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Low fat meal ideas

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conflicted1234 Sun 14-Apr-19 22:12:46

Hi all,
Posted earlier about feeling rubbish about myself and trying to lose weight. Have started to draft out a meal plan of sorts, just ideas for lower fat/calorie meals. Following a specific diet plan never really works for me so just want to make some healthier choices. I work full time so ideally need breakfast and lunch ideas that are simple enough to pack up and go rather than freshly cooked things.

For lunch I'm thinking homemade veg soups, pasta salads, wraps with meat/salad.

I'm struggling for breakfast ideas though. I keep seeing overnight oats everywhere but I'm not a fan of oats.

Evening meals my oh usually deals with so will need to have a chat with him.

Any further suggestions would be fab, not really a fish lover and I hate bananas but other than that I'm open to suggestions!

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KittyWindbag Mon 15-Apr-19 05:34:04

This is controversial and definitely isn’t for everyone as lots of people love brekkie, but I stopped eating breakfast. It was easy for me to do as my job is a very busy one so I wouldn’t even really have time to think about food. I’d power through on a large coffee then have a big healthy salad with chicken for lunch.

I found that eating breakfast seemed to wake my stomach up and then I was just hungry all day. Lots of people do this with restricted window eating, it seems a popular approach these days.

KittyWindbag Mon 15-Apr-19 05:38:17

Sorry I realise your actual question was for low-fat meal ideas and I hate it when people don’t address the actual question but just pile on with their own opinion blush

A good healthy breakfast is eggs. Don’t need to exclude the yolks as an egg only has about 70 calories so a two-egg omelette is a quick and healthy breakfast.

conflicted1234 Mon 15-Apr-19 08:23:23

@KittyWindbag thank you, I struggle with breakfast too as I'm rushing around in the morning and I'm not really fussed about lots of breakfast foods unless it involves a McDonald's muffin 🙈

Eggs I like for a weekend but I don't usually have time to whip up an omelette on a weekday. Wish I liked oats as they can be done in advance and are handy to grab and go.

Chicken salad sounds good for lunch. I'll add that to my list x

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managedmis Mon 15-Apr-19 12:37:00

So don't eat breakfast at all. 400 calories saved right there!

I'd watch the pasta salads if you're trying to lose weight.

Groovee Mon 15-Apr-19 12:39:14

I eat eggs quite often for breakfast. Scrambled with some cheese, ham and spring onions and sometimes tomatoes. Or an omelette topped with frozen fruit or savoury with ham, mushroom, onions and spinach.

Groovee Mon 15-Apr-19 12:40:31

Just saw you don't have time to make eggs. On those mornings, I usually have fruit with a protein yoghurt and 2 boiled eggs.

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