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Advice from Body Coach 90day plan people!

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bubbakin Tue 09-Apr-19 19:51:17

Thinking of signing husband up to this! He works away 5 days a week (leaving home Monday early am returning Fri eve).
He doesn’t have cooking facilities during week, but does have access to fridge/feeezer & microwave! Will it be possible for me to make all his food for 5 days & him reheat through week. Or are there lots of things he’ll need to cook fresh that day? Or can you request his meal plan is batch cook freezer friendly? Imagine breakfasts will be hardest.
We have lean in 15 cook book & that’s not too bad but for breakfast he has slimmer world over night oats! He follows it loosely & now needs to up it if he wants to get trim for summer hols!
Thank you

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