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Youmatter Wed 17-Apr-19 02:57:40

You guys ever had any luck with it?

This time last year I completely changed my diet. I stopped fizzy drinks and now rarely have them. I really got into long dog walks and weight lifting a little.

After an illness and surgery due to suspected crohns and the end of last year I’ve hit a stumbling block.

I managed to lose about 3 stone from last year with no real physical effort when I think about it despite all the walking etc.

I’m just wondering if I should try orlistat as a kick start?

I was around 18 stone and now I’m around 15. I definitely get compliments on my weight loss but to be honest I don’t really see it.

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Youmatter Thu 18-Apr-19 01:23:59


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Blueberryflavour Thu 18-Apr-19 01:34:18

I did get it prescribed by my GP, I have an under active thyroid that even though i’m on medication for that, it makes it hard for me to lose weight.
Orlistat works by forcing you to only eat low fat foods, if you eat anything with fat in it the consequences are severe.
It doesn’t really educate you to eat more healthy , anything high sugar for example you could eat no worries. It’s all about the threat of the outcome if you were to eat fatty foods. It worked for a short time for me but was not a long term solution.
If the thought of spending hours in the bathroom will put you off eating the wrong things, then it may work for you.

mrselizabethdarcy Thu 18-Apr-19 01:38:47

Orlistat works BUT if you have pretty much anything with a high-ish fat content the side effect is horrible. You get a discharge from your bum that is bright orange and like oil. The more fat you have eaten the worse it is. It can sometimes leak and is so oily it stains your pants/trousers/chair....

This is if you don't stick to low fat diet though and it does work if used properly with only a few side effects.

Good luck x

Youmatter Thu 18-Apr-19 02:20:50


It’s something I’ll consider.. just need to give myself a kick in the ass!

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Gingerkittykat Thu 18-Apr-19 03:14:02

The pain of eating something with a little bit of fat in it was excruciating, and I lost next to nothing on them.

If you look at the stats, someone taking orlistat will lose 10lb more than a placebo over a year, so I wouldn't expect dramatic results taking it.

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