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BigMoFos w/c 13 July

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WigWamBam Fri 13-Jul-07 12:26:03

New thread

TigerFeet Fri 13-Jul-07 12:28:37

Well done you two (WWB & MrsJC)

There appears to be an imprint of a dainty shoe on my backside

WigWamBam Fri 13-Jul-07 12:29:19

If it's a dainty shoe then it ain't mine ...

JackieNo Fri 13-Jul-07 12:30:08

Well done MrsJC and WWB .

I'm really going to try hard this week. However, we're off to the Children's Food Festival at some point this weekend, so what are my chances, do you think?

WigWamBam Fri 13-Jul-07 12:32:27

The most appropriate turn of phrase might be "Fat Chance"

JackieNo Fri 13-Jul-07 12:35:06

Could be, WWB. There will, allegedly, be real water buffalo (possibly baby water buffalo). Not sure if this is much of an incentive.

WigWamBam Fri 13-Jul-07 12:37:05

I'm assuming you don't mean to eat ...

JackieNo Fri 13-Jul-07 12:38:12

No, live ones, I think, for display purposes, presumably relating to mozzarella. There's good eating on a water buffalo, I bet.

WigWamBam Fri 13-Jul-07 12:46:30

I thought it would probably be to do with mozzarella

Dd got her letter yesterday, by the way - she was delighted. She's almost finished writing hers and we'll try and post it tomorrow - no point doing it today with the postal strike. Dd is a bit self-conscious about her handwriting (they don't do joined-up writing yet, and she was terribly impressed that your dd does!) but is doing her best. I'm hoping that your dd won't need a translation ...

JackieNo Fri 13-Jul-07 12:50:30

Glad it arrived safely, and she enjoyed it. She's only just started doing joined up writing, and it's a bit tortuous still.

littlemisssensible Fri 13-Jul-07 13:16:58

Hi all,

well done WWB and MrsJC! And thanx for the boot WWB, hopefully I'll get back on track after my holiday!

Tigerfeet my DD is 9 (going on 30!)

katybump Fri 13-Jul-07 15:16:29

Hiya , I was at my mums yesterday so didn't get chance to way in.However i have weighed myself now i'm home and wait for it

i've lost 3 pounds !!!!!!!

Must have been the stress and custard cream diet

JackieNo Fri 13-Jul-07 15:20:04

Woohoo. Well done you, katybump. That's brilliant - I'm sure WWB won't mind if I award you a crown too <rushes off to buy custard creams>

TigerFeet Fri 13-Jul-07 15:26:00

oh well done katy

I hate custard creams. Hob nobs, on the other hand...

katybump Fri 13-Jul-07 15:41:19

Thank you . The crown is beautiful. I will have to get my hair done now to do it justice.But is there much point if it is never ever going to stop goddamn raining AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH I'm fed up with getting wet

katybump Fri 13-Jul-07 15:43:22

Mmmmmmmm chcolate hobnobs .........wonder if they would have the same effect?

TigerFeet Fri 13-Jul-07 15:47:12

oh yes, chocolate hob nobs. May well have to conduct an experiment there

DD and I got so wet in the rain yesterday, that we gave it up as a bad job and spent ten minuted dancing in the rain and splashing in puddles twas great fun.

JackieNo Fri 13-Jul-07 15:52:30

That does sound like fun, Tigerfeet. As do the chocolate hob nobs. I think tomorrow's supposed to be nice weather, but Sunday's 'thundery showers' or similar.

katybump Fri 13-Jul-07 15:54:38

Ilove jumping in puddlesMy 2 ds's are off to cadbury world for the week-end with their nanna,maybe i should ask them to bring back loads of samples ,purely in the name of research you understand

JackieNo Fri 13-Jul-07 15:56:31

Ooh - tempting, but dangerous. If you're anything like me, if it's in the house, it'll get eaten.

katybump Fri 13-Jul-07 16:01:38

I'm breastfeeding at the moment and dd reacts badly to chocolate so i would have to stockpile them till a later , hence the custard creams.Although to be fair i've only been eating them as my dd is having a growth and they fill the gap until i get a chance to eat a meal{probably should eat some fruit really}

katybump Fri 13-Jul-07 16:03:46

growth spurt , my brain works quicker than my hands

TigerFeet Fri 13-Jul-07 16:10:07

We really did have a laugh - it was great We had to stop at the vet's on the way home, it was raining like I've never known it, dd refused to stay in the car while I popped into the vets so we both got soaked. The vet nurse was looking at dd in sympathy and going "awwww" at her and she was loving every second of the attention. On the way back to the car we decided there was no point hurrying as we were already soaked. Drove home and splashed about the garden until the rain stopped .

Worth a choc hobnob or three don't-cha-think?

TigerFeet Fri 13-Jul-07 16:13:06

shame about the chocolate katybump, if you need any help clearing the backlog...

(god I remember dd's growth spurts. I used to wonder why I never got anything done through the day and then counted the number of hours I spent with a baby attached to a boob and realised why )

katybump Fri 13-Jul-07 16:31:52

Definately 2 choc hobnobs and a choc and caramel digestive tigerfeet.Have just topped my dd up with 4 ozs of formula , I ususally give her a bottle of ebm at this time{her wingy time is anything between 4 and 7pm}and i find a bottle she can glug sorts her out. Unfortunately my pump has broken and i haven't had time to get it replaced so formula it is.She's such a greedy guts she'll have anything as long as she's fed.{just like her mother lol}

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