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12 weeks to lose 2 stone

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 12-May-19 09:53:18

That's slightly over 2lbs a week.
I'm planning to exercise every day & do the 5:2.
Anyone fancy joining me?

cheezy Sun 12-May-19 09:54:57

Yes I’ll join. Am having some success with LCHF at the moment so shall continue with that.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 12-May-19 09:55:02

Will weigh in tomorrow morning!

SherlockHolmes Sun 12-May-19 09:55:39

Me please! I'd planned to try to lose a stone over the next 7 weeks, but 2 stone would put me in the normal weight category so maybe I could keep going.

What's your plan OP?

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 12-May-19 09:55:50

Hi cheezy smile
What's LCHF?

SherlockHolmes Sun 12-May-19 09:56:11

Sorry just noticed you said 5:2

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 12-May-19 10:01:39

Hi Sherlock smile

I'm going to use MFP and do the 5:2 diet. It has worked for me before but I just fell off the wagon.

Will either swim or cycle every day.
Also planning to resurrect my Fitbit and make sure I get 10,000 steps in each day - as I have a fairly sedentary job.

I have a wedding coming up and was looking at dresses and feeling depressed about buying a large size again.

Thought I'd post here for accountability.

It's lovely to have some company thanks for the speedy responses.
Whet are your plans?

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 12-May-19 10:04:12

Ah just googled Low Carb High Fat 👍

Elliemayclampett Sun 12-May-19 10:05:47

Me! I’m in. Go on holiday in 12 weeks. I’ve had it booked for a year. Could have lost loads but I’m constantly messing about with the diet.

I’m going to do WW and exercise every day. Plus no booze - that’s my biggest downfall. One glass of wine and I’m like a hungry hippo

plonkie Sun 12-May-19 10:10:22

Hi, I'm in. I have a holiday end of July with a very attractive slim friend Haha. Already lost a stone but stuck in a riot now!

BlueLupins Sun 12-May-19 10:12:52

I'm in.

Have been doing 16:8 and lost half a stone without much effort but have fallen off the wagon in the last week...

I need to MFP and do some exercise every day otherwise I will just hover around the same weight.

I need to lose 2 stone to get into the healthy BMI range - so really need this actually.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 12-May-19 10:15:38

Welcome Plonkie & EllieMay!
Yes the wine is an issue for me too.
I'm not drinking midweek and then only having a couple of drinks Fri/Sat.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 12-May-19 10:16:46

Hi Bluelupins
Am also needing to get into the healthy BMI range as well as the dress! smile

habibihabibi Sun 12-May-19 10:37:27

Great timing - I just started low carbing today.
2 stone down would be amazing !
Plse post your daily food consumption.
I plan 2 meals and one 'snack'.
I've had 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado and 2tsp mayo.
I'm planning chicken breast and broccoli for dinner + cheese string for mid arvo snack.

BayandBlonde Sun 12-May-19 20:15:39

Perfect post to start the week. Thanks OP

I have 6 weeks to lose ideally a stone, but it's more than likely to be around 12lbs.

Currently 11st 6. Ideal weight 10st, height 5ft 4

We can all do this, I just keep falling off the bloody wagon!

Exercise is part of my daily life (2 horses) so that's not a problem, my problem is food! I can be a glutinous pig at times confused

BayandBlonde Sun 12-May-19 20:16:34

Sorry to add, BMI of around 26.8.

Worlds0kayestmum Sun 12-May-19 20:19:49

Yes me too please. I keep staring and stopping various diets. I desperately need accountability but can't afford slimming clubs. I'm starting intermittent fasting tomorrow combined with low carb/low kcal. I have a food order arriving tomorrow to start the week off

ILiveInSalemsLot Sun 12-May-19 20:24:20

Oh me too! I go on holiday end of July so I’d love to be slimmer by then.
I’m trying to do blood sugar diet so that fasting and doing 800 cals a day mostly low carb but beans and pulses are allowed.

Worlds0kayestmum Sun 12-May-19 20:32:45

Iliveinsalem - I'm doing similar. I'm not doing a true fast800 because I'm allowing myself 250kcal of rice a day (no other cars though) but will be aiming for 800kcals a day

Ellieboolou27 Sun 12-May-19 20:39:59

Would love to join please! Glad it’s a thread that I can join at the beginning too - will weigh in the morning. I’ve got around 4st to lose so will do MFP and set my calories to 1200
Also going to Pre plan my days calories / meals as I tend to drift off mid afternoon!

custardlover Sun 12-May-19 20:45:08

Yes please! That's exactly the amount I realised I needed for my summer holiday in..... 12 weeks! I will be doing intermittent fasting and low cal/fat. I'd love to do more hardcore exercise too but it's hard with my job so it'll be steps. I'll weigh in tomorrow.

