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Furball Tue 17-Jul-07 07:16:51


HeavyBee Tue 17-Jul-07 09:54:42

Thank you Furball, for starting us off this week, and for the chart too, safely received. No weight loss to post here, I'm afraid, but no gain either, so my clothes are mostly comfortable. Good luck everyone!

Furball Thu 19-Jul-07 10:32:56

come on folks - I aint sending a chart with just 2 people on for this week!

WelshGirlie Thu 19-Jul-07 21:00:09

I have fallen off the wagon big time, these last 3 weeks and have developed an irrational fear of the weighing scales.

Furball, I promise you that I will weigh myself on Tuesday.

You may not all be aware, but my motivation for losing weight is that I want to TTC. I have finally had the date for a minor procedure that I have to have on my back. It's going to get done in mid-August.

So, I need to get my arse in to gear and lose weight before then so that I can TTC with gusto following the op!

I promise I'll weigh on Tuesday ladies!

tortoise Thu 19-Jul-07 21:04:47

Sorry. i forgot to post again.
Weight this week 12st exactly! Only a small gain so i am not too bothered.

WelshGirlie Good luck. think positive. You can do it!

WelshGirlie Thu 19-Jul-07 22:52:35

Thanks Tortoise, I appreciate it!

We've been thinking about this for a few months now, but this op has been a barrier. I know I've lost the best part of a stone, but I'd like to get to 11st 7.

Don't know why, it's just a number I've decided upon!

Positive Mental Attitude - that's what is needed!

Furball Fri 20-Jul-07 07:35:24

Welshie I'll join you with your mid August challenge if thats OK? - I'm supposed to be in a swimsuit on a holiday! although not as important as yours WG

I know what you mean with falling off the wagon, I think everyone has been there. It's easy to diet for a day, it's easyish for a week, but it's the longhaul thats hard, keep focused and THINK THIN

WelshGirlie Fri 20-Jul-07 11:40:10

Great news Furball, we can keep each other motivated!

Furball Fri 20-Jul-07 14:52:09

<Furball nods hoping noone spots her hobnob>

WelshGirlie Fri 20-Jul-07 18:27:43

Well if you're allowed one, then I want one too. That's how it works isn't it!

Pass one over missus!

HeavyBee Tue 24-Jul-07 11:56:00

OK, thinthinkers, here we go this week :here. (Looks round nervously to see if Furball has already set up a thread - in which case apologies!)

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