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12 weeks to lose 2 stone

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 12-May-19 09:53:18

That's slightly over 2lbs a week.
I'm planning to exercise every day & do the 5:2.
Anyone fancy joining me?

Seer Wed 21-Aug-19 07:02:10

Thank you @TantricTwist ! 😍

That is hardcore @DottieLottie1 but it's not like you're doing that all the time. The Fast 800 diet involves 800 cals days so I guess it is a thing!

Setting off in a couple of hours and then won't be tracking my food for the week, which will feel strange! I'm going to enjoy myself on hols but won't go mad and undo all my hard work!

I might check in during the week if I have WiFi but if not, have an amazing week! ♥️

DottieLottie1 Wed 21-Aug-19 08:34:55

Morning all,

@Seer , I'm certainly not going to make a habit of it. I didn't do it on purpose and I wasn't hungry, but I suppose I should have made time for lunch.

I'm working today so will go for a walk in my break.

B- cuppa
L- fruit salad and almond milk based hot choc.
D- 4 egg omelette with goats cheese, salami and jalapeño. Loads of salad

a couple of glasses of Prosecco later will mean I should hit 1200 cals today.

@Seer , have a lovely holiday and make the most of the sun ☀️ sand and sea 🌊 !

TantricTwist Wed 21-Aug-19 23:30:09

@Seer Happy Holidays. Eat, drink and be merry all under 1200 cals wink

@DottieLottie1 I'm annoyed because the skinny jeans I've been wearing are a tight fit and they were too loose to wear a few months ago. They're a much larger size than I want to be.

I feel like I am always losing the weight I've put on over the weight I've put on if you see what I mean. It's going to take me for bloody ever to get to the weight and size I want.
Just measured my waist and it's gone up again. How is it doing that FFS confused when I am below 1000 at the moment.

All I have eaten today is 2 duck breasts incl skin, some mashed potato dollop of butter and some peas and that's all.

DottieLottie1 Thu 22-Aug-19 08:58:42


@TantricTwist this weight loss malarkey doesn't always make sense! Obviously I do believe and know that you have to create a calorie deficit and usually this works. But...what about those occasions where you've lost diddly squat and you've truthfully kept it really low?

Another working day for me. So plans include a break time stroll.

B- Vanilla and almond milk shake
L- Strawberries and vanilla protein shake (ends up tasting like strawberries and ice cream but low low calories smile)
D- Roast Chicken and salad pittas and a few black olives.


TantricTwist Thu 22-Aug-19 13:01:32

@DottieLottie1 it does my head in eating diddly squat and seeing no results or the opposite. I'm holding on to the fact that its a marathon not a sprint.

We can do this. You more than me you're so much better at this.

Your food diary today looks excellent so really should be doing the trick.

So far I've eaten cabbage coleslaw I made with no mayo. I'll cook a burger later when I get really hungry because it needs to be eaten.

I feel quite knackered and my sleep pattern is all over the place, so I'm not really moving around much at all which doesnt help.

I do have to pick something up I ordered from Superdrug so I may use that as an excuse to get up and out.

You're going to Mexico soon aren't you. I read that their hotels / resorts are amazing and proper 4 and 5* not like other 4 or 5* at other locations. I've been looking at holidays in Turkey for next year, they have some lovely resorts. Really hard to decide where to go that keeps everyone happy and occupied plus seeing the local area.

Seer Thu 22-Aug-19 14:58:22

We've arrived! It's blooming gorgeous!

I'm not going to share my food diary whilst I'm here for obvious reasons but I am aiming to eat less crisps, olives and nuts (I love reading whilst drinking wine and eating snacks on hols!), keeping a gentle eye on my portion sizes of carbs (which is mostly what I'm eating!) and filling up on veg when possible.

Keep going @TantricTwist, sometimes weight loss doesn't follow logical patterns but if you keep going your efforts will pay off.

When's your weigh day @DottieLottie1 ?

TantricTwist Thu 22-Aug-19 16:55:18

Yay @Seer you have arrived and are very happy about it, this is a good thing. And you have wifi so that's an added bonus for us.

I hope your travels went smoothly and everything is as it should be.

Enjoy your wine and feel super relaxed, you deserve it wine

DottieLottie1 Thu 22-Aug-19 20:41:04

Glad to hear you arrived safely and are already enjoying yourself @Seer . Relax your diet but I'm sure you'll still make wiser choices. 

I normally weigh in on a Monday but I'll not be able to as I'm away. I might tomorrow instead and then go back to Monday's the week after, or I'll just skip it for a week,

@TantricTwist , I'm not going to Mexico until early spring and yes we've booked a great hotel. So hoping I'll be beach ready, I haven't really got an excuse as I've e got 6 months!

TantricTwist Fri 23-Aug-19 00:17:55

@DottieLottie1 you'll look far better than you think by the time it comes round.

DottieLottie1 Fri 23-Aug-19 06:40:45

@TantricTwist thanks, I probably don't look that bad but I know I've got wobbly bits that I didn't have before!

Busy today. Working morning to late afternoon so through lunchtime. I've got to nip to the supermarket and then pick up a click and collect order after. Then the task of packing for the week ahead.

We're going to have our weekly takeaway tonight instead of tomorrow. Not sure what's on the menu.

Trying to decide whether to weigh this morning or just skip a week. I'm going to be good(ish) while away so hopefully won't undo any hard work.

Hope you have a good day smile

DottieLottie1 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:41:47

I've just braved the scales and now wish I hadn't sad I'm still at 11st 3. I would have thought I should have list something-

Mon- 909 cals
Thurs- 1031

I'm not weighing in again til Monday week. I don't think I would make a very good daily weigher- I think I would find the fluctuations disheartening.

