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Literally cant stop eating junk to the point I am just gorging

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Rubberyduck Thu 28-Mar-19 21:02:16

Help me please. I have an 18mo son. I have been on the chubby side for a few years but not massively overweight. Since having DS i have basically just eaten cake. Sounds like a joke but its true. Coffee and cake. I'm now in a cycle of it. I still eat healthy dinners etc but its the social toddler coffee shop catch ups (I am working part time) that have me in a headlock. Today I had a day off to myself and I would actually be embarrassed to tell you what I have eaten.
I always find a reason to treat myself...I have had a bad day...I have had a good day....I am tired...etc etc.

How do I stop??

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madcatladyforever Thu 28-Mar-19 21:07:55

I did this for years. Never managed to stop. Sugar addiction withdrawal is awful but you might have to go cold turkey on sugar.
I had a gastricky band in the end. I'd end up in a&edifying I tried to binge on anything!!!

RoyalChocolat Fri 29-Mar-19 08:15:57

I agree with going cold turkey on carbs.

When my eating is out of control I stop all carbs (not just sugar) for at least 3 days, but I do not restrict my calorie intake at all - so I eat meat, cheese, eggs and vegetables. No sweeteners either.

After 3 days the cravings usually stop and it is as if a sort of brain fog has lifted. It is then much easier to plan healthy meals without reintroducing sugar (a little carbs combined with protein should not tip you over the edge) .

Bubba1234 Fri 29-Mar-19 08:17:15

I feel it’s prepping meals and filling up on the stodgy foods.
Occupying your hands / mind in the evening.
No sweets at home. Get rid of everything.
Iv lost loads of weight in the last week purely from not letting any sweets pass my lips.
Thevmind has to be stronger than the cravings.
I meal prepped on the weekend had loads of healthy lunch and dinner ready for each day and no sweets at home.
I find it easier to be healthy on the weekends.
I actually use the saving money as a motivation.
I could easily spend 25 quid on snack for work. I didn’t go into one shop this week. I’m using that as my motivation and the weight loss being a byproduct of that.
Good luck op you can do this!

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