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Where can I get diet support or counselling?

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Toowomby Fri 17-May-19 13:33:24

I know what to do. I just can't get started. Skinny DH has not one fuck to give on my behalf. He doesn't believe in addiction. Or any mental health thing.
I have asked him for support over the years. He just said eat less. It's not that simple! I hate him for it but it's me that's stuffing my face.
( it's unconditional love he said)
I can't just not eat.
I'm so fat I'm ill.
I'm nearly 7 stones too heavy and he just doesn't bat an eyelid. He only eats to stay alive.
I Work from home long hours so I'm isolated. Friends also bloody thin and healthy.

I can only find Cambridge diets style 'consultants ' but I don't want to buy their stuff as I have a box full from when I tried it before.

There must be someone I can pay to help me?
Maybe someone to write me a diet plan? Offer me accountability? Encouragement?

(Name changed as Mr Skinny knows my usual)

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sleepwhenidie Fri 17-May-19 13:39:47

You could look here - - there's a coach directory so you could find someone in the UK. I suggest you first look at all of the free online resources, maybe read one of the books and see of the approach is something you think would work for you before you contact a coach.

Toowomby Fri 17-May-19 14:50:59

Thanks. I have read a few books but nothing sinks in. I also tried hypnosis but I couldn't be hypnotised! I just sat there like a prat, aware of everything.

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ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Fri 17-May-19 14:55:46

Hi, I feel your pain! I also have a skinny DH who thinks it is as simple as "eat less", and 2 lovely slim dds. I started gaining weight 6 years ago, and every time I tried to diet I'd lose a little then pile it all back on plus more. I was starting to feel I could never lose the weight.

As a last desperate attempt last year, I joined Slimming World. Something just clicked and I found myself finally losing weight! Since August I have lost 4 stone, and have had to lower my target. My problem now is stopping losing weight, as I have gotten so used to a new way of eating, and DH is harassing me to eat more now!

Toowomby Fri 17-May-19 18:45:49

I'm glad it's not just me Platypus I can't get out to slimming clubs due to my working hours. I looked at online Slimming World but I really think I need human help.
I should go to fat camp like Biggest Loser.

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Alwaysgrey Fri 17-May-19 18:47:58

Im five odd stone overweight. My dh is skinny. I’m a carer to our two disabled children. We have three kids in total. I don’t really have any friends now and I’m miserable at the weight I’m at. Not to mention embarrassed and ashamed. If you wanted an accountability buddy 😀

pippitypoppitypoo Fri 17-May-19 20:09:48

There are registered nutritionists on here- you can find one in your area and some describe themselves as diet and wellbeing coaches.

pippitypoppitypoo Fri 17-May-19 20:10:19

Would help if I actually posted the link!

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Fri 17-May-19 21:52:18

toowoomby human help is definitely the way to go! I find the accountability of weighing in every week keeps me focussed. It was my size 6 hairdresser who put me onto it, she has been going for 10 years and still weighs in regularly! I think I'm going to have to do it all my life, like an alcoholic. I go to a later class at 7.30 as I work until 6. There are also early classes weekend mornings , don't know if that's any good to you.

I used to be able to do it on my own, but I genuinely feel that the group aspect has helped. Either way, you CAN do it. I had lost hope, but maybe it's just being in the right place/ mindspace. Good luck!

BrokenWing Fri 17-May-19 22:45:11

Have you checked all your Slimming world and weight watchers classes in your area. Ours has 2 or 3 classes running for each and birth have classes at evenings, weekends and there is even one during the day.

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