How do you do it when your depression stops you

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traumacat Sun 14-Apr-19 01:34:37

I struggle to stick to ANYTHING and dieting is no exception.

Part of my depression and anxiety means I struggle to see anything through be that routines, to do lists, general organisation etc. In fact/ I couldn't even see my CBT therapy through!

It's frustrating as I know that only I can change that. But I absolutely can not seem to stick to anything for longer than a week.

I realise this is why I struggle to loose weight. I've tried every diet going. I feel so sure I'll finally do it, and just like that, I give up - and get more depressed.

Has anyone successfully overcome that barrier and how?

Thank you!

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VivaFrida Sun 14-Apr-19 17:35:35

Hi Traumacat, I also suffer of depression/anxiety that caused me to put weight on. I am currently being successful at losing it and my BMI is now 23.1. My answer to you would be to take things slowly one at the time, be kind to yourself, and consider your new way of eating/exercise something that you do for you not an extra stress! In my case I was overeating to feel better, and that worked short term, but putting weight on was making me feel really bad long term, not just because I didn't look good but also lacking energy, everything difficult, etc. I started with therapy, then keeping a journal, then starting a diet, then beginning exercising, one thing at a time as a treat not a threat.

Orangecake123 Tue 16-Apr-19 17:41:20

Like Viva said- go slow.

I have clinical depression. When I'm at my worst the idea of even going to the gym seemed so incredibly hard. But starting with just walking for 10 mins is somewhere to start. Do you have someone who could go with you?

Change your diet slowly. For now just see what you're actually eating at the moment and just start writing it all down and being aware of it. It's hard to stick to a diet when it's unrealistic and your not eating enough.

I also found Myfitnesspal helpful for logging what I was eating and it also has a support forum with success photos which can be inspiring.

Youmatter Wed 17-Apr-19 03:03:07

I currently don’t have the courage to go to the gym. At one point I didn’t leave the house, however my dog has completely given me the motivation to get out. It completely shifted my anxiety of being out, being alone and give me a focus.

First it was me sitting on a park bench with her, then it was the enjoyment of watching her explore.

I’ve kept all my anxiety to myself because I know people around me would be so shocked to hear it. That little pooch has changed my life.

I’m off on a ramble. My point is, find something that shifts your focus.

GodolphianArabian Thu 18-Apr-19 11:19:19

Rather than dieting which sounds like it's too much at the moment. What about trying to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables? So eat whatever you normally do even if it's not that healthy but try and include more fruit and veg. There is quite a lot of evidence that gut health and mental health are linked. In an ideal world you would obviously eat a lovely healthy diet but when you're low it's so much easier to eat something comforting. But eating more fruit and veg may actually help improve your mental health to the point where you can diet properly.

I'd start with easy stuff, personally I love apples, grapes, mango, strawberries etc. Buy ready to roast veg so you don't have to prep anything. Iceland also do some great tasty low calorie cook from frozen meals. Also they have prepared frozen veg that just needs microwaving so you can have it with your normal meal without much extra effort.

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