Wondermoomin Sun 12-May-19 20:57:57

Joining in for the motivation! I'll be on holiday in 12 weeks time 😁

I'm going to be doing MFP and frequent, varied exercise. It's the food bit that I find tough, I've finally found exercise I love and look forward to (kind of, haha).

BayandBlonde Sun 12-May-19 21:13:03


What plan do you follow for intermittent fasting?

ltk Sun 12-May-19 21:13:44

Ooo. I'm in. I lost a stone last summer and have maintained. But I need to lose another in the next 6 weeks. I just do no snacks no sugar no seconds and aim for 1600 calories max plus exercise daily. That worked last year - I hope it will again!

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Sun 12-May-19 21:19:32

Yes! I'm in. I have a big, exciting event on June 13 and I need to look and feel my best. Currently I'm 2.5 stone over my "best" 😆

I'll go back on WW. It works for me when I actually follow it. I like the app too, it's really easy.

Good luck everyone! We can do this!

Strawberrypancakes Sun 12-May-19 21:31:34

I’d like to join.. I lost 100lb last year but my diet has fallen by the wayside and I’ve put 6lb back on and it’s just going to get higher and higher if I don’t commit.

No carbs works for me, so starting tomorrow morning, I’m going for it. I did it for three days last week but had a terrible work day and found solace in crisps on the way home, then did the usual ‘oh well, might as well have everything!’

I’m currently 12 stone 3 but would kill to be 10 stone.

custardlover Sun 12-May-19 21:38:18

Hey @BayandBlonde I do the 5:2 and have had great success in the past.

Wondermoomin Sun 12-May-19 22:21:54

100lbs last year, wow what an achievement. Well done!

BayandBlonde Mon 13-May-19 06:05:07

Thanks @custard

So my plan this week is:

24hr 500 cal fast today (I ate horrendously over the weekend). Liquids only. I will tweak the calories as I go

1000 cal day tomorrow between 11am and 7pm

I plan to alternate these days. So it's effectively a 4:3 and 16:8

My weight as of now, having done a poo and not eaten since 10pm is 11st 8......Excuse my piggie toes 😂

Wishing you all luck 💪🏼

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 06:26:48

I'm in! I could do with losing 3 stone but 2 stone would be a good start.

Weighed in at 12st 12lbs this morning. I'm doing very low carb (20g per day) and calorie counting (1200 per day). For exercise I'll be walking to and from work if it's not raining (about 45 minutes each way) plus getting over to the gym as often as I can.

I've let myself go after an arthritis diagnosis last year and the menopause also dropped a stone onto me.

I'm currently sipping black coffee with sweetener and making a salmon, leek and broccoli afrittata for breakfast and lunch.

Thanks for starting this thread!

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 06:27:52

And I'll also be eating on a 16:8 schedule, between 10:00 and 18:00!

Ellieboolou27 Mon 13-May-19 07:20:18

Morning all
Looks like I'm the heavyweight of you all weighed in at 14.12 shock
I'm putting scales away until next Monday and will never be 14.12 again grin

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Mon 13-May-19 07:45:20

This thread got me up and on to the scales this morning. Not great news - I'm 12st 3.5. It goes on so quickly, doesn't it, if you don't watch every mouthful?!

I'd like to be 11st by June 13., then ultimately 10stone or just under. I gave a pair of Victory Jeans yo get into, but they only fit when I'm 10stone.

Ifihadapoundd Mon 13-May-19 08:39:09

I need to join. Don't have an event but 6months postpartum and struggling with self esteem. Currently 11st 9lb would like to get back down to 10st. Only issues I'm having is I'm still BFing so can't limited my calories like I have in the past. Any tips?

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Mon 13-May-19 08:52:31

Hi @Ifihadapoundd -- I just googled and the recommended calorie-count for breastfeeding mums is 1500-1800 calories a day (and you're advised to stay at the top end of that range).

Could you just stick to that, and see if you lose weight? I'm not BFing as my kids are teens now, but I'd lose weight if I stuck to 1800 calories a day 😆

ChubRubTub Mon 13-May-19 09:31:55

I'm in! I really need to lose at least 2 stone - I'm 12 stone 12.

