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Cheap Healthy Meal Ideas?

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KittenMittens1 Wed 01-May-19 11:25:03

Just that really,

I need ideas to help me loose weight that aren't going to kill my budget.

Also no Salads! (I heave at the thought of a salad haha) Any Advise or ideas will be very much appreciated!

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KittenMittens1 Wed 01-May-19 11:30:05

smile bump.

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gotmychocolateimgood Wed 01-May-19 11:31:11

Spicy bean stew
Vegetable soup
Tuna pasta bake (easy on the cheese!)
Wraps with various fillings
Baked potato
Salmon cooked in foil parcels in the oven with rice and veg
Stir fry

BIWI Wed 01-May-19 11:32:19

First, you need to define 'healthy', and second you need to say what kind of diet you're following! Recipes/advice will be different if you're counting calories, dropping the fat or counting the carbs.

KittenMittens1 Wed 01-May-19 11:34:37

No Diet in particular, just want to stop going for the frozen meals and start choosing homemade healthier options.

More of a lifestyle change then a fad diet, just struggling for Ideas.

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DevonshireDarling Wed 01-May-19 11:35:58

Homemade soups
Cauliflower goulash
Jacket potato
3 bean chili
Stir fry

KittenMittens1 Wed 01-May-19 11:37:01

@gotmychocolateimgood & DevonshireDarling

Ooo some great ideas, thank you folks.

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notacooldad Wed 01-May-19 11:46:34

google the Hairy Bikers Diet recipes.
They have a lot of everyday meals but made healthier.

I have the cook book and it is really good.

KittenMittens1 Wed 01-May-19 11:48:41

OOoh, thanks notacooldad I'll have a nosey at that now smile Someone in the office mentioned them too!

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Thecatisboss Wed 01-May-19 11:53:37

I've got all the Hairy Dieters books they have some lovely tasty recipes. I lost a load of weight following their recipes (& switching to porridge or overnight oats from toast for breakfast).

The lamb kebab is really good as is their fish with chorizo crust (though avoid the courgette recipes both the turkey burger with courgette and courgette and pasta are never being repeated in this house!)

GreenEggsHamandChips Wed 01-May-19 11:54:01

Cooking on a bootstrap has been fab for this. Her salmon paste pasta and bean chilli is gorgeous and come in at less than a £1 and £1.50 respectively for 3. Her brie and bacon stuff i can even slide through low cal (bacon 60p for 500g which will do 3 of us at least 3 meals). I just up the veg 2-3 portions every meal (we eat a lot of frozen green beans and brocolli) and cut the carb portion to 50g (100g for DP if hes around). The rissotto works out about 400 cal and the carb-bri- nara about 600cal, 500cal if you splash out on becon medallions

Her mushroom strognoff (double the volume of mushrooms use quinoa instead of rice or just 3 portions of green veg), bean cassolet and egg shakura make great not a salad or a sandwich meal. The shakura is the bestest.

I have a slow cook chicken curry recipe thats fab too. Comes in at around 400cals depending on volume of rice or quinoa. Again frozen greens to the side and, if you can get it past the kids, frozen spinach in the curry.

Spag bol with mushrooms, sweetcorn and grated courgette and carrot (80g of each). 250g of 5% mince does 3 of us. Tesco do 750g tray i split down.

KittenMittens1 Wed 01-May-19 12:05:45

Wow, looks like i have some reading to be doing haha.

that Cooking on a bootstrap - thats going in my favourites!! My birthday is coming up soon so going to ask the hubby for the Hairy Bickers book!

Thanks guys some great tips!

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GreenEggsHamandChips Wed 01-May-19 12:16:46

If you are going to get a Jack book. Dont get the cooking on a bootstrap book, get a girl called jack (the red wine and mushroom recipes are good from their too). Only the shakshuka (spelt in wrong before) and the bean cassolet arent in that book.

Most of her receipes are online.

Eat well for less do a good chicken Katsu (good treat but not really naughty), butternut squash Rissotto, and one pot chorizo pasta

jelly79 Thu 02-May-19 23:34:32

Vegetable and lentil bake is a cheap and easy go to smile

jelly79 Thu 06-Jun-19 23:35:33

Lentil / veg / quinoa bake
Chicken and veg fajitas
Fish stew
Veg curry

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