Best appetite suppressant?

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redeex Sat 06-Apr-19 23:43:09

Has anyone tried the XLS Medical appetite suppressant? I don't really want typical 'diet' pills but something to stop me feeling so hungry all the time would be ideal.

I can't stop craving food, have managed to lose a few lbs but have a couple to go before I'm happy. Looking for experiences of any appetite suppressants before I visit a pharmacy tomorrow, thanks

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MissConductUS Sun 07-Apr-19 00:07:19

Appetite is medically complex so not so easy to curb, since there are multiple factors involved. The pharmaceutical companies have tried for years to come up with something safe and effective and failed miserably.

You'd be better off eating things that are low calorie and filling, like baby carrots, and adding exercise. You can burn a lot of calories just walking briskly for an hour.

Knitclubchatter Sun 07-Apr-19 01:04:33

a friend of mine has just been started on saxenda. it is new, a daily injectable appetite suppressant.
available by prescription only, it may be worth asking your physician if you would be a good candidate for it.

redeex Sun 07-Apr-19 11:24:09

I'm not able to get anything via prescription so am looking for something I can buy online/OTC. Tried eating snacks that are meant to fill you up for longer but nothing works to curb my hunger cravings

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unicornstore Sun 07-Apr-19 11:35:15

Eat melon! So filling and delicious + has loads of vitamins and virtually no calories. Also drink lots of black coffee, those are my tricks and i'm size 6 at 5'8" grin

Don't go putting nasty diet products into your body. Although coffee isn't that great for you to be fair grin

ScreamingValenta Sun 07-Apr-19 11:40:02

I tried it once and it made no discernible difference to my appetite. I don't really think there is a medically safe and effective appetite suppressant, otherwise everyone would be using it.

unicornstore Sun 07-Apr-19 11:41:29

@redeex Let's look at it from another perspective:

What do you crave?
What do you eat daily (example of a days food intake would be great!)

Maybe you're just not eating enough of the 'good' foods that keep you full?

How much are you trying to lose.

You can do this! Don't give up💪🏻


Iamnotacerealkiller Sun 07-Apr-19 11:45:03

I have tried it. I think it did work to some extent but found that it irritated my gut a bit. I have a sensitive gut (gluten intolerance) si if yours is ok i would give it a go. I have changed to using diet to suppress appetite.

Fat and protein are appetite suppressants. Don't believe all that guff about complex carbs being filing long term (porridge etc) for most people who struggle with their weight their issue is insulin resistance so carbs makes appetite worse!

Ive low carbed on and off for years and it is second to none for appetite suppression, as removing the carbs stops the spike and crash of sugar and hunger.

Low carbing has been used for centuries before low fat was a thing. it's used for treating epilepsy, diabetes and there is promising work that it may help slow cancer growth (massive caveat here, studies pending) all this suggests to me that its actually a more 'natural' way for humans to eat.

AwdBovril Sun 07-Apr-19 11:51:56

Lean protein, lots & lots of water (coffee, decaf or otherwise, tea/herbal tea are great options if you don't take them with milk or sugar). Green veg - celery, salad leaves, kale. No snacks. Complex (unrefined) carbs in moderate amounts. Nothing that doesn't look like it did when it was alive. A lot of raw veg.

Whoever discovers a medically safe & effective diet pill that doesn't have horrible side effects, will be one of the richest people in the world.

roundligament Sun 07-Apr-19 13:05:18

Cherry blossom
Sweet chestnut

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