When to get rid of clothes?

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KatyaZamolodchikova Wed 01-May-19 07:35:12

I’ve recent dropped two dress sizes from a 16 to a 12. I’ve still got some weight to loose but have been maintaining as I’m getting married at the weekend and my dress won’t fit if I keep losing.

I’ve had to recently buy a couple of new pairs of jeans and some basic T-shirt’s and tops as my usual clothes are just hanging off me. I’m reluctant to buy more new clothes as I have more to loose but feel a bit anxious about donating my old clothes in case I put it all back on, even though I don’t intend to!

At what point did you all start getting rid of old things and feel confident that you could buy new things?

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AuntieStella Wed 01-May-19 07:42:39

Difficult one.

I think you need periodic weedings, and you'll gradually get rid over time.

Start with anything that now swamps your unand is in poor condition, or which you never really liked much in the first placesially if they have any associations of being 'things you bought because at least they fitted'

Supermarket clothes are probably easiest when you know you might need/want to keep items for long. Second hand shops wouid be even better, but you can!t always count on finding stuff

And well done!!

Dontgiveamonkeys1350 Wed 01-May-19 14:39:51

I have lost nearly two stone. I’m now sitting somewhere in the ten stone mark. I stopped weighing myself as I was becoming obsessed with numbers. So now go by my clothes

I bought some clothes the other day. As all mine were too big. I tried on all small sizes of size tens and they fitted me. I have about another 10pounds ish left to go. I decided that as I was a small I wasn’t going to be getting into anything smaller than that ie an extra small so i decided that now was okay to get a new summer wardrobe.

I’m taking the trousers may go down to a size ten though. So didn’t buy a lot of them.

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