I've really struggled with staying on track and hope this will make me accountable.

I'm going to try 5:2 as I hope this won't seem so hard mentally. I won't go over 1200 on non-fast days.

Anyone else in the 'older' age range? Half a stone used to just fall off, but since I hit 45 it's been a nightmare trying to lose anything.

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Mon 13-May-19 09:45:04

Hi @ChubRubTub - I'm 48 😭🙈😭 and it's definitely going on faster. I still lose quite well if I follow a specific diet plan... But no, I definitely can't skip 3 dinners in one week and then see my ribs like i could in my 20s.

ChubRubTub Mon 13-May-19 09:52:45

SoddingName, it's bloody annoying isn't it! Seems like we've got a similar end goal, but I'm a heavier starting weight.

I just reached for a mini Mars as a snack but stopped, so hopefully posting here will help with willpower.

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 09:58:18

@ChubRubTub Hi! I'm 52, and it's definitely much slower and therefore easier to get discouraged :-(

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 10:03:17

I just had my first meal of the day - a slice of the aforementioned frittata and a cup of black coffee. Delish! Does anyone want the recipe?

Worlds0kayestmum Mon 13-May-19 10:24:31

I've weighed myself and taken starting photos (truly devastating, how did I get so far down this road?). Got my food order coming soon and will be breaking my fast at 1pm

ChubRubTub Mon 13-May-19 10:43:40

Yes please Stoat! I'd love any recipe recommendations (especially low cal for fast days).

That's part of my problem, I get stuck in a rut eating the same thing and then go off the rails.

katsucurry Mon 13-May-19 11:10:00

Me too. I am 9 weeks PP and have 1.5 stones to lose to be back to pre-pregnancy weight, and then some! I'm exclusively breastfeeding and you need to add on an extra 300-500 calories for that so I'm eating around 1800-2000 calories a day for now to see how I go.

F33lguilty Mon 13-May-19 11:14:31

Hi, would love to join.
I am doing the Fast800 as I found the 5:2 very slow. BMI is 28 and I've got 2 stone to lose.

F33lguilty Mon 13-May-19 11:15:08

@Strawberrypancakes that's an amazing loss! Just need to get back to it again..

QueenOfIce Mon 13-May-19 11:27:31

I started Keto 6 weeks ago and lost 9lbs in 3 weeks I then went low carb. Basically no bread pasta etc because of the high fats (good fats not just cheese!) I don't crave sweet things any longer my skin looks lovely my ibs has gone and I am now 14lbs lighter. As someone who has continually struggled this has been the easiest change for me.

Mumao Mon 13-May-19 11:33:29

I'll join too please! Have a stone left to lose but can't seem to shift it!

I'll do low carb and exercise

I've tried 5:2 and it dies work but man I was miserable! Any tips?

ILiveInSalemsLot Mon 13-May-19 11:40:26

Wow strawberry that’s amazing.
Don’t undo all that hard work. It’s great you realised only 6 lbs in.

I’ve been for a long walk. I’m not eating until later. The later I leave it, the less I eat so I’ll fit my 800 cals by having some soup at 2.30, a snack at 4 then dinner at 6.

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 11:59:26

Basic salmon, leek and broccoli frittata

6 medium eggs
60g leeks, chopped
60g broccoli, chopped
180g baked salmon
Salt and pepper

Option: add chopped dill, parsley or chives to taste.

Method: steam broccoli and leek together. Bake salmon. Beat eggs. Fold vegetables and salmon into eggs. Pour into an omelette pan, turn until the bottom is set, flip over using a plate to invert, cool the top side, invert again, cook the bottom until all the egg is cooked. Turn out. When cool, cut into 4 sections. Serve at room termperature.

Nutrition (according to My Fitness Pal)

Per serving:
Calories 168
Protein 20g
Fat 9g
Carbs 2g
Dietary fibre 1g

Ellabella989 Mon 13-May-19 12:08:17

I’d love to join please.
I’m 12 stone 2 and want to lose another 1-2 stone. I was almost 15 stone at my biggest but my weight loss has plateaued the last year and I’m definitely eating a lot more crap lately.
Question - how do those of you who have low calorie days and still exercise not feel awful? If I even go for a walk on a day where I have 1000-1200 calories I feel like I might faint. Maybe I’m not eating the right kinds of foods

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Mon 13-May-19 12:57:44

Hi Ellabella
What are you eating on fast days?

