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Cabbage Soup Diet.

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louise5754 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:49:32

Hi. Any info good or bad will be appreciated.

So far I know you're only allowed one boiled egg for breakfast. Soup for lunch and soup for dinner.

No coffee tea milk etc.

I'm going away in 2 weeks.

I've read that as soon as you start to eat other foods you pile on the weight. Also that you're only supposed to do it one week at a time?

Help please I've never been on a diet and need to lose weight fast x

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polarpig Sun 07-Apr-19 13:34:34

Not recommended unless you are going to avoid all other people while you are doing it. Yes, you will pile on weight when you start eating normally as you will have been starving yourself. It's the worst way I can think of to lose weight.

theworldistoosmall Sun 07-Apr-19 13:43:00

You can eat more than just the soup and an egg. You can also eat chicken, steak, tomatoes, fruit as much as you want with the exception of certain days, jacket potato and rice.

I have done it in the past just before I started dieting.

louise5754 Sun 07-Apr-19 14:25:29

No matter what the question is people are always so rude on here. No need for it.

I'm asking advice as I'm unsure myself. I'm not trying to sell the diet to you.

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louise5754 Sun 07-Apr-19 14:29:16

Thanks @theworldistoosmall can you eat fish?

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Babygrey7 Sun 07-Apr-19 14:33:30

My sister did it, and it made her very..... ehm... farty!

Also hungry and cranky

And put all the weight back on (with interest) as soon as she stopped

polarpig Sun 07-Apr-19 14:50:42

in other words it's not a cabbage soup diet at all, it's an eat whatever you diet within reason. OP If you stop accusing people of being rude for no reason you are more likely to get more helpful answers - nobody has been rude to you.

theworldistoosmall Sun 07-Apr-19 15:15:27

No just the foods listed and veg.
Iirc the hardest day was 3 or 4. It was soup and banana only.
Other than that as much of the soup as you could manage, plus fruit and veg.
Breakfast was creative especially when only veg and soup allowed lol.

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