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Size 22. On a budget. Gym clothes???

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ChrisPrattAteMyHomework Fri 26-Apr-19 17:32:34

They had some nice ones in matalan but only went upto a 18.
Tkmaxx XXl looked tiny

Only have about? 30 quid to get an outfit excuding trainers.

Any ideas

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HundredMilesAnHour Fri 26-Apr-19 17:33:34

Have a look at Marks & Spencer. Their gym clothes are reasonable quality.

Lostmykeys Fri 26-Apr-19 17:34:15

Sainsbury’s. Brilliant

PlatypusPie Fri 26-Apr-19 17:43:17

My gym stuff is 90% Sainsbury’s - lasts well and the sizing is on the generous size.

stayingaliveisawayoflife Fri 26-Apr-19 17:47:32

Another for Sainsbury's. good sizing up to 24 which I always get and it lasts. Some usually on the sale racks too.

GooodMythicalMorning Fri 26-Apr-19 17:48:15

I usually just buy from Amazon and its been fine.

stucknoue Fri 26-Apr-19 17:51:16

Mine is Asda, smaller size but cost £15 total

Boysey45 Sat 27-Apr-19 15:47:04

Decathlon, very reasonable and good quality. They go upto a size 22.

Lwmommy Sat 27-Apr-19 16:00:13

Fabletics have quite a bit on sale at the moment

samlovesdilys Sat 27-Apr-19 16:24:54

Asda are great, have lasted really well and thick leggings!

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