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Mon 13-May-19 12:58:27

That sounds yummy Stoat! smile

Ellabella989 Mon 13-May-19 13:09:49

I’ll have fruit for breakfast and a nakd bar. For lunch i’ll have soup and for dinner i’ll have something like salmon and veg and then a yogurt. I have a very large appetite and could eat and eat all day long if I could get away with it

ltk Mon 13-May-19 13:44:48

Ellabella - I did 5:2 for months a few years back. It did work, and I could run fine on fast days, but it wasn't sustainable longterm for me. I don't think it is for most people. Now I find about 1400 to 1600 calories a day works with exercise and I lose weight on that. Slower, but it stays off because I do not feel hungry and I am not so tempted to cheat. Anyway, it works for me.
When I did 5:2 i had a banana and a handful of almonds after a morning run, and then something like a small bowl of porridge with fruit around mid-afternoon, or a bit of stew with rice. I made every calorie nutritious. It helped.

Ellabella989 Mon 13-May-19 13:52:55

@ltk thanks that’s helpful. I think I cope better when sticking to 1500 calories per day but also doing a long walk and a short HIIT session most days. I’m trying to make sure 90% of the food I eat is really nutritious too (lots of veg etc) and only have 1 or 2 small “treats” such as a couple of chocolate biscuits or a bag of crisps. If I completely cut food like that out then I end up getting fed up after a week and bingeing. So jealous of those who can eat what they want and never gain weight or have health issues!

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 14:26:22

Ellabella - the only type of diet I have found sustainable is a high protein, high fat, low carb diet. After the initial few days, the craving for carbs mostly goes away, so it's easier to avoid cakes, biscuits and that sort of thing. And you feel full for much longer, with fewer hunger pangs.

I would definitely swap the fruit and cereal bar for breakfast for something protein-y. If you're looking for lunch on the go (which is what I'm guessing this is), I would try hard boiled eggs and decent ham, or a piece of cheese and decent ham, and I would be aiming for about 250 - 300 kcals for it.

Ellieboolou27 Mon 13-May-19 14:30:30

Had a protein bar for breakfast 200cals shockwas full till 1pm though, just had soup with cheese and crackers, tonight I'm having pulled pork in a pita with salad.

Life at the moment is so out of my control that I'm going to really try hard to stick to this and lose weight!

Ellabella989 Mon 13-May-19 14:32:54

@stoatofdissaray I definitely eat too many carbs. I feel like I would be starving without them but maybe I should give the high protein way of eating a go. Thanks

BlueLupins Mon 13-May-19 14:34:51

I can't do black coffee, so I had 2 espressos with some milk, a pot of Longley Farm cottage cheese and a piece of fruit for breakfast.

Bowl of left over Japanese curry for lunch - basically just lamb, potatoes, onions, carrots, apple, ginger, Japanese curry spices and stock.

Dinner will be broccoli with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

Will finish my eating window at 5pm. First day back on it for about 10 days so I expect I'll be miserable later! After a couple of days it is plain sailing though...

Ferfeckssake Mon 13-May-19 14:38:02

I could do with losing at least 2, 3 stone. Going through huge life changes and find I am comfort eating. Find it so hard to stuck to any rigid plan .And have a serious sugar addiction.
Eating loads of crap , so feeling crap.sad
Any suggestions of what diet might work ?

BlueLupins Mon 13-May-19 16:59:47

Give 16:8 a try. It sorted out my binge eating.

Bookaholic73 Mon 13-May-19 17:09:31

Hi, is it ok to join in please?

I have 12 weeks till I go away for a (dirty)weekend with my partner and want to look shit hot.
I want to lose 2lbs a week.

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 18:40:58

Evening all! I am doing 16:8 so I have finished eating for the day. I had steak, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, a massive pat of maitre d'/ garlic butter, thick Greek yoghurt, strawberries and a chunk of brie for tea and I'm feeling pretty satisfied. What's everyone else having?

Strawberrypancakes Mon 13-May-19 18:51:44

Doing well today for day 1.. which I usually hate the most grin

Some grilled bacon and 1 scrambled egg (no milk) for breakfast.

Turkey slice with a little individual cheese for lunch..

Dinner is a mystery as DH is stopping at the shop.. (planned to go today but work was manic and only just finished) and all day I’ve been drinking lemon hot water. I hate tea and coffee but this keeps me full.

