Which diet to choose!?

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Jennas55 Wed 24-Apr-19 14:17:59

How do you decide which diet to try!? I have tried weight watcher and Slimming world and never lose more than2-3 lbs it’s so annoying!!
I am 5”3 and 10 stone 5 and would like to get to 9 stone ideally!
Any tips please?

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WhoAteMyNuts Wed 24-Apr-19 14:20:05

Do you need to follow a 'diet'? Some people do which is fair enough and I have (and failed) in the past.

Could you just calorie count using an app?

Prisonbreak Wed 24-Apr-19 14:29:25

The only diet that works is a caloric deficit. Atkins, Cambridge, keto etc... all need a calorie deficit to be successful

Jennas55 Wed 24-Apr-19 16:02:16

Hi thanks both. I have tried my fitness pal but found it such a huge faff weight everything to get the calories that I didn’t last more than a week sad

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Lifeaback Wed 24-Apr-19 16:06:14

No ‘diet’ will help you if you don’t change your mindset. You have to enjoy it and making excuses like ‘finding it a faff’ won’t get you anywhere. Sorry, I know that will sound harsh but it’s true. Losing weight isn’t easy, if it was none of us would be overweight

Jennas55 Wed 24-Apr-19 16:26:31

You are so so right! Wish I knew how to change my mindset!! I’m a huge emotional eater but also habitual eating too. Just not sure how to change the way I see food

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WhoAteMyNuts Wed 24-Apr-19 18:02:16

I am trying to change my mindset rather than a diet.

If you are after quick big losses it won't be for you. It's slow with some plateaus and ups and downs. But I am losing weight and still living iykwim. Cutting out food sources, fasting or calorie counting isn't something I want to do anymore.


kaytee87 Thu 25-Apr-19 11:26:25

Come and join me on my 16:8 thread x

ppeatfruit Thu 25-Apr-19 15:02:10

The Paul Mackenna (I Can Make You Thin) way of eating worked for me (I am slim not thin though I don't want to look like skelington!!!). It uses hypnosis to get your mindset changed.

Though if you just cut out too much caffiene and alcohol of course, have plenty of water and herbal teas instead, ate meals that were protein and veg not carbs (eat them with veg). The weight would drop off. I lost 3 stone and I have never counted a calorie in my life!!!

PlinkPlink Thu 25-Apr-19 15:19:36

21 day fix portion pots are a God send. So simple.

No measuring, no tracking calories. You work all that stuff out in the beginning, dont get me wrong, but once you work out how many pots you need each day it's so simple.

I currently have 3 pots for veggies, 2 fruit, 4 protein, 1 healthy fats, 1 seeds and dressings, 2 tbsp of oils or nut butters and 10 glasses of water a day. They're all different size pots but fruit and veg are the equivalent to 1 cup and they're the biggest size.

I've lost 20lbs with them post birth. At first I didnt do exercise even so it was slow -1lb or 2lb a week. Then after a year I added in exercise. I'm down to 10st 2 (5'7") and have very low body fat.

It even has an app to go with it so you can track what pots you've had in the day and has a list for each colour pot of various foods you can put in there.

Message me if you want more details. This post is already too long 😂😂🙈🙈

Rainbow1781 Fri 26-Apr-19 17:17:44

21 day fix is an MLM for Beachbody?

MummyBearBoo Fri 03-May-19 08:38:06

I'm 5ft 3 too and was 10st 10lbs in November i if go to the gym but can only go twice at the most coz I have a 3 yr old so can go on the days she's in pre-school but I do walk 90 mins with a pram half up half down hill twice week to take her to ballet, tap and music class.
I now weigh 9st 2lbs my goal was 9st but I've now revised it to 8st 9lbs.
My weight has been this for 3 weeks but I think it's coz muscle weighs more than fat as my waist is still getting slimmer but as I'm toning up my weight has stayed the same for now

I don't believe in certain diets as once you stop following it you undo all your work so l made small changes for a lifestyle change:
I do the following:
-Signed up to the My Fitness Pal app it gives me a calorie amount to lose 1lb a week
-I switch some foods so Edam is less calories then other cheeses, wraps not sandwiches, only 1 slice of toast, boiled egg whites no yolk, brown pasta and rice and just generally eat pretty much the same but just smaller portions (when your body gets used to it you don't need as much) alcohol wise bud light is the best smaller bottles they are 80 cal and red wine is better than white -if I have enough calories left I like to have a drink with my dinner or I'll just have sparkling water coz it calorie free!
-Finally no snacks, sweets or seconds but I'm not too strict on this as long as I have enough in my calorie goal!!

Good luck xx

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