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Has anyone lost weight by reducing portion sizes?

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Nuttyaboutnutella Wed 15-May-19 16:20:00

I'm due my second baby in the few weeks. I'd like to lose weight after (approx 2 stone). I gained during my first pregnancy and never lost it but as this is my last baby, I want to get back to my old self a little.

I've been looking into slimming world and although I like a lot of the basic aspects such as lots of fruit and veg, etc, some of the hacks/tweaks are rank. Plus some of it just doesn't make sense (mug shot things are low syns but certain yoghurt are higher syns, even though calories could be similar).

So, I was thinking of just reducing my portions. I actually eat fairly well, but my portion sizes are too big and I snack on shit (lots of chocolate, etc). I'd rather have a smaller portion of proper lasagna rather than one where I've seen a tweak of blitzing a pack of mac n cheese or something confused

Has anyone lost weight eating normal food, but just reducing the portion sizes and limiting stuff like crisps/chocolate? I'd also increase salad/vegetables/fruit which I do enjoy, just reach for the sugary stuff more 🤦

How much did you lose and how long did it take? What do you eat in a typical day?

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PinkHeartLovesCake Wed 15-May-19 16:28:14

Of course you can lose weight this way!

Obviously swap your chocolate snacks for fruit or veg. Maybe have 1 day a week when you can have a chocolate bar snack?? That way you aren’t missing out completely

With dinners have less of the calorific bit (I.e lasagna) and add extra broccoli/carrots/ low calorie veg

With things like chilli, skip the rice as a side and have a pile of tender stem broccoli or broccoli rice

With curry, cauliflower rice goes very well instead of rice

I have lost weight after 3 pregnancies by eating any food I fancied, just watched portion sides. And swapped things like rice for veg etc

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