The true test is making the kids dinner when I want to just put my entire face into the pasta.. I quickly scraped it into the dogs bowl to save myself!

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 18:57:26

Strawberrypancakes: well done on the speedy pasta dump!

ILiveInSalemsLot Mon 13-May-19 19:21:41

I had 2 ryvitas with cheese and pickle for lunch and for dinner, sweet chilli salmon, green beans and a bit of brown rice with spring onions and fresh coriander mixed in. It was really tasty.
Bit of choc for dessert. That’s it for today.
I’m doing a 1 min plank and 30 sit-ups every night too.

Ellieboolou27 Mon 13-May-19 19:22:45

Danger time for me is between now and bedtime, I keep repeating to myself I must not eat until morning.
Can't remember the last time I felt hungry in the mornings as always late night snacking.

Ellieboolou27 Mon 13-May-19 19:25:49

@ILiveInSalemsLot I really need to incorporate some exercise, I was up at 4.30am this morning so feeling it now. Will start my walking tomorrow as got to take dd rainbows, so will walk for hour once I drop her.

ILiveInSalemsLot Mon 13-May-19 19:54:24

Ellieboo that sounds like a good plan. I go for a walk in the mornings usually but that doesn’t tone so I thought I’d do some toning while I watch tv.
I stop myself from eating in the eve by thinking how disappointed I’d be with myself at bedtime if I give in to snacking. I just sip a herbal tea instead.

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Mon 13-May-19 20:02:52

@StoatofDisarray - thanks for posting your recipe. You inspired me! I had salmon left over from a BBQ yesterday so I made your frittata and It was absolutely LUSH, and 0 points on WW. Yay!

I had it for lunch and dinner, and I'm not hungry at all. I made everyone else a full-fat lasagne for dinner but I just had my frittata and felt like the thinnest person alive. 😆

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 20:11:11

SoddingName I'm so glad! I love it too, it transports really well and I often have a couple of slices for lunch.

StoatofDisarray Mon 13-May-19 20:15:35

I'm glugging a pint of 7up free mixed 60:40 with water with a slice of lemon. Had some hunger pangs about half an hour ago but now I feel fine.

Sorry for all this reportage, I will calm down soon I promise. blushgrin

montymum Mon 13-May-19 20:17:02

Count me in, I was going to start this exact thread! 12 weeks until I go on holiday and would love to lose 2 stone. I am also stopping breastfeeding my 18month this week ( just dropping his final feed) so I am hoping that will also help me drop the final pounds as I found with my other two I held onto some weight until I stopped feeding. I am just using mfp and sticking to 1400 a day. I have also just started running again so plan to run 3 times a week. I usually average about 18,000 steps a day ( teaching and running after 3 children under 6) so I am fairly active. How has everyone's first day gone?

FireflyEden Mon 13-May-19 20:19:49

I'm in we can all do this together!

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Mon 13-May-19 21:48:35

Sorry for all this reportage, I will calm down soon I promise.

When you go quiet we'll become very suspicious, and picture you ramming KitKats into your mouth behind the sofa...

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Mon 13-May-19 21:51:59

I really need exercise ideas! I'm so totally out of shape that I honestly worry that anything strenuous would give me heart failure. (I don't have a weak heart, just an underused one...)

I work from home, desk-bound, and my DC are teens now so I don't even do the school run. What can I do to ease myself slowly and SAFELY back into exercise? Can't afford a gym membership. Hate cycling. Do have access to YouTube on a massive TV (which is probably the reason I've got so big.)

Any ideas?

MrsMozartMkII Mon 13-May-19 21:54:38

May I join please.

12st 12lbs as of this morning. Need to be about 10st, maybe 10st 7lbs. Have lost 3.5st but have been up and down a stone like a yo yo for the last forever.

Have a limited diet, or should as have IBS and can't cope with too much sugar (much as I like it!), so it should, in theory, be easy.

Exercise-wise we have 3 dogs and i usually walk them for between 3 & 4 hours a day. They've been poorly and I've been lazy - hopefully we'll all get back to it next week. Joined a gym today and that will tone things up a bit.

I use MFP. Aim for 1200 input a day and minimum of 500 output. When the dogs are back in walking mode I'll do c. 24k steps a day.

Today: Nothing 'bad' to eat other than 2 boiled sweets. Had too many blueberries and strawberries though and body is objecting.