I've stalled after a great start. Is this normal? I've got 1st 3lb to go.

TantricTwist Fri 23-Aug-19 12:46:14

@DottieLottie1 it is normal don't be disheartened because you're doing everything right. You're not piling weight on at least so that's something with keeping to low calories.
But yes it's super annoying you haven't lost anything with the low calories you've been on, I agree.
Maybe your body is getting too used to the shakes? Try a few days eating something other than the shakes maybe for one meal? That's all I can suggest by looking at what you're eating.

My waist just goes up and down, it's more on the downside as I just measured, but I've not eaten yet.

Seer Fri 23-Aug-19 15:16:57

Oh @DottieLottie1 I really feel you. Remember that it's normal to plateau, particularly as you get closer to your goal weight (and it's also totally understandable to feel upset about it), keep the faith, these plateaus never last.

Be kind to yourself @TantricTwist How you're feeling is what matters most of all. I'm sure you'll notice a shift in the right direction soon.

I've eaten so much focaccia (man, it's too good here!), pasta and pizza but I still reckon I'm eating at least a third less than I would have on hols in the past! We're walking around lots too so I'm feeling quite virtuous all in all!

I'm trying to use the Slimming World philosophy (no idea why, I've never done SW!) of having a 1/3 'speed food' (basically fresh fruit and veg) on my plate with every meal. That's automatic for me at home but more of an effort here.

Seer Fri 23-Aug-19 15:21:25

Oh and small win today! Had a full length pic taken with me wearing a new size 10 top TUCKED IN to denim shorts... and I was happy with how I looked! 😮😮😮

TantricTwist Fri 23-Aug-19 15:28:11

@Seer  ok totally know where you are in the world now pretty much unless it's a double bluff

Yay to looking good in holiday photos and all that effort paying off.

@DottieLottie1 not much longer for you now.

Bloody forever for me though esp seeing as I'm nowhere near a size 10 yet not even a size 12 which would be amazing in it self

DottieLottie1 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:51:42

I've got no intention of giving up, I've done wellyo shift just over 2 stone in less than 3 months. If I don't keep it up I'll just end up back at square 1. I've got a feeling this last stone is going to be a battle but hopefully not my nemesis!

You soundlike your having a wonderful time @Seer and I'm happy that your now body confident again! Weathers pretty good here too smile

TantricTwist Fri 23-Aug-19 16:26:50

Has it been 2 stone already for you in 2 months, wow that's a lot @DottieLottie1

I think my issue is lack of movement on some of my days off as I'm so exhausted coupled with crazy sleep patterns.

You'd have thought that 12 hours on my feet at work would make up for it but it appears not.

@Seer I bet the heat isn't bothering you so much either now you've lost weight and can wear skimpier clothes.

DottieLottie1 Fri 23-Aug-19 16:57:34

2st 1lb just under 3 months. I know that's good, but a stone to go and no ones noticed yet hmm

DottieLottie1 Fri 23-Aug-19 17:27:43

2st 1lb just under 3 months. I know that's good, but a stone to go and no ones noticed yet hmm

DottieLottie1 Fri 23-Aug-19 17:28:06


Threadbaretoe Fri 23-Aug-19 18:33:44

Hi Dottie
We have interacted before when posting on a previous thread about people noticing weight loss. Like you, I have been stealth dieting.
I have lost 2 stone 8 pounds and absolutely no-one noticed up until this past week. Suddenly lots of people have started asking me about my weight. I am getting comments like - 'wow, you have lost a shed load of weight'. Today, a women who I occasionally chat to when out walking the dog stopped me to check that all was ok - she said I had lost a 'worrying amount of weight so quickly'! There is nothing particularly quick about the speed of my weight loss and it has been coming off steadily and consistently. It is really odd that suddenly people are noticing. I wonder what it is.
I still have 8 pounds to lose to get in to the healthy weight bracket (which has a 3 stone window). I then want to lose 1 more stone so there is some room for fluctuation without tipping into the unhealthy bracket.
I am sure people will start going on about losing too much and being gaunt etc at some stage. At my target weight I will be able to tell them that I would need to lose 2 stone before I could be classed under weight!

DottieLottie1 Fri 23-Aug-19 19:37:31

Hello @Threadbaretoe ! I (think) I look totally different- a bit like my old self. I've still got wobbly bits but I'm almost there. I'm inside my healthy weight range now, but my fighting weight is just a little to the left of the middle of my BMI graph.

1 stone to go to achieve that. what sort of plan are you following?

BTW, we are nearing end of thread. @Seer has kindly started thread 2- "The one where we get back in our old jeans", sorry it's not a link (I ain't that techy!) Please come over and join us smile

Seer Fri 23-Aug-19 20:43:58

Ooh we're so close to the end of the thread! That's exciting! <easily pleased> 😀

I'm actually wearing a WHITE dress today, can you believe it? 😮 It's a similar print to that Zara one but a totally different fit, it's a fitted wrap dress that I wouldn't have been seen near a couple of months ago!

Yes, please come join us @Threadbaretoe!

I've lost 19lb in 3 months and only one friend has noticed it - and even then only last week!

I'd still like to lose another 10lb or so. I've always 'weighed heavy' even when I've been really slim so I don't take much notice of my BMI, it's more about wanting to get my waist back to 29" (currently 30.5").

Seer Fri 23-Aug-19 20:46:41

We seem to have fallen into a 2 meal strategy here (breakfast and a late lunch plus snacks for the DC) so that's helping to keep the cals down!

I think I'm going to fill up the thread now... grin

Seer Fri 23-Aug-19 20:48:04

See y'all over at 'The one we get into our old jeans' 👖 Let's do this! ☺️

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