Why have I stopped losing weight?

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firefirefire Mon 01-Apr-19 09:11:43

Feeling so incredibly disheartened. Since February I just haven't lost any more weight (I've lost 4 stone in total). I am bouncing around the 12 stone 10 mark, sometimes getting to 12 stone 7 and then it feels like I have one meal out at the weekend and I'm back to 12 stone 10 and then fighting all week to get to 12 stone 7.

I calorie count everything I put in my mouth. I walk over 10,000 steps a day and I exercise 5x a week (bodypump, bodycombat etc).

I don't ever eat over 1500 calories.

I am truly at a loss of what else I can do.

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ragingmentalist Mon 01-Apr-19 09:39:03

Really simple. Eat less calories. If you're consistently maintaining, you're at a balance point of what youre currently eating is what you actually need on a daily basis.

So, start dropping it again.

Mammajay Mon 01-Apr-19 09:42:37

Oh well done! I think you have hit the plateau and need to keep going and you will start to lose weight again. It's the devil's plot to tempt you back to chips and cake!

AlocAcoc Mon 01-Apr-19 09:56:16

It’s not all about calories. Try reading The Obesity Code by Jason Fung for a different approach.

firefirefire Mon 01-Apr-19 11:48:37

Thank you everyone

I would really struggle to eat less calories again, especially with all my exercise. So frustrating!!!!!!!!

@Mammajay too true!!

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Oysterbabe Mon 01-Apr-19 15:14:43

Try reading The Obesity Code by Jason Fung for a different approach.

I agree with this. It's changed my thinking and approach and is working a treat.

SlinkyDinkyDoo Mon 01-Apr-19 15:18:15

How tall are you?


firefirefire Mon 01-Apr-19 15:31:50

I'm 5 ft 5

Will definitely read that book

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BlackPrism Mon 01-Apr-19 16:20:13

What is your calorie level? As you get lighter you need even less. 1200 is recommended for loss.

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