Aiming to do some menu hunting and planning!

Good luck all. We can do it!

ILiveInSalemsLot Mon 13-May-19 22:14:06

Hasthissodding go for walks if you can. Just 20 minute brisk walk a day is probably good to start with.
I sometimes do things like ‘10 minute abs’ or ‘10 minute yoga’ on YouTube.

wildhairdontcare Mon 13-May-19 22:52:21

Can I join in too please? I go on holiday seven weeks today and would be overjoyed to loose 21lbs.

I weighed in at WW on Friday at a horrifying 15st 9lbs blush.

Trying to get myself into a routine with food, I seem to starve all day then binge at 4pm. So far so good but only on day four!

plonkie Tue 14-May-19 06:25:21

Hi HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo... I have a very sedentary job and I have started doing exercise in the loo... when no one is very of course Haha! I do squats and push ups off the side. Stretches as well. Can you walk to work? I've started walking to and from work which is 2.6 miles a day. I have a toddler so it's hard for me to exercise as no free time, but I've been able to factor in walking, which I'm very proud about :-) I've lost a stone doing this, and my legs are strong now. I feel loads happier too!

plonkie Tue 14-May-19 06:27:53

Yesterday I fasted till lunch (doing 18-6 IF most days). Had an egg salad. Had a burger with salad for tea and stopped eating (miraculously!) at 6.30. Although I dod have a gin and slim line tonic that was kedt over from the weekend. I pigged out at the weekend and felt so bloated yesterday. Dunno why I do it to myself. I feel better today!

StoatofDisarray Tue 14-May-19 07:40:44

SoddingName: heh heh!

Thank you for starting this thread OP! I see a lot of people are slimming for a holiday. Where are you all going?

SherlockHolmes Tue 14-May-19 07:49:42

Wow this thread has taken off! OP I'm going for 1500 cals per day, keeping carb intake low. Also aiming to average 12k steps per day, with C25k in the mix too.

First day went well 1540 cals, C25k, 14k steps.

How are you doing?

ILiveInSalemsLot Tue 14-May-19 08:12:45

Plonkie I always think that walking is underrated as an exercise but it’s probably the best one.
Good for you getting those stretches and squats in whilst in the loo. grin it all helps.

I’m having a fasting day today so I’m not going to eat til the evening. I was watching some YouTube clips on fasting yesterday. Really helpful and inspiring. Dr Jason Fung talks a lot of sense!
Hope everyone has a good day.

StoatofDisarray Tue 14-May-19 09:48:31

16:8 isn't going to work for me - I was ravenous at 22:00 last night and if I hadn't been doing 16:8 I could have had the cheese from my dinner which I didn't really want at the time but ate in order to get in the calories before my cut-off time. I think I will drop 16:8 and just stick to calorie counting (1200) and low carb (20g).

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Tue 14-May-19 09:56:24

I've lost 0.8lbs! So I'm going to spend today trying on my size 8 clothes and wondering why they don't fit yet 😆

Had tinned tomatoes and poached eggs on dry toast. Going for a walk later and my last counselling session. (I had really bad anxiety a few months ago. Pretty sure it's perimenopause.)

Thanks for the exercise suggestions! I can't walk to work as I work literally 2feet from my bed, but I could definitely walk in the day and do YouTube stuff.

I set some 90-day goals yesterday and have plotted weight targets on there. When I lose a stone, I'm going to get a trial at the swanky hotel gym near me.

Hope everyone had a lovely day and already feels thinner!

ChubRubTub Tue 14-May-19 10:28:00

Hi everyone - sounds like it's been a positive start.

I'm not in the UK, so day 1 just finishing for me.

I was doing a fast day today. Have gone a tiny bit over (520 calories). Wasn't too bad, but it's not bed time yet!

I had soup for lunch and then a huge salad with roast cauliflower for dinner. Managed to do a class at the gym as well. My legs are aching already, so probably won't be able to walk tomorrow 😁

Good luck for day 2!

Bookaholic73 Tue 14-May-19 12:25:38

Yesterday was day 1 for me, and I did well. Went to the gym and ate healthily all day.
My biggest downfall is chocolate in the evenings, so as long as I can get through that, I’m good.
No idea about how much I weigh...too scared to buy scales.

TantricTwist Tue 14-May-19 17:19:04

I need to join you all as I've put on a dress size in the last couple of months where I haven't been very mobile so I've gone up from a 16 to an 18 which is not great. I'm 5' 6. I just caught myself in the mirror and look large although I'm wearing an oversize t-shirt, mom jeans and no bra grin

So far today I have eaten;

8.30am one large pitta with hummus and tomato tea with milk

2pm coffee with milk and half teaspoon sugar

16.30 a burger in a brioche bun with tomato, slice of cheddar and ketchup and mustard and a yoghurt.

I'm not planing on eating anything else or doing any exercise.

However just being on this thread makes me feel like I should walk out the door and just go for a walk.

wildhairdontcare Tue 14-May-19 18:30:08

I'm on day five and already feeling the benefits; no heartburn!

Meal planning is my absolute essential, I need to know what my next meal is and I need fresh fruit available at all times to prevent me reaching for a biscuit blush.

Today I had;
8am - yogurt, blackberries, strawberries and 20g special k protein nuts.
10.30am - apple.
1pm - chicken breast, rocket, broad beans, 15g feta and lemon juice.
3.30pm - latte.
5.30pm - pineapple.

Should have dinner around 7pm - chicken cacciatore with 80g brown rice and chickpeas.

Feeling full but less bloated.

Walked 4 miles after work too!

ILiveInSalemsLot Tue 14-May-19 18:43:50

I went for a long walk today.
I had a ryvita with cheese and pickle, some lentils and meatballs, watermelon. I want that to be all I eat today but I may have some nuts later.

TantricTwist Tue 14-May-19 19:35:14

I feel so much better after my hour and a bit walk which according to the pedometer app on my phone is 3412 steps.
Not only did I not eat during that time all I want now is fizzy water to drink. I'm also now ready to study a bit for an exam I have coming up as I feel I've had a proper break so win win for now.
It is hard to go out the door when there isnt a particular reason to do so other go for a walk (I am not ready for running yet, ever).
I think I will download some podcasts to listen to for next time to keep me company.

TantricTwist Tue 14-May-19 19:36:19

*other than to

peanutbutterismydownfall Tue 14-May-19 21:26:23

Can I join you?
10st13 today, as I have been on & off for the past year & means I can't fit into any of my jeans or my summer work clothes. Really need to lose 9 - 10lbs. More would be as I'd still only just be at the top of the healthy weight category but would mean I was down to weights I haven't seen since 20+ years ago at Uni.

- no breakfast
- cod & veg for lunch
- mid afternoon snack of 2 pieces of gluten free bread & marmite
- tea was a chicken goujon, leftover mash & baked beans.

Tea wasn't exactly planned but at least I haven't been back in the kitchen since.

Hoping to do some exercise when DH gets home...

MrsMozartMkII Tue 14-May-19 21:47:23

Day 2 here.

DH and I went out and had lunch out. Ended up with a dinner sized meal but no dessert. Then had an icecream..., but did a load of walking and going up and down steep hills and lots (lots!) of steps, so according to MFP I'm under for the day.

Still mentally feel much brighter and body isn't nearly as sluggish as it was.

Onwards folks!

montymum Tue 14-May-19 23:15:07

Sounds like lots of great exercise and eating today!
I came in at 1278 calories today but had lots to eat! Breakfast, banana and strawberry smoothie, lunch left over roast chicken with a large salad, dinner chicken casserole with veg. Had a pear, sultanas and smoked salmon as snacks.
No extra exercise as I have just finished marking but I did complete the daily mile with my class and step count ended on 15,800 so have been fairly active.

wildhairdontcare Tue 14-May-19 23:23:24

Well done everyone. It's amazing the difference a small change can make.

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Tue 14-May-19 23:36:04

So I picked a bad day to make chocolate chip cookies... but the good news is I've still got WW Weekly points left. And the rest of my food today has been positively saintly.

Going to bed now do I can't eat anything else! 😆

TantricTwist Wed 15-May-19 00:13:05

Oh yes I must restart using MFP.

I have now eaten an apple, about 12 Finn crisp, a bit of cheddar and some Philadelphia.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Wed 15-May-19 06:54:57

Morning all smile

Apologies for the radio silence. DC has been sick since the weekend so have been stuck inside and not had much sleep.

Right am doing a 500cal fast day today. Somewhat alarmingly I weigh 13.6!! So really need to lose 2.5 stone to be a healthy BMI but 2 would still be awesome.

I am SO impressed by how many people have joined this thread. Good luck everyone - we can totally do this! grinthanksstarhalo

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