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How many are over 40 on here and motivated by vanity?

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Onthehorse Sat 30-Mar-19 09:23:51

As my title says. When I was young it was very easy to lose a few pounds. Now with kids, dizziness, injuries- arthritis (!), tiredness making meals for others - yes excuses but much tougher.

I would be curious to know what is motivating you - especially if over 40 years old?


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FATEdestiny Sat 30-Mar-19 11:21:03

My primary motivation is heart health and physical fitness (I'm 42).

My motivation was never vanity, but a vanity aspect has developed the more weight I lost. I'm the slimmest I've been since I was a teenager and I do love how I look in clothes now. That is a nice consequence, but wasn't my aim.

tiredwitless Sat 30-Mar-19 13:37:54

I am over 40 by quite a few years and finding it difficult to lose weight due to all the reasons you mention. In my twenties and thirties I ran regularly cycled swam. Never ate sweets. Last few times I have tried to start back running I have got injured and now don't think it's going to happen. BMI 28. Have almost no spare time and exhausted between work and family. When I do get myself motivated it's thinking about health - future risk of everything from dementia to cancer higher if overweight. And what a pain it is when so many of my clothes don't fit comfortably

AdventureTravelDreamer Sat 30-Mar-19 14:07:15

Another one motivated by health and setting a good example and good habits for my children. This is especially true for DD who I really want to keep interested in staying for and active as teens is a time lots of young girls step away from activities.
I occasionally worry a bit too much about lots of health related things and don't want my weight to be another thing to add to that list.
At 45 I exercise more now than I probably ever have. As PP said feeling good in your clothes is an added bonus but not my primary motivation.

AdventureTravelDreamer Sat 30-Mar-19 14:07:47

* staying fit and active

loveliesbleeding1 Sat 30-Mar-19 14:16:36

Yes I am,I want to look good as I age.(I’m 43) I had my children young,so I have more time to cycle and exercise now as my youngest is 17.I still want to lose 10 lbs or so (like most other women)!

rockingthelook Wed 03-Apr-19 22:08:29

I am too, of course as I get older I want to retain my good health and be fit enough to live a long and healthy life, to be able to self care and look after my family, however I love fashion and really enjoy shopping for clothes that I know look so much better on me when I am lighter. Currently only a few lbs overweight but lost about 4 stones a few years ago, I look so much younger, less frumpy and more happy in photos now than back then !

sourdoh Wed 03-Apr-19 22:20:09

Primary motivation is that I want to start living.
That means physical, emotional and vanity reasons.

I've been invisible for so long, apologising for existing and am fed up with it.

Throw in an abusive marriage, children, job uncertainty and I become even less of a catch.

I'm too young to give up. Yes am an ugly boot but at least if I was confident, I probably wouldn't care so much.

FiveShelties Wed 03-Apr-19 22:21:05

62 and motivated by both vanity and health. I find being overweight and only fitting into part of my wardrobe is very detrimental to my good health. If I look better, I feel better so win win really.

ChocOrCheese Thu 04-Apr-19 16:39:47

Tried many times over the years to lose weight - motivated by vanity. It never worked and I ended up fatter than ever.

Took up weight-bearing exercise to stave off osteoporosis and get fitter and healthier. Utterly loved how it made me feel and was inspired to control my eating. Vanity is a partial motivator now that I am reaping the rewards of my hard work and want to keep them.

BrokenWing Mon 08-Apr-19 16:13:12

I was 50 earlier this year and I am motivated by health. Started high blood pressure tablets last year and also had a few weeks of really bad abdominal pain which has disappeared now, but scans etc found no cause. A work colleague, with no previous known health issues, died of a heart attack recently, he was only 54! Just 4 years older than me!

It's all given me a bit of worry, Last year I was just fat and content, now I feel old, unfit and unhealthy. I need to lose this weight and get healthy to be around for my 14 year old ds, I will look better too, but that's just a bonus.

AProphecyForAFantasy Mon 08-Apr-19 18:39:47

I'm 52 and pretty heavily motivated by vanity if truth be told. I don't wish to look younger than 52 but just be the best 52 that I can be — if that makes sense blush

Octopus37 Mon 08-Apr-19 21:17:56

TBH I'm motivated by vanity. I love wearing fashionable clothes and at the moment need to lose a few pounds to feel my realistic best, I have accepted that I cannot be as light as I used to be. I'm trying to just eat when I'm hungry and stop comfort eating. My big motivation is the fear of soon being a depressed middle aged woman if I dont get myself in check now. The problem is I love food lol. I'm 44 btw.

buggerthebotox Mon 08-Apr-19 21:24:15

I'm mainly motivated by vanity. It's sooo much harder when you're older. I'm concerned about fitness and tone as well which also feeds my vanity. I'm 59. (Gulp).

MoorMummy Mon 08-Apr-19 21:29:58

Vanity and health. My thyroid is knackered and I’ve been on meds for 5 years ( I’m 48). I’d piled the weight on and I looked rough as toast until I was diagnosed and the meds kicked in. Got into the gym in a big way and it’s been life changing. Made a great group of friends, feel better, thyroid is stable and it’s weird but I never get cold sores like I used to and my general health is very good.Ive been a size 14 and am now a size 10 which I love. I also eat more or less what I want, but it’s good healthy stuff.

Siameasy Mon 08-Apr-19 23:13:33

Vanity to an extent. Health too. And I have a job that requires physical fitness. Further to that I honestly feel carrying excess weight is linked to poor mental health.
My motivation for the gym is a) it’s great for your mood and b) i want to be fitter and build muscle.
I’m mainly motivated by not wanting a fat belly. I find a fat belly the most repulsive thing on myself

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