How do you give up sugar??

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Dickorydockwhatthe Tue 16-Apr-19 11:52:36

I have a sugar addiction and the more I have the more I want!! I want to lose weight and have more energy. How can I cut out or reduce sugar when its in everything 😩

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notacooldad Tue 16-Apr-19 12:03:25

I'm trying and on the whole doing ok.
Meal planning is important to me. I have found that really helps rather than thinking 10 mins before and grabbing anything!!
I do eat a lot but have learned to eat a lot of good stuff.
I always have full fat Greek yogurt, butter and cream rather than low fat and margarine.
I have cut out things that contain added sugar. Eg white bread, processed breakfast has helped reduce cravings.
DP and I had got into a habit of sitting down at 10 o'clock, watching the news and having a beer or gin and a bar of chocolate,
It was a terrible habit and hard to break but we have stopped that now. It took about a week to stop that craving, which was essentially a habit.
I'm not saying it's easy but it does get easier and if you do relapse and have some sugar dont beat your self up, just enjoy it and move on.

Dickorydockwhatthe Tue 16-Apr-19 12:18:02

Thanks for the advice, can I ask do you eat fruit still and potatoes??

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notacooldad Tue 16-Apr-19 12:38:45

Potatoes were never a big part of my meals before hand so it's not that I actively avoid them, it's just they are not a big feature in my meals although I do like sweet potato. I eat them if I am out for a meal.

With regard to fruit I don't eat loads, I rarely have a banana unless I am on a long mountain day or mountain biking. I find grapefruit and oranges to fussy. I am big on veg but I do have blueberries most mornings. I also have strawberries and cream for breakfast sometimes. I occasionly have mango but use it as an ingredient in a receipe, same with figs.
I do eat a lot of avocados over the month. However I find they till me up. I am the master of innovation when it comes to avocado!
I put grapes or plums in with red onion and peppers to roast. I do use a lot of popmranete seeds, mainly on salads or with giant cous cous.

If I do feel like a desert I go retro! In other words, what I used to give my boys for pudding 15 years ago when they were small, grilled pineapple with Creme freche!

I am slowly losing weight because I didn't want to do an 'all or nothing ' approach or to put my self on a 'diet' as I knew that would cause mind issues for me. However I also know that I was eating way too much processed and sugar than my body can cope with IYSWIM.

I know you haven't asked but I've also changed my exercise regime.
Before I only did weights ( not including my mountain biking and hilll waking). I have added yoga and Pilates which is helping me focus more.

Widowodiw Tue 16-Apr-19 12:43:18

You need to cut back a bit at a time. First off fizzy drinks are totally unnecessary. Then chocolate/ biscuits etc. I still eat fruit as to me that’s an ok sugar and I love fruit so thats not being given up on.

It’s true the more sugar you have the more you want. But it’s also true that once you give something up for a relatively short time (x2 weeks) the less you will want it.

notacooldad Tue 16-Apr-19 13:04:37

I forgot about alcohol.
I used to be a big drinker but I can take it or leave it now. I usually have a lime or soda when I go out as I am usually driving. If not I will have the odd beer.
I rarely drink at home anymore.
I was never one for fizzy drinks anyway.

I don't have biscuits or snacks in the house but never did anyway, we would buy when we wanted them. DP would often phone to ' see if I wanted anything nice picking up' Again, that was annother habit.

Good luck, just persevere and don't beat yourself up.

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