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My scales weight up to 24 stone - they just said error

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givemebooks Mon 06-May-19 13:08:06

Holy crap, its bad its so very very bad i am an utter disgrace i am a mess and now the light has gone on it all feels so very overwhelming

I am a fat fat morbidity obease fucking ugly mess

I knew i was over 22 stone i had no idea it had gone so badly wrong

I am going to die my weight will kill me, jesus my poor kids

Deep breath i am back on eating healthy and starting to move more

Please tell me anyone out there has dragged themselves out of a mess like this

I am freaking out

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mynameisMrG Mon 06-May-19 13:10:22

You can of course do this 😊 start with small targets ie I’m going to walk to the shop and back today, or I want to lose a stone by such and such. It might help to join a slimming club. I know they can seem intimidating at first but everyone is there for the same reason and some groups are really supportive. Good luck! You can do it x

Myusername2015 Mon 06-May-19 13:10:49

Oh lovely I’ve been there in the 20’s and come out the other side I’m around 13 now. I also had a shock that pushed me into losing weight when I broke a chair. Upwards and onwards. Do you have a plan? I used MyFitnessPal pal and walked everywhere; it took a long time and I’ll always be on the chubby side but I feel like a new person. You’ve got this flowers

MagicKeysToAsda Mon 06-May-19 13:22:44

Breathe, breathe, breathe. You are amazing - stepping onto the scales was an act of such courage. You have the bravery and determination you need to do this, it's all possible, 7 lbs at a time (would be my advice). Ideally you need a baseline so you can be proud of your progress - could you face your GP? The practice might have someone who specialises in supporting people with complex weight loss journeys - ours does and she was fab when I needed help.

If you can't face the GP yet you could measure yourself and track progress that way?

What one change do you feel like you could make? You don't need to tell anyone here or in the real world if you don't want to, but for yourself, write down your first step. Maybe don't try and change everything all at once, because it's easy to think you've "failed" if something goes a bit astray, whereas it's all just part of the process. It isn't going to be perfect, but if you persist you will get there.

Pipandmum Mon 06-May-19 13:26:09

I love my fitness pal app. Be honest input all your food and ignore the exercise calories (they way overestimate how much you are burning). Persistence and consistency are key. Exercise for fitness but the battle of the bulge is won in the kitchen!

givemebooks Mon 06-May-19 13:42:57

I am crying in the toliet like a wuss

Hiding from my family, i feel of i tell them why i am heartbroken they we will be like ??? Like you dont know your fat??

Of course i know i panic everytime i buy clothes and squeeze in to a size 32

I catch glimpses of myself in windows and mirrors and think jesus!

But i have hidden away due to PTSD due to past abuse i used it as a comfort but i has become my excuse

My amour of i dont give a shit what anyone thinks i am big and proud

But im not im terrified, and now i have taken that step said to myself your going to do something about this i feel more panic than i have ever felt before!!

Today i did not eat breakfast (bad habit) but when i decided to do this i threw out all the crap

Went to do the big shop bought lots of salad and veg i am thinking of mixing up jackets and filling with salads and home made veg soup

No sweets, no crisps, no shit and no pop
Jesus the amount of Pepsi max i drink is a disgrace in its self

So i am on sugar free squash and iced water

Im trying i has chicken salad for lunch

I must get on with the ironing, have to stop crying

Thank you all for you advice and support its so good to hear from others

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edgen2019 Mon 06-May-19 13:51:33

Oh dear I felt so sad for you when I read your post, but you can turn yourself around and it seems you have got off to a good start. Try and fill up your plate mostly with veg or salad, small amount of carb, kick off the day with porridge (very filling), etc., you can do it, you have taken the first step and its onwards from now on. I wish you well.

Gingerkittykat Mon 06-May-19 14:00:59

Well done on taking the first steps to change. Admitting where you are is the first step in moving forward, lose the self blame and be kind to yourself.

You might want to look into some resources about mindful eating and overcoming emotional eating and finding alternative ways to cope.

gassylady Mon 06-May-19 14:01:13

Best of luck OP sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to make some positive lifestyle changes. Eating more veg sounds great.

I did very well at slimming world 10 years ago largely due to the great support I got from my fellow group members. I did find it less helpful in terms of maintenance. So this time I’m reducing carbs to reduce my insulin levels and hopefully my risk of developing diabetes. Take a look at “The obesity code” or “The diabetes code” both by same author.

WaitrosePigeon Mon 06-May-19 14:03:05

Oh bless you. I had a shock yesterday too.
I’m 5’5 and my weight was 19.3. This is the biggest I’ve ever been. I’m about 10 stone overweight. I don’t know where to start to be honest. My body is hurting in places. I’m getting rashes under my boobs and tummy. I’m tired all the time and I have no motivation and no energy. It seems so overwhelming.

Shockers Mon 06-May-19 14:05:10

I’m in no way suggesting that you don’t need to make a change, for your health and happiness... but mine say error when the battery needs changing.

cowcowsalsa Mon 06-May-19 14:21:49

Same as shockers ^^ my scale also say error when the battery needs changing. Good luck in your journey.

Frostyapples Mon 06-May-19 14:31:21

I hear you and also share your feelings on this. I am 5'3'' and currently weight 18 stone and wear a size 26/28. I have been trying to loose weight for the past 20 years but have realised the error of my ways when trying to loose weight makes me think about food more and ultimately cheat on any diet I try. The trick is to try and eat healthy food, small portions and not use foods as treat or self love. I found that finding a hot drink I love ( providing it's fairly low calorie) helps so that when I'm tempted to binge I have that first and often by the time I've made it and drank it the need to eat is less.
You are beautiful and loved you just need to feel it xxx

NeverHadANickname Mon 06-May-19 14:52:25

You can do this OP! The first step is always the hardest but you know what you have to do. Good luck.

looondonn Mon 06-May-19 14:53:39

I have put on 4 stone due to ptsd
It literally has happened so quickly

Chin up
Get a fit bit
Keep going
Then maybe aim to jog as the weight falls off you
Let's keep each other going

It will take 12-18months and you will feel like a new person

MagentaRocks Mon 06-May-19 15:01:33

Eat lots of protein. It will fill you up and stop you getting hungry. I know it is easier said than done, I’ve been there but try not to see food as a treat and try to not comfort eat. I have had to get used to eating when hungry and eating what my body needs, it’s really hard and the urge to binge is still there at times but I am losing weight, exercising and I feel completely different about food now.

geraniumjam Mon 06-May-19 15:11:41

Please look into the principles of intuitive eating before you launch yourself into another period of deprivation. No holding your breath and hoping your will power outlasts the time it takes to get thin.

givemebooks Mon 06-May-19 15:17:14

@waitrosepigeon i am with you, i hurt all over and have the most horrendous tummy overhang i worry so much about sores, i have been lucky

@Cowcowsalsa i only wish it was the battery, i have checked i even put the kids on to check nope im am just too dam fat

This is not my first attempt 4 years ago i lost over 6 stone on slimming world but i could nit maintain it then i started therapy for the abuse and it all went back on

I am happy to be in such a better place mentally but not happy what i have done to myself

I am doing tuna jacket with salad for tea

Thank you all again

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CherryPavlova Mon 06-May-19 15:21:08

Lovely, your fat, far too fat to be healthy or o cope well as a mother but you know that. You don’t need anyone telling you repeatedly how bad it is. You’re telling yourself that already.
So blow your nose. Splash your face. There are much, much worse crimes than being fat. Being fat isn’t even close to being bad. It makes you unhappy and limits you but far better someone kind and fat than cruel and thin. Your children don’t care. They’ll love you regardless.

You do need to do something but you probably won’t have much impact alone. You’ll need support for the long haul. Go and see your GP. There are many options that can help and the support and guidance of practice staff will keep you on track. They can probably refer you for gym sessions too to start a monitored exercise programme.
Star being kinder to yourself. Reward yourself with non food treats. Walk to the shops to buy a new lipstick etc.

Burlea Mon 06-May-19 15:21:26

My friend was 25 stone and was told by the doctor that if she didn't take her weight in hand she wouldn't last another 2 years.
She started small walking, no sugar plenty of water. Her husband drew up a chart, for every 7lb she lost he would get her a treat. It has taken
nearly 2 years with a few set backs she is now down to 14 stone. I was lucky to be with her when she bought her first dress from Next did she cry.
You can do this the first thing is you have got on the scales second owned up to need loosing weight.
Good luck we are all with you.

Mondy Mon 06-May-19 15:42:37

"Deep breath i am back on eating healthy and starting to move more"
"No sweets, no crisps, no shit and no pop"

You're doing the right things, you're trying and not making excuses (unlike me...). Keep at it and you'll get there!

Prisonbreak Mon 06-May-19 15:49:31

It’s doable. It’s hard but it’s doable. I’m down 4 stone and I have another 2 to lose. You can do it. Determination and dedication and you will do it

RandomMess Mon 06-May-19 16:03:58

thanks for all you have been through.

All the sweetners in sugar free squash are full of shit, addictive and help you keep craving sweet stuff unfortunately.

You can do this, you managed it before and you will do it again!

You don't need to eat breakfast, eat when you are hungry. The three meals a day is a myth! My fitness pal is great for helping you eat enough protein and fat and carbs that you can lose weight healthily without being hungry.

WatchingTheWheels85 Mon 06-May-19 16:10:55

Look on youtube or instagram for debbies world. She has lost over 15st and maintained.

Mrscog Mon 06-May-19 17:33:11

You can do this, you really can.

My advice would be to download my fitness pal and start tracking calories. To start off with, do a week of 'normal eating' - ie not over eating but not restricting either (say 1800 calories a day), if you can do less, then do, but if not don't sweat it - just get in to the vibe.

It's fine to miss meals - there is growing evidence to support longer fasts. Breakfast was created by the food industry to sell us food. I actually feel much better on two substantial delicious meals a day than I do on three with snacks and trying to keep them all healthy.

Do as many steps as you can and build on it day by day, even if you only go on a 50 step walk today, do 60 tomorrow, then add more each day.

At the size you are, a normal healthy diet and gentle exercise should start to shed the weight for you without too much misery.

Soups are your friend too.

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