of squat (dumbbell , sumo, ...) , the proper form for lunges, a couple variation for biceps and triceps, how to use the leg press.
If there is a body pump class, join one or two session to learn how to target the different muscle groups of your body.
Ideally they will have a crossfit-like HIIT class in which you can challenge your body.

Have a look at or
or invest in a good book such as

You need to start lifting some iron to see proper results.

Spend more time doing weights than cardio.

GreenHatHacker Mon 20-May-19 08:54:32

You should aim for sets for reps as well. So, 4 sets of 8-12 reps on a machine. That will mean you can lift heavier for a more effective work out and get a rest break (maybe a minute depending on how heavy you go) between each set.

Agree with PP that squats, presses, deadlifts (with someone to show you form) will be far more effective than adductor/abductors.

Good luck, it can be lots of fun when you get the hang of things!

flamed12 Mon 20-May-19 14:26:34

Ahh thank you.

Just googled the abductor machine and that’s exactly what I have been using.

I have 2 x 8kg Weights at home and I do a fitness blender YouTube routine with those it’s a killer. Full of squats and lunges. Is 8kg too light for any impact.

I’m at my ideal weight so really just want to tone. My bum is flat as a pancake.

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Pipandmum Mon 20-May-19 14:30:42

Also mix up your cardio to interval training rather than steady speed. If you do sprints during your ten minute treadmill you’ll get more benefit. But sounds like you’re fairly fit and as other poster say it’s weight training that will help with body recomp. Go slow go low!

LiliesAndChocolate Mon 20-May-19 20:54:28

8 kgs is fine for many movements, you can even use it instead of a kettle bell for kettle bell swings, you can perform one leg deadlift. might be a bit heavy for most overhead squats and lunges, so you might want to buy a set around 5kg. Because if it is too heavy, you will lose the form, compensate by bending your back in funny ways or putting the pressure on your knees. I see it all the time at the gym

Use you coffee table if it is a strong one or a bench in the park for the step ups.

If you don't want to lose weight, don't do that much cardio. Do as Pipandmum suggests : Go for less, at higher intensity, alternate sprints at 15 or 16 for 30 seconds than 1 min rest, again sprint, 2 min rest, sprint, 3 min rest and last sprint.

Even if your bum is your main focus, when you use bodyweight or dumbbells, you don't isolate a muscle in the same way as when you are on a machine, so for example when I use an overhead 12 kg dumbbells for my lateral criss cross walks, the aim is to work my obliques, but because I am carrying something, my shoulder, arms, backs , bums and legs are working. If you do single arm farmer walk, again you will work big muscle group ,
Go on the athlean website I linked, I get inspiration from the Men videos more than the women, especially as they give more explanations about the proper form.
and check this as well

I find machines super boring and love experimenting with free weights. If you gyms has Powerplate , see if 2 machines are close enough for you to use two at the same time, with one foot on each for your sumo or lie squats and lunges.

The bum will also benefit if you work your abs and shoulders because you will walk and stand straighter giving your bum an immediate lift!
And for the add/adb-uctor machines . If you are sitting on your butt, you are not exercising it!
For the inner tights, use a band, for the outer tights, do clams with a small plate.
Have fun!!

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