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Parrish Tue 16-Apr-19 23:28:40

Has anyone else failed at Team RH? I know people who have not been able to stick to it and have left but I actually can’t lose weight on it. I’ve been doing it since last July. I am sick of being told I am a failure by the Team’s members and I feel like the only one who can’t do it but surely, with all the thousands of members, there’s bound to be more people like me who are just not losing.

Anyone want to stick their head above the parapet?!

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LiliesAndChocolate Tue 16-Apr-19 23:44:24

What is the core of the program? And which bits are difficult for you?

Parrish Tue 16-Apr-19 23:49:03

I have stuck to the prescribed 2000 calories a day, got near as possible to the suggested macronutrients and walked 15k steps a day. But nothing. I should have lost a pound a week. I just wondered if I am alone and those who fail at this diet dont speak up. I certainly get shouted down when I speak online about my failure.

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redavocado Tue 16-Apr-19 23:55:16

I've been doing it for a few weeks and I've found it pretty good! They suggest playing about with your calories if your breastfeeding (and I am) so it's been a little hit and miss because of that. I had wondered if anyone else on here did it.

Have you tried dropping your calories at all? And are you definitely weighing and logging everything accurately?

liliesandchocolate - it's basically calorie counting/IIFYM (if it fits your macros) with daily water and step goals and various workout plans.

LiliesAndChocolate Wed 17-Apr-19 06:04:30

I certainly get shouted down when I speak online about my failure. nobody should abuse you online, especially when you pay for a program and a moderator should intervene and support you.

I would ditch them completely, make a couple of screenshots and end your subscription.

At 2000 calories, it is very unlikely to lose weight, especially if you only walk 15000 steps a day. You need to go lower and smarter. Not all calories are equal. The calories from a highly processed food are far more absorbed than the calories from a basic single ingredient good (steak, asparagus and so on).
Are you eating savoury snack (crips, crackers, rice cakes) or sweet industrial and highly transformed food (cereal bars, protein bar, protein shakes, breakfast cereals)? Or meals rich in sauces and additives, even light meals, or slim meals?

Would you try for a week, to eat food someone would have found in the 1930s, before the food industry revolution, so a steak, a piece of fish, eggs, chickpeas and lentils, with any vegetables you want and a bit, brown rice, oats, not much fruit ? Avoid fried food, processed food - including bacon, ham, salami - , take aways for a week, drink your usual tea and herbal tea, but nothing that has sweeteners in it so no light chocolate.
Control your calorie intake, but do not count the calories. Grill a chicken breast, and have it with green beans and a grated carrot salad.No artificial sauces from a sachet, only a bit of real extra virgin olive oil and so on.

To stay the weight I am, I eat around 1200 and I still do crossfit style workout 3-5 times a week. Whatever calories are used for the workout do not influence what I eat, meaning I don't eat extra calories because I have done a workout.

iMatter Wed 17-Apr-19 06:20:03

2000 calories is a lot!

Are you 6' tall?!

I eat about 1200 calories a day and train 6 times a week (HIIT training and triathlon training).

I would look elsewhere. It sounds like it's not working for you at all.

Bailey29 Wed 17-Apr-19 06:43:30

I'm glad someone's mentioned this on here. I've been looking into this for the past week after hitting a plateau.

I already log food on mfp and get 10,000 steps so I thought this plan would be easy to follow. Pretty much what I've been doing already but with extra support.

I don't like the sound of how you've been treated though. The videos on facebook are very straght to the point and he comes across as taking no bs. While it might be good for some people, it might not be the right approach for others. I can imagine them shooting down anyone that doesn't agree with them!

I think I'll just keep watching from the distance for now.

I hope you find something that works for you.

Newjobnewstart Wed 17-Apr-19 06:49:32

Im a member. Ive lost about 1/2 stone but no more. On the plus side i havent put anything on. I find it a chore counting and measuring everything tbh, and difficult to get so much protein.

Im also starting to find it a bit cult like. Its all over fb and all other weight loss programs are scams and u are an idiot to follow them etc.

LiliesAndChocolate Wed 17-Apr-19 22:58:59

It sounds like a marketing model, shout, insult, play the bad ass but this will only work for a short while and not in the long run.
Diet do not work. You lose weight but the pounds will come back eventually.
What works is changing lifestyle and changing what you eat. Forever. Yes of course you can have a pizza sometimes, or some crisps when having drinks with friends, but 95% of your diet should be real food.

Parrish Thu 18-Apr-19 22:30:47

Thank you Liliesandchocolate your advice is very helpful and kind. My body doesn’t process food like it used to. I need to go back to basic food like you say...
And thank you newjobnewstart for being supportive and mentioning what some of the members won’t say out loud....

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GoatsInATree Sun 21-Apr-19 09:24:54

I joined just over a year ago.I'm at the high end of obese and so I was on 2300 calories.
Macros were 60 % carbs, 20 protein, 20 fat. I found that I couldn't lose weight on 60% carbs, even doing 15k steps.
Anyway, I couldn't lose weight after the initial weight loss of around 4lbs.

After a few months I gave up on it and adjusted my macros to much lower carbs and increased protein and fat. I reduced the processed foods too. I did start losing weight then - on 2300 calories - and it was belly fat that went first.
I fell off the wagon because I go so fed up of counting calories. I've been flip flopping around various diets for ages now and am still a member of Team RH as I didn't cancel my annual DD.

I think for people who don't mind calorie counting, who are happy to compromise slower weight loss for higher calories, and who are disciplined to eat less processed food it can work very well. I've noticed that they're now subtly pushing much cleaner eating. I also don't like that the Private Coaching group page is now 90% user content (long videos about what food shop they've done this week, etc) and very little actual 'coaching' except on the POD.

Anyway, the TLDR : for me at least, it was too high in carbs and I ate too much processed food (to get my carbs in!). I'm still trying to lose a lot of weight!

ABW73 Sat 23-May-20 12:23:36

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