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Dieting for the first time, looking for help!

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seesawteddy Fri 10-May-19 23:20:27

Hello! I am 36 and until the last 2 years have not had any worries with my weight. Then I started my degree. These last two years in particular I have done zero exercise, and scoffed junk, just to get through the hell of writing my essays. Now I have until early Julyto finish my dissertation and I am trapped because I HAVE to spend hours a day sitying on my bum, but also I need to lose at least a stone, ideally more, by July, because I want to look good at graduation and also for when I start going for job interviews. I can’t afford new clothes right now amd my wirk clothes are now too small for me!!

Any tips for a broke, sedetary and time-poor student to lose fat against the clock would be sooo welcome.
Thank you!

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bankholidaybinger Sat 11-May-19 06:33:46

cut out sugar - it's a life changer!

raisinsraisins Sat 11-May-19 11:01:57

I was thin until I went to university and then started putting on weight as I was eating out or boredom while working, which turned into a habit. What you really need to do is break the habit of eating while working. Maybe try to have a variety of drinks such as green tea, and if you crave sugar then keep a pack of polos on your desk and have them instead. Not easy if money is tight, but buy lots of healthy food such as ready made salads, carrot sticks, fruit salads, sushi etc from the supermarket and try to snack on these instead of junk. Good